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Chapter 120: Her Request (1)

Was she knocked out by the impact of the explosion? Or was she injured by the collapsing boulders? And…and what if she didn't have enough time to escape before the explosion?

No, it's impossible. Gong Che's hands continued to anxiously wade along the waters. The river eventually reached up to his waist as he looked around in panic, but all he could see was endless water, with its turbid and rolling waves. Where is she? Where could she possibly be?

"Princess! Where are you–"

The urgent calls from the sh.o.r.e was heard by Gong Che. He also wanted to call out to her but for some reason, his throat felt as if it was blocked! As a breeze blew by, Gong Che's eyes had turned scarlet and he couldn't utter a word.

Gong Yi Mo…you can't die! I won't allow it! I definitely won't allow it!!

Suddenly, he felt something pulling his leg. Gong Che turned around in surprise and heard a splash of water. Soon, a beautiful and heartless girl stood before him. Who else could it be except Gong Yi Mo?

Gong Che clung to her with a sudden embrace! He held her tightly!

Finding herself unable to escape from his tight hug, Gong Yi Mo was breathless. "You're scaring me! You've actually been ignoring me for so long! And now you're…" before she could finish speaking, Gong Che suddenly pushed her away, causing the princess to fall back into the water and accidentally swallowing mouthfuls of mud.

"Why did you…" Why'd you do something crazy like that!

Gong Yi Mo ended up not finis.h.i.+ng her sentence when she heard Gong Che's heartbreaking cry. "Are you crazy?! Why do you frighten me like this? Why?!"

His fist was clenched tightly and his eyes were scarlet like blood. He looked as if he was ready to beat anyone at anytime. Gong Yi Mo was so stunned by his intensity that her momentum quickly dissipated…She immediately stood still in the water, and just like a poor little wife explained, "In fact, I didn't mean…"

She simply wanted to tell him that it wasn't intentional. When the explosion had pushed her back, she was thrown into the turbulent river and was dragged by the currents to where the weeds were abundant. That was when the underwater entangled her feet. Fortunately, she was able to escape, otherwise, she wouldn't survive to tell the tale. But before she could explain herself, she suddenly found herself within Gong Che's tight embrace!

His pitiful cries rang in her ears. It seems that she couldn't bear to push him away.

"Stop scaring me like this. I'm so scared…I'm really scared…"

If he never sees her again…if she dies just like this, he would never forgive himself.

Every word he uttered was endearing. He was stiff and trembling right beside her. Gong Yi Mo suddenly felt embarra.s.sed and panic when she saw his dependence.

This side of him caused Gong Yi Mo's heart to soften. This was her brother, so she decided to softly comfort,

"I didn't mean to scare you…it's because I was entangled by the weeds underneath the river, which had almost cost my life."

As soon as she explained, Gong Che quickly released his embrace and looked at her carefully while asking in panic, "Are you hurt anywhere? Do you feel any pain?"

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Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 120 - Her Request (1) summary

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