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Chapter 187: Lingering Kiss (2)

The fire crackled and one or two embers fluttered. The sky outside the cave darkened and the snow fell heavily, but Gong Jue paid no attention to these things.

He was immersed in Gong Yi Mo's sweetness, hugging her, kissing her…These were all things he wanted to do since long ago.

It was just that people's eyes were everywhere at that time, so he could only restrain himself. But here in this cave, with just the two of them, Gong Jue felt as if an uncontrollable beast had awakened, roaring! Growling! Unable to leave!

He eagerly sucked Gong Yi Mo's lips and was extremely careful as he tried to explore everything about her! He thought he could control it, but when his hand touched the skin around Gong Yi Mo's waist…that touch of warmth almost drove him mad!

He should be careful, otherwise, what if he wakes her up?!

But he can't control it! He held her tighter and tighter, almost rubbing against her whole body against him! As their lips and teeth blended, he became more and more unscrupulous. He even thought for a moment that it would be better if she woke up and saw his feelings! See how crazy he felt about her! See him kissing her so warmly!

He trembled with excitement at the thought that he would do such a thing before her eyes. He wants to…really wanted to…

But what about her relations.h.i.+p to her as a brother? What about their blood relations.h.i.+p as siblings? When he was nine years old, a palace maid had drugged him with aphrodisiac. Although she failed at inducing him, by that time, he already knew the matters between men and women. There weren't few people in his time who were married by the age of fourteen, and he already had feelings for Gong Yi Mo.

After being tossed about like this, Gong Yi Mo finally felt a bit impatient. She blearily tried to push Gong Jue away. Her reaction caused the boy to tremble in nervousness, but he couldn't help but embrace her tighter! If it's discovered….if she finds out his feelings…

Gong Yi Mo only felt as if she was trapped by something heavy. She felt breathless, as if someone was turned her over and over.

She muttered in her sleep, "Hey… stop it…"

How soft her voice was! Gong Jue let go of her lip and looked down on her, but saw that she was still asleep. His dark ink eyes swirled dangerously. He really can't help but want to make a move.

At this time, there was a sound akin to horseshoes galloping. Gong Jue was in a trance, but as he listened carefully, it really was the sound of horseshoes!

As he glanced at the beautiful young woman in his arms, Gong Jue scolded himself secretly and hurriedly picked Gong Yi Mo up. He wrapped her in a coat and rushed out, braving the wind and snow!

Not long after they left, a group of people arrived at the cave!

When it snows heavily, the miasma in the desolate plains subside. They've been searching all day today, and since heavy snow fell, they were able to arrive here safely and smoothly.

These group of men were very tall, and judging from their momentum, they were courageous and skilled fighters. The leader noticed the piece of wolf meat on the ground. He picked it up, examined it, and glanced at the fire once again, his eyes narrowing.

"Go, go! We need to find them before the snow covers their footprints!"

"Yes, Grand General!"

Gong Jue secretly scolded himself; how could he let his guard down! Now that the other side had a larger group of people, it wasn't appropriate to fight against them. He can only outwit them!

As soon as she felt the cold wind blow, Gong Yi Mo gradually came to. As soon as she woke up, she saw that Gong Jue was holding her while on the run! The snow fell on his hair, but she was covered in his coat so there was no snow that brushed up on her.

"What's the matter?"

Seeing that she was awake, Gong Jue felt a bit annoyed. "It's okay, you keep resting. It's just that there are pursuers behind us. I can get rid of them."

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Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 187 - Lingering Kiss (2) summary

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