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Chapter 121: Her Request (2)

Gong Yi Mo shook her head and smiled, "I'm fine. It seems that elder brother still cares for me, unlike the previous two days when you ignored me. At that time, I thought I had fallen out of favor…"

The more she spoke, the more pitiful she looked. Her teary eyes peek at him, and as she spoke, the girl appeared even more sad and conflicted.

When Gong Che saw her trying wheedle like this, he finally broke out laughing.

His hand reached out and touched her forehead, and the affection in his eyes were as gentle as water.

"And…how could you be out of favor?"

You're the one I can't forget, even if I die, so how can I let you go?

Hearing him say so, Gong Yi Mo gave a breath of relief. She looked up at him with sparkling eyes and asked expectantly. "So will you ignore me again?"

Gong Che had the urge to embrace her once again but he held back because he saw that the others were heading their direction.

"Not anymore…never again…" he promised.

Seeing that the prince had regained his former self, Gong Yi Mo gave a sigh of relief. She was almost frightened to death–not because she was entangled by the underwater weeds but rather, because of Gong Che's recent avoidance. She was afraid that their good relations.h.i.+p was about to fall apart, so the princess had deliberately hid herself earlier to make him worry. This paved the way for the drama to be performed later.

What a tiresome task!

But she never expected that Gong Che would worry about her so much, so she also felt very guilty. Gong Yi Mo decided to forgive him for the past and to truly become a good sister. She cherished their affections as siblings.

Fortunately, Gong Che didn't seem to be aware that the fiasco earlier was intentional, otherwise he wouldn't let her off so easy. It seems that their good relations.h.i.+p needs brus.h.i.+ng up from time to time, or else it would be lost.

Little did she know that her hopes for a simple brother and sister relations.h.i.+p was already heading towards another strange road…

When company arrived, Gong Yi Mo was already taken to sh.o.r.e by her brother, to their relief.

"Princess, I told you not to do something frightening! You scared me to death!" Xu Yuan scolded as he breathed heavily.

Gong Yi Mo smiled in embarra.s.sment then pulled apart from Gong Che's embrace.

"I'm sorry that I got entangled with the river weeds and made you all worry."

Seeing that she was humble and admitted her mistakes, her company stopped scolding and moved on to the topic of explosives with great enthusiasm.

Yu Zi Qing's eyes shone brightly! "How on earth did you do it Princess? Are you a G.o.d, or a magician?"

Even Li Ke looked at her with an inquisitive face, as if trying to see right through her.

Such an earth-shattering force! Was this little girl really the source of it?

As the youth gathered around her in their surprise, Gong Che came over and pulled her away. "What are you doing?!"

Gong Yi Mo, who was pulled out of the crowd, stood motionless as she stared at Gong Che and the others. Unexpectedly she kowtowed to them. "I bow down to you all because I have a solemn request!"

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Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 121 - Her Request (2) summary

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