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Chapter 149: Betrayal and Disappointment (2)

“What about his personal guards? Aren’t they supposed to protect the Crown Prince?”

The man was was almost choked to tears upon hearing Gong Yi Mo’s question. He whispered, “Zhao Tongyuan originally didn’t want to leave, but all the others had already made up their minds. He didn’t dare go against everyone by himself so he could only concede and send the Crown Prince on his way.”

Gong Yi Mo felt her heart chill. In the past, she even shared a drink with Tong Lin and the others. Everyone one of them was strong and determined, and they were all her bosom friends!

Just because Gong Gong killed one person, they would go back on their vows and betray the Crown Prince! Just because they were afraid of the Emperor, they were unable to trust her this one time? She trusted them so much, so so much… they’re all sons of those ministers alright!

Gong Yi Mo felt the sky spinning. Her feelings swayed violently and she quickly let go of the guard to calm herself down.

Don’t panic. Things haven’t reached the point of no return yet. Even if Gong Gong harbored malicious thoughts, he still wouldn’t dare take the Crown Prince’s life now. He must bring the Crown Prince back to gain merits. They only left yesterday so they couldn’t have gotten far. It’s just that Gong Che is in a dangerous situation right now and could possibly die on the way, so she must hurry…

Gong Yi Mo didn’t say a word more and hurriedly walked towards the land route, determined to put her luck to the test. Her eyes were bloodshot, not even half of the usual glow could be seen!

Finally, in the middle of the night, she found a couple of personal guards!

Everyone was shocked. They didn’t expect Gong Yi Mo to be so fast!

“Xu Taiyi… Doctor Xu … Li Zhangsi… Gong Gong…”

Each time Gong Yi Mo mentioned a person’s name, that person would tremble, eventually crumbling down to his knees! The reason was simple: because Gong Yi Mo’s expression was just too frightening at the moment…!

Her white clothes were smudged by unknown stains, the edges slightly frayed. Her long, messy hair fluttered in the wind. She lowered her head, her pair of bloodshot eyes staring dead at them, reading their names off one by one while laughing.

The group of over 2,000 people couldn’t lift their spirits in front of one little girl…

At last, when a sleeve dagger slid out of her sleeve, Gong Gong was the first to fall on the floor. His face looked terrified and turned frightfully white!

(TL: A small dagger that you hide in your sleeve)

“Where’s the Crown Prince?!”

When she stated so, Physician Xu quickly replied, “The Crown Prince is in the carriage… We added many layers of blankets… He should…”

Before he could finish speaking, Gong Yi Mo already flew into the carriage. Gong Gong seemed to start returning to his senses. He inwardly screamed at himself for being useless and quickly ordered the guards to take down Gong Yi Mo!

These 2,000 people were originally imperial guards sent by the Emperor to protect the Crown Prince. They followed the decree and brought the Crown Prince back to the capital reluctantly. Now, they were supposed to attack the one they used to consider a friend. Zhao Tongling was the first to refuse!

Unlike the officials who make many turns, they were more simple and also admired Gong Yi Mo. They looked down on Gong Gong’s actions, but because they were tiny before the decree and the Emperor’s people, they could only obey. However, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t resist!

Zhao Tongling snorted and refused to follow orders. Gong Gong’s beard almost stuck straight up!

“Audacious! I’m following the heavenly decree and sending the Crown Prince back to the capital! As imperial guards, you actually won’t obey my orders?!”

When his accusing voice fell, Gong Yi Mo ripped off the curtains and canopy of the carriage using her internal energy, suddenly revealing the scene inside.

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