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Chapter 119: Testing the Power of a Secret Weapon (2)

The water was up to her waist and after lighting them up, she plunged into the water and counted.

"Five… Four… Three… Two…"


One loud explosion shook the sky!

The sound that was like thunder startled the birds into flying!

Some people in distant villages looked up at the heavens, wondering, 'That sound just now, was it thunder?'

Echoes reverberated through Gong Che and the others' ears. They were thoroughly shocked!

Stones littered the sky as the rubble fell into the river one by one. An obstruction that was like a small mountain was thus leveled! This was power that only exists in myths!

The ancients who have never seen such a sight before received a powerful shock to their hearts!

Xu Yuan's legs trembled violently and he almost fell!

This wasn't the power of man! How could man instantly destroy a boulder of that size? This was the power of the G.o.ds; it was a miracle!

Although each person had their own opinions of the explosion, one thing they held in common for sure was their deep shock.

Gong Che looked obsessively at the muddy water and vanished boulder. For the first time, he felt defeated.

From a young age, whether it be poetry or songs, horseback archery, or politics, he had always been the top!

He was even the Crown Prince! The one that was above a million and below merely one!

However, he– no, even his father known as the Son of Heaven, couldn't instantly destroy a small mountain!

In legends, emperors leveled mountains and filled seas, but that was still just legends in the end.

But she did it. She really did something that even emperors couldn't accomplish.

Not only that, she was also clever, resourceful, and benevolent… Gong Che suddenly found a reason for himself. How could he not like such an unique girl? How could he not like her? How could he?

"My G.o.d… Fatty, please pinch me , I must be seeing wrong!" Yu Zuqing exaggeratedly said. However, there was no reaction from those around him. He turned his head and saw that the bread had long fallen from the other's mouth unbeknownst to him. Instead, he gaped subconsciously and looked like he lost his soul.

"That's impossible… How could this be?"

Li Ke looked serious as he repeated the same words. Every time Gong Yi Mo went out to buy things, she always returned with only a small pouch. They also searched everywhere for gunpowder and always bought half a cart load each time! Did she add that little powder that could only be used to make fireworks or small fires to create such a huge explosion?!

That's impossible! That was still too G.o.dly!

They were shocked for a long while before realizing that Gong Yi Mo hadn't risen ever since the explosion. Gong Che's expression gradually became anxious. Remembering that earth-shaking explosion, and the appearance of the destroyed boulder, she was so close… could it be, could it be?

Impossible, how could that be possible? She was Gong Yi Mo, how could she be hurt by her own creation?

"Hey, Princess! Where are you?!"

The voice of the fatty echoed across the river, but there was no response.

At this time, their faces turned strange.

And Gong Che's face abruptly turned white!

He quickly rushed into the water, but the river water was muddy and yellow, he couldn't see a thing. He looked up and took in the river, whose borders couldn't be seen!

Xu Yuan and the others also grew anxious and they ran along the riverside, yelling out her name as they ran. But the only response was the mocking wind. There wasn't a trace of her.

Gong Che was anxious and he walked forward another few steps. The water gradually reached his thigh, but he didn't notice.

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Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 119 - Testing The Power Of A Secret Weapon (2) summary

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