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Chapter 104 – Shaved Ice (1)

The following day within the capital, Gong Yi Mo was restless with excitement.

"We're starting our journey in three days?!"

She was so happy! She could finally go out to play, and perhaps pay a visit to her previous Master!

Gong Yi Mo was currently wearing an emerald green dress, making her appear as refres.h.i.+ng and natural as a budding new sprout. She sat in the courtyard and laughed exuberantly as she enjoyed some shaved ice for a snack. She couldn't help but chat endlessly with enthusiasm!

“Oh my G.o.d! This is really delicious. Don't you want to try it dear brother?”

Gong Yi Mo was quite happy. In the middle of this hot summer, simply having a bowl of shaved ice daily was her greatest pleasure.

Gong Che also discovered that she was someone very easy to satisfy. Sometimes he would come back with delicate crafts and treasures to give her.

"I won't be eating."

Gong Che wasn't fond of sweets, and Gong Yi Mo was aware of this from her past life experiences of being husband and wife with him. She once had the habit of compelling her husband to eat what he didn't like!

And this world was no exception. Brother! It's my turn to bully you!

She dug a spoonful of the shaved ice that contained the most amount of sweet honey and said with a teasing grin, "I don't care! It's much more fun to share the dessert rather eating it alone. You eat it! Just take one bite, just one!

She held the silver spoon with one hand while the other hand held up a finger, indicating that he really will just have one bite.

Gong Che felt that if he turned down her pleadings, they would end up in disharmony, and this spoon was just used by Gong Yi Mo personally.

Recently, it's been getting harder for him to get along with the princess naturally, but the more he tried to hide it from her, the more he found it unbearable to keep up a facade.

The more he tries to avoid her, the more Gong Yi Mo thinks that he doesn't want to eat, and so she puts even more effort into forcing him to take a bite!

"Ah, ah, Crown Prince, don't hide, it'll melt soon!"

Seeing her beautiful smile and hearing her delicate voice, Gong Che had no choice but to bow his head and take a small bite from the spoonful of honey.

It's too sweet…

Seeing that her brother finally gave in to her pressuring, Gong Yi Mo grinned in satisfaction and scooped the remaining honey into her mouth!

She did such a shameless thing so naturally that Gong Che couldn't help but blush a vivid red!

Did they we share a spoonful of shaved ice?!

Gong Che coudn't resist staring at her lips that were coated in iced flowers. They were still s.h.i.+ning, pink and tender. For some reason, the prince felt as if the weather was much hotter and his mouth felt dry.

What was wrong with him? What's this strange feeling in his heart?

Suddenly, it happened like flash of bright light.

Somehow, when Gong Che looked down at her lovely, cute face, the princess suddenly looked up and smiled sweetly at him. At that moment, his heart thumped loudly and his mind was filled with the lessons that his mother used to teach him regarding consummation…

Years ago, he was supposed to marry a concubine, but his mother was afraid that the women in the harem would take advantage of their house…so he never experienced any courts.h.i.+p or intercourse.

All of his intimate experiences…it all happened with Gong Yi Mo. Their physical contact, their shared kiss on the boat hidden beneath the lotuses…this thought caused his mouth to turn drier!

The shameful paintings in that book were constantly reappearing in his mind. They were like a spoonful of shaved ice, just like the kisses in the yellow book!


He couldn't help but stare at Gong Yi Mo's red lips…and found himself hungering…

Longing…what was he craving for?

When Gong Yi Mo saw Gong Che's serious eyes staring at her strangely, she couldn't help but ask, "What's the matter Prince Brother?"

Her face was as white as snow, and was even more striking under the contrast of her dark hair. Her black eyes were clear and pure, like water. Gong Che felt his heart beat even faster…was he getting ill?

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Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 104 - Shaved Ice (1) summary

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