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He didn't know why, but the firmness of her voice caused Little Jue to feel slightly fascinated. The words Gong Yi Mo in essence meant "for each other." The name's characters describe a type of fish species where if a pair was formed, one's life and death was tied to the other; when one fish died, the other would soon follow. For people, this meant that even if they die they have to depend on each other. It was very moving.

Little Jue looked at the side of Gong Yi as he secretly thought to himself…wouldn't it be wonderful if he could always be with her just like those fish? Is it possible?

Gong Yi Mo…..

It really was a good name.

He never thought that this name would leave such a deep imprint on him. As Little Jue looked up at the moon, he burned this memory in his heart, never to be forgotten for a lifetime. The death of Xue Rong had brought the name's reputation to ashes, yet in this small palace, Gong Jue felt that it has a new meaning to him; it's as if the name has recovered its glory.

After practicing martial arts early in the morning, Gong Yi sat alone in her yard with a grimace; she could neither laugh nor cry. Yi Mo tried her best but her lotus s.p.a.ce still couldn't collect much spiritual energy from her surroundings. Even more annoying is that the s.p.a.ce has no ability to hold any living thing. It was so useless! 

Before she crossed over to this world, Yi Mo's pa.s.sion was tourism. She would often store numerous field supplies and daily necessities in her lotus. The s.p.a.ce wasn't very large: it was around twenty to thirty cubic meters in dimensions.

Right before her transmigration, she was actually helping a friend move to a new apartment. This particular friend was a bookworm; her whole house was stacked with books. Yi Mo decided to be a helpful that day so she helped to transport loads of volumes while utilizing her s.p.a.ce. The other girl left temporarily, leaving Yi Mo to do the job herself. Because she was too lazy to call for a truck, Yi Mo decided to stuff her s.p.a.ce to the brim with books and began to drive to the new apartment. However, tragedy struck when she was killed at a car accident, causing her to cross over along with her lotus s.p.a.ce. That's why aside from having some field supplies and drugs, her s.p.a.ce was filled to the brim with books! Loads of books!

During her previous life, Gong Yi studied martial arts in Yunding Mountain while reading many publications in her leisure time. Afterwards she would head down the valley and secretly deliver weapons for the sake of Gong Che. At that time she moved her books out of the s.p.a.ce while storing the weapons. Unfortunately, a fire broke out at the palace, burning down all the volumes and since then she felt regret. But now with her unexpected rebirth, all these books were back in her s.p.a.ce. Gong Yi laughed at herself; if she knew she would cross over she would have packed a few guns!

Despite her disappointment, most of these books were actually quite practical. Her friend was interested in just about everything, so the knowledge contained in them were versatile. Naturally she'll hold on to these books. It was the information in these texts that helped her create many innovations in her last life. However, because of her leaps and bounds in technology, Yi Mo had caused much bloodshed and tragedy within this time and s.p.a.ce.

Currently, her pressing issue is how to educate the child before her. Most of her knowledge comes from her previous world; when it comes to this world's history and learning, Gong Yi's knowledge was very limited. She never delved into the education here because she always considered this kingdom to be a backwards civilization. Now that she has a student, she doesn't know what to teach.

Forget it, let's start with literacy!

One day, a loud knock on the gate interrupted Gong Yi's thoughts. She waved her hand, causing all the books and items in her yard to disappear into her s.p.a.ce. Afterwards, Gong Yi directly climbed up her palace walls and landed in front of a maidservant, causing the girl to jump with fright.

This little palace servant was the one Yi Mo helped last time. After saving her, Yi Mo ordered her to take care of Gong Jue; when something happens the maidservant would come knocking at her door. This girl was too timid to disobey. Her name is Xin'er.

Xin'er was only fifteen and was timid by nature. She was surprised that of all the people who could rescue her, it was the legendary sick princess, a mere little girl that saved her. Xin'er was accustomed to being trampled upon by prideful and boastful mistresses. However, Gong Yi Mo was different from those other imperial women; even when the lowly maidservant speaks her mind, Yi Mo will actually listen to her and trust her. She couldn't believe that such a day would come.


the servant said pitifully. Her fingers unconsciously gripped the hem of her plain dress. She appeared very tearful, as though she was bullied. "This servant went to retrieve the meals but was driven back….." Her head hung even lower; she felt useless since she couldn't even accomplish such a small task. However the other party wouldn't give in to her request for meals and simply chased her away.

When Gong Yi Mo heard this, she didn't think it was anything new; those people in charge have always treated the residents of the cold palace this way. Even Yi Mo's former servants decided to join others in bullying her, all for the sake of enjoyment.

Isn't this rebellion? Yi Mo's favorite kind of people are obedient and loyal!

The princess' sinister smile scared Xin'er so much, she couldn't lift her head. "I'm hungry." Yi Mo said. "Since you'll be dealing with them from now on, then……… let's go and seek justice!"

"Where is sister Gong heading out to?" 

After raising him for the past few days, Gong Jue started to appear quite attractive. Currently he was wearing fit clothes. Although his stature was still thin, his inborn temperament pervaded. And in contrast to his guarded and mature countenance when they first met, Jue's current expression displayed more of a child's innocence. Gong Yi evaluated him and nodded with approval; if she could fatten him up more, he could turn out to be a tender steamed bun! 

"It's nothing. I'm just taking Xin'er out to deal with some people. I'll be back soon!" 

Gong Jue knew that Yi Mo was going to deal with the personnel in the palace. As a prince, how can he ignore his sister's troubles? Thus, he turned to her and said, "I'm coming with you too."

Gong Yi Mo shook her head.

Among the palace personnel, two or three have already attempted to Gong Jue in the cold palace. It can be seen that someone with a high position was jealous of this prince's ident.i.ty. In this case, she needs to attract the limelight to herself. Anyways she already decided to cultivate this boy. While he was young, she will spare no effort to support him.

To think she was being this courageous, the kid must have sparked her glorious maternal instinct!

In a short period of time, Gong Yi Mo had already established her authority with Little Jue, so if she says he can't go, he really couldn't go. He definitely won't disobey. Therefore, even if he was reluctant, Gong Jue returned to practicing the characters she taught him a few days ago. He felt powerless as he picked up a carved branch to write.

Sister Gong is obviously not much bigger than he is, yet she does everything to protect him. When will he grow strong enough to protect her? By then, he will absolutely prevent anyone from hurting his sister, not even a hair!

Gong Yi arrived at the residence of the palace servants after their mealtime. She brazenly kicked the courtyard gate open, when seven or eight personnel turned to stare at Yi Mo. Their eyes were filled with displeasure. 

"Oh, if it isn't her highness. Seeing you look like this, it seems that you are actually recovering. You are quite blessed."

The person who just spoke was the manager of this Lenggong** , a man surnamed Xu. He was stuck in this managerial position this year with no chance for promotion. He seemed to carry an air of gloom about him, and he spoke with a fake smile.

(**translator's note: term for residence that manages the affairs of servants)

Gong Yi Mo hates beating around the bush; she smiled brightly like a cute baby girl, as if she wasn't the madman who just knocked down their gate.

"Xu Ye, shouldn't you be responsible? This princess has not eaten yet, but you have just finished your meal. You should be aware that although Father Emperor has driven me to the cold palace, he has never abolished my position as princess. Your neglect is disrespectful!"


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