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Chapter 183: Her Secrets (2)

Gong Yi Mo naturally couldn't perceive what was on his mind. After a.s.suring Gong Jue that she was going to stay by his side, she had to consider how they will both escape this situation.

After all, Zheng Xi w.a.n.g sent out several men to search for them. If the two of them don't show up sooner, many people will die.

Gong Yi Mo's idea was actually very simple. She would go attract the enemy's attention while Gong Jue left first to look for help. However, her brother strongly opposed this idea, so she had to give up and think of other solutions.

In fact, leaving this place was easier said than done; this miasma permeated throughout the desolate plains, and now, it was getting colder and colder. Much of Lou Ye's troops much have withdrawn considerably, and it was impossible for them to block every exit. Moreover, they were only searching for two people, so their target was too small.

After ruminating, Gong Yi Mo sat up and came close to the fire where a piece of meat was roasting. It smelled unappetizing but was handled very cleanly.

Noticing Gong Yi Mo's stares, Gong Jue approached and took the meat down from the fire. He explained, "There's no other food here, only wolf meat. Sister Gong will have to endure with it for a while…"

"You've been eating this for a while now?" Gong Yi Mo unconsciously frown as her heart ached for him.

When she raised him, she fed him with fatty fish and meat despite living in the cold palace. Not to mention how many delicacies she fed him, none of the meals they had were bad at all in that dreary palace. But she never expected that in the ten days he was trapped here, he was forced to eat this kind of food, and he never even said a word of it.

Gong Jue certainly wouldn't tell her that he also ate gra.s.s root and drank from muddy snow…His sister was good at everything, but she always treated him as a weak child who needed her protection.

Gong Yi Mo felt very entangled inside. She had plenty of food in her s.p.a.cial storage, but when she came, she obviously didn't bring any packages. How can she explain it to him?

Her small face wrinkled as she reached into her arm sleeves…Finally, she pulled out a meat pie. This was a pie that she brought during her travel here; the size was just right, so the boy shouldn't doubt her.

Gong Jue secretly thought she was funny.

From childhood to now, Sister Gong had always brought out many unusual things. She seemed to have some magical treasure in her body that stored many useful things, but no one can see where she pulls them out from. Gong Jue felt that the reason why she knew so much information was due to studying all those books that the he himself couldn't read or understand.

Unfortunately, she never confessed the truth of these things to him, so he couldn't figure out her secret.

When he saw his sister pa.s.s the cake to him, Gong Jue smiled reluctantly and said, "I'll eat the wolf meat, Sister Gong can eat the meat pie."

After saying so, he really did eat a piece of wolf meat in front of her. The unpleasant smell caused Gong Yi Mo to frown. Obviously the wolves in this wasteland had grown up eating human flesh, so who would eat their meat unless they were forced to do so?

Gong Yi Mo's expression revealed the bitterness in her heart. She reached for a chicken leg in her s.p.a.ce…

It was difficult for her to explain….anyways, Gong Jue had never questioned her about it since childhood.

Gong Jue's eyes narrowed slightly and he said in a questioning voice, "After hugging Sister Gong for one night, I didn't know you were able to hide more of these things."

Gong Yi Mo bowed her head in embarra.s.sment. It's not that she doesn't want to say, but this s.p.a.ce, how was she supposed to explain it?

Gong Jue felt indifference in his heart. He took a bite of the wolf meat and didn't touch the chicken leg that was handed over to him.

"I don't know how long it will be before we can escape, Sister Gong should keep it…"

After saying so, he lowered his eyes. It seems that Gong Yi Mo still refused to trust…This thought left Gong Jue aggrieved. His heart felt tightly suffocated! He tried to restrain himself so he wouldn't lose his temper.

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