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Chapter 105 -Shaved Ice (2)

No…even his palms were drenched in sweat!

Finally he turned around and fled into his palace, then locked the door himself. But suddenly not seeing her caused a sense of loss in his heart, but he couldn't describe this feeling…

What's wrong with me…

Gong Che threw himself on his bed, but he couldn't push away the thoughts in his head.

This wasn't right!

Gong Che ruthlessly hit himself! How could he think such beast-like thoughts? Royal Sister was also young and didn't understand anything, always treating him like a genuine older brother.

For some unknown reason, the words 'blood-related older brother' made his heart ache. The pain couldn't be suppressed…

Why? Before, just hearing her sweetly call him Elder Brother was enough for him, wasn't it?

Why? Why is it that now, the word 'brother' made his heart hurt? He felt like he was suffocating.

Could it be… I'm in love with her?

Like a spell had been lifted, his mind suddenly cleared up! He stared dumbfoundedly at the bedpost, 'I… I like Gong Yi Mo?'

He unconsciously clenched his hands. This thought proliferated as rapidly as weeds in his mind.

He needed to cleanse himself! He needed to give himself a thorough beating and kill the thought in the cradle!

But his heart's desire couldn't be disguised. Why did he feel so relieved after realizing he liked her?

No! No! No!

She is his Royal Sister! His blood-related little sister!

She would eventually marry, have an arranged marriage, and he may even be the one personally handing her over. He didn't know why, but merely thinking this made him feel nauseated.

His usually calm mind even let out an intense murder intent! He would kill everyone who seeks her hand in marriage!

No, this wasn't him. No, he can't do this. No, no…

"Crown Prince Elder Brother?"

Gong Yi Mo's voice startled Gong Che. Hearing no response from inside, Gong Yi Mo rubbed her chin in confusion.

'He looked panicked when he ran away earlier. Could his illness be acting up again?'

Thinking of this, Gong Yi Mo didn't slowly knock on the door anymore and instead barged straight in. There was no one outside guarding the door, so she went in unhindered.

Sure enough, Gong Che was lying on his bed. He was pale as if he had lost his soul. Gong Yi Mo was shocked and rushed up.

"What's wrong, Crown Prince Elder Brother?"

Seeing the other side remain motionless, she sat next to the bed and frowned.

"Is your illness acting up again?"

Her words reminded Gong Che of that time when his illness acted up, Gong Yi Mo had resuscitated him through her mouth!

She kissed him. She kissed him many times…

The soft touch and lingering scent of wine poured out from within his memories! Looking at the nearby Gong Yi Mo, Gong Che could no longer control himself and held her tightly within his embrace! Tightly, strongly!

Gong Yi Mo was confused to find herself suddenly in his embrace. The other party's body was tense, as if trying to restrain something. His hot breath blew past her neck, tickling her. She s.h.i.+fted causing Gong Che to hug her even tighter!

"Don't move!"

The youth's voice was low and hoa.r.s.e. If Gong Yi Mo could see his eyes at this time, she wouldn't be so confused.

Because they were husband and wife in her previous life, she knew that every time Gong Che was excited, his eyes would turn a dark red color. It may be related to his illness or something unique to this world!

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