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Chapter 153: Anxious (2)

"Chang Xi Gong Gong, I can't watch any longer! How old is the Princess? Your actions are so despicable!

"…For the past year or so, how much has the Princess done for the people? We've all seen it!

"Throughout this whole journey, there has been no citizens that don't respect the Princess. They all know of her kindness, and we admire her even more so! Today, if Gong Gong really wants to make a move and doesn't want this life, I will also follow the Princess' intention! We will return to the capital by boat!"

Chang Xi was long shaken by Gong Yi Mo coughing up blood. And at this time, all two thousand soldiers actually knelt down!

"We swear fealty to the Princess!"

Gong Gong looked at the scene astounded. This was the right-hand man of the Emperor!

"You… Have you all gone crazy?!"

At this moment, Xu Taiyi and the others also sighed and knelt down, "We are also willing to return to the capital by boat… We've already failed to trust in her once, so we cannot do that a second time. Since the Princess guarantees that the waterway would be open, we are all willing to believe in her."

Everyone knelt down except for Chang Xi and Gong Gong, who were both being glared at by Zhao Tongling with intense killing intent. He actually also knelt to the ground with a thud!

One little girl, one that actually had her Princess status taken away, a girl around 13, what kind of charm does she have that would make so many others kneel down and wholeheartedly listen to her?

Chang Xi couldn't help but glance at Gong Yi Mo. Her face was deathly pale, her body battered and bruised. He still remembered how she would playfully tug at his duster, that moving appearance. He couldn't bear it, this was actually the first time he disobeyed the Emperor and agreed.

Thus, a whole group of people returned.

Chang Xi sent a person to carry a letter back quickly stating that the Crown Princess' situation was urgent and needed to take a boat back.

On the way back to Huaihe River, Zhao Tongling rode in front of the carriage not saying a word. A strange light flashed through his eyes, unknown as to what he was thinking…

The moment he caught the Princess, she wrote on his hand a line…

A boat that can carry a thousand men to the Imperial Capital! Look for Wu Heng!

Zhao Tongling knew who Wu Heng was, except that person was very inconspicuous. It was said that he was doing something for the Princess, but he didn't know what.

And carry 10,000 people by boat? Do they have such a large s.h.i.+p? Furthermore, why does the Princess insist on doing it that way? The Crown Prince and her were already at the heart of the struggle, where was the good in returning to the capital in such a high-profile manner?

On the way back, Zhao Tongling told about the incident to the deputy commander Zhou Qi. Zhou Qi was a tan man. He rubbed his chin and said, "Should I send someone ahead to ask Wu Heng about the situation?"

"I guess that's the only solution…" Zhao Tongling patted his shoulder and sighed, "I only hope that the Princess can make it through this… I'm counting on you!"

Thinking back on that little girl coughing up blood, Zhao Tongling's face was full of resentment and anger. Even though he didn't know the reason, but what kind of man are you to force a little girl into such a corner?

Zhao Tongling sent down the order and the carriage went ahead to Huaihe River. Chang Xi glanced at him, but didn't stop him.

When they arrived at Huaihe River, Zhao Tongling didn't dare delay for a moment. He directly went to find Wu Heng. Except, it was only dawn and the man hadn't awoken yet.

Hearing that a guard was looking for him, Wu Heng's heart shook and he quickly got up.

"What does Zhao Tongling need from me?"

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Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 153 - Anxious (2) summary

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