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Chapter 126: She Laughed to the Heavens! (1)

Gong Yi Mo leapt to the left side of the half blown mouth of the river. She stared at the mountain on the opposite side, then struck down with her palm violently! If her palm strike was truly that formidable, then those from a distance would surely feel its tremendous power!

At that moment, a loud noise rumbled!

This time, the earth trembled more violently than before! The entire forward-leaning mountain on the right side blew up around its base, and the landma.s.s plunged straight into the river. The might of this palm strike caused the audience to gawk without blinking.

Before they could even recover from the previous explosion, they once again witnessed this earth-shattering scene with their very own eyes. Everyone’s heart trembled to the point of almost wors.h.i.+pping the girl!

Impossible, how can there be such a powerful person in this world?

They’ve heard rumors that if a person’s martial arts was mastered to a certain level, one could strike through a mountain, but they never heard of someone who could actually collapse one!

Rather than a mortal, she must be a fairy!

Everyone couldn’t help but kowtow to the ground towards Gong Yi Mo’s direction; they were extremely devout in their wors.h.i.+p. For things they have never seen nor have any explanation to, they easily attributed to the G.o.ds and the heavens. Gong Yi Mo had already predicted this reaction.

She looked up at the heavens and laughed three times while using an internal force that carry the sound far and wide.

She then tapped her foot lightly and leapt into the air before landing directly in front of the altar. Gong Che smiled as he looked at Gong Yi Mo’s arrogant demeanor.

She announced loudly to the crowd, “I am the 13th generation disciple of the head of Yunding Mountain, whose strength has entered a higher realm! I have the ability to cause the mountains and waters to quake and tremble! Today, I have come under the Heaven’s commandment to help the prince and build the ca.n.a.l! Once completed, Great Tang will no longer suffer from droughts and flooding. The kingdom will be blessed with a bountiful harvest and prosperity every year. Being part of such a grand mission will turn you and other partic.i.p.ants into heroes, so will you join me?”

Her voice was amplified with inner force, making each word and sentence have a profound impact on the hearts of her listeners! It was enough to dispel any rebellious thoughts.

Moreover, a person who was as powerful as the legendary G.o.ds was helping the prince to build the ca.n.a.l, so they must truly be acting under Heaven’s will!

Besides, the ca.n.a.l was built to prevent natural disasters, and their Xing City would be free of flooding. Since their work would be meritorious for their country and people, how could they not want it?

They were overcome with excitement as they impulsively shouted,

“We are willing to work for the Prince!”

Gong Che couldn’t help but smile and say, “Very well!”

He then turned to face the sky while Xu Yuan hurriedly brought him three of wine. Gong Che raised a cup to show his respects to Heaven. He picked up the second cup and paid respects once again. Finally, he lifted the last cup and exclaimed with a loud voice,

“At the sole command of the Son of Heaven, we shall build this ca.n.a.l! Today is an auspicious day to dig into the earth, here I pray! My only wish is that the waterway is able to flow without obstruction, that our people are prosperous and in peace, and that there will be no longer be natural disasters to afflict our Great Tang! Come! Let all the world and its people witness the opening of the Grand Ca.n.a.l this day!

After finis.h.i.+ng his speech, he drank the final cup in one gulp! Behind him, ten thousand behind the mountain exclaimed ‘Long Live the mountains!’** The sacrifice has been offered!

**(T/N: cheers of the kingdom’s subjects when they offer a ceremonial toast to the emperor)

During the construction of the Grand Ca.n.a.l, many people heard that there was a strange man beside the prince who could move the mountains and reclaim the sea with a wave of his hand. For a time, this became a myth that everyone wanted to see for themselves.

Not only that, this talented person was a quick thinker and could offer many practical suggestions. It was precisely because of this man that the project could be carried out for thousands of miles apart in a single day. Those with ill intentions have calculated that the Grand Ca.n.a.l’s main waterway, under Heaven’s aid, could be repaired in less than three years even without considering the funds needed.

So many people were in a rush, and soon, letters from the capital fell upon Xing City like snowflakes.

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Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 126 - She Laughed To The Heavens! (1) summary

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