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Chapter 190: Injuries (1)

Most of Lou Ye country's troops stationed at the border have withdrawn from the fight, but there were still many remaining. Back-up was on the way for them. Meanwhile, Zhen Xi w.a.n.g also rushed towards this side with his 70,000 troops in a swift and fearless manner.

Gong Jue knew that the battle began because of him. As long as he made it safely back to Great Yu, Lou Ye would retreat with their armies, so he refused to turn back. Gong Jue slaughtered his way forward. Like an indomitable warrior, his eyes seemed to redden as he splattered blood everywhere!

His attacks were too lethal, and as he went forth, Gong Yi Mo covered for him all the way, leaving him unscathed!

Seeing that their most important prince has finally broken through the encirclement, Great Yu's garrison gathered towards the prince, however, Zhen Xi w.a.n.g obstructed them from doing so! The general gritted his teeth, but he could only sigh helplessly. He sent out a signal and reluctantly watched Gong Jue from the distance. Now, he only hopes that the few obstacles can be brushed aside and that someone can stop Gong Jue from getting out of control.

Upon his signal, a firecracker exploded into the sky, causing the soldiers and horses around Lou Ye to go in a frenzy. Many of Lou Ye's soldiers tried to block Gong Jue and Gong Yi Mo, but the prince plowed through them endlessly, to the point where he could no longer keep count of the corpses! Lou Ye's scattered soldiers laid everywhere; they glared at this young man as if he was their father's mortal enemy. This caused the unfazed Gong Jue to suddenly stop in his tracks for a moment.

No, he can't stop! The sooner he returns to Great Yu, the fewer people under his grandfather will die!

And only then can Sister Gong be safe!

Their struggle between life and death didn't subside until dawn.

When the last enemy fell, the horse under Gong Jue was finally overwhelmed and collapsed to the ground. Gong Jue quickly avoided the fall by grabbing ahold of his sister and safely jumping down.

As he looked up, he noticed that the sky was blanketed in twilight. The boy's bloodstained face finally broke out in a smile.

"Sister Gong! See? We've made it out!"

But he didn't get an answer. The cold dampness on his hand caused him to tremble! When he bowed down and looked, Gong Yi Mo's face was almost transparent under the dim light!

Gong Jue couldn't help but glance at the broken s.h.i.+eld on the ground. During their earlier battle, he couldn't count how many times this s.h.i.+eld was used to block attacks against him! And the most conspicuous thing about this was, unexpectedly, the feather arrow that deeply engraved itself!

The force behind it was so strong that the single arrow shot through the s.h.i.+eld, and yet his sister didn't say a word of it! She was badly wounded!

Gong Jue felt as if his entire person was struck by something heavy, unable to recover. He held her in his arms.

As they fought all the way, was it true that Sister Gong carried these injuries while protecting him? Did he cause her death?!

He's useless, simply useless! He hurt her! How can he let her be hurt when she's right beside him?!

This feeling brought him back to that night in the Cold Palace when he was nine years old. That night, Gong Yi Mo killed thirteen and embraced him in front of the emperor! She was seriously injured but was still looking out for his life. After so many years of hard work and toil, in the end, was he still the one being protected?

Recalling how his sister desperately embraced him that time, he couldn't help but question often, why was he so weak?

Yesterday, he thought that as long as he could stay by Gong Yi Mo's side, he didn't have to be a prince with power! But today's reality dealt him a heavy blow! No status, no power, without these how can he possibly protect his beloved? What use would he be?!

Gong Yi Mo's breath was very light, to the point that it was almost nonexistent! It's the same when she was lying heavily wounded in Taiji Palace. She was as pale as ever! It was that same fragility, as if in the next second, she will leave his side!

No…he won't allow it!

Countless men gradually rushed towards Xi Zhou City. The gatekeeper was surprised and loudly exclaimed, "His Highness! His Highness has returned! He's still alive! Open the gate, quickly!"

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