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Chapter 125: Sacrifice to the Heavens (2)

Even if they dug for a whole day for a whole month they still wouldn’t be able to finis.h.!.+

Although they were afraid, some people couldn’t help but ask. Gong Che saw the eyes of the crowd upon him, fearful and angry, and couldn’t help but smile. He pointed to the not far off Huzui Bay, “How long do you think it should take for 10,000 people to dig and expand the river?”

Everyone looked towards the two mountains at the mouth of the river. There were even trees growing above, so to extend it, they’ll have to dig a few dozen meters into the mountain. They probably can’t finish without at least half a month.

Someone shouted, “Perhaps at least half a month.”

Gong Che then smiled and asked, “Why do you say so?”

The person pointed out by him was a little scared, but under Gong Che’s encouragement, he tentatively said, “This mountain has existed for a long time and also home to many evergreen trees. The roots are tangled together and it’s hard to dig, so I said at least half a month.”

His voice had just fell when they heard a loud sound! Following, the mountain shook and the left mountain at Huzui Bay collapsed! It was like something had jumped out from within the mountain! Countless boulders flew tens of meters into the air. This scene was the collapse of a mountain!

The mouth of Huzui Bay was opened up, and the originally blocked water surged forward. It swept away the sand and carried a force capable of swallowing mountains and rivers!

“The mountain G.o.d is enraged!”

It was unknown who said it, but all the farmers kneeled down, unceasingly knocking their head against the ground. The mountain G.o.d got angry, the dragon turned over. This was the very first day of this project and they received a warning from G.o.d!

At this moment, there was a burst of laughter and a small girl fell from the sky!

She was wearing a white, cotton dress, her skin snowy white. She looked like an immortal fairy.

The crowd couldn’t help but stare at her, forgetting to kowtow.

The main reason was the way she appeared. The mountain G.o.d was angry, yet she chose to appear at this time and even laughed! People couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat. They couldn’t help but find this girl dangerous and mysterious.

Gong Yi Mo laughed with her hands on her waist and pointed to the half-destroyed bay, “Why don’t you tell me now how long it’ll take to clean up this rubble.”

No one dared to answer and all lowered their heads, afraid that they would be pointed out by her. The way and timing of her appearance was too coincidental and inevitably brought fear and pressure to these people. They didn’t dare answer.

Some people were deep in thought as they looked at the bay. Even though cleaning up rubble was also considered a big project, but it wasn’t as consuming as digging. If the other half was also shattered, then this kind of Huzui Bay would be easy for these 10,000 people to clean up. Perhaps in a day or two. They thought about it, but didn’t dare speak it.

“Everyone raise your heads.”

Gong Yi Mo suddenly ordered. Under these circ.u.mstances, the people tentatively raised their heads. These big and strong men were inexplicably timid in front of this young girl.

Gong Yi Mo revealed a smile, “You don’t need to be afraid. What happened earlier wasn’t the rage of the mountain G.o.d, it was the power of my palm strike!”


Even though no one dared to refute, their eyes revealed what they thought. How could the heaven shaking collapse earlier possibly be done by this little girl?

Seeing that they didn’t believe her, Gong Yi Mo wasn’t annoyed. She calmly raised an eyebrow.

“Since this is the case, then open your eyes wide and watch carefully how I destroy the right mountain! Don’t blink now…”

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Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 125 - Sacrifice To The Heavens (2) summary

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