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Chapter 192: A Man who Frightens even Ghosts (1)

Gong Jue didn't know how many people he saw enter and leave. His eyes were only staring at Gong Yi Mo, as if he couldn't see the anxiety, restlessness, and solemness on the others' faces.

Zhen Xi w.a.n.g couldn't stand it any longer and dragged a person to the side, "How is she?"

That person carefully glanced at Gong Jue, and seeing that he wasn't looking over, he finally breathed out a sigh of relief and replied to Zhen Xi w.a.n.g.

"Her condition isn't good. Originally, I thought it was only a physical injury, but she was also poisoned! Fortunately, she seemed to eat the antidote in time which is why she is here now… However, the girl's old internal injuries were not healed and now she has severe blood loss. I'm afraid…"

His words were received by cold, murderous intent! As soon as he looked up, sure enough, he saw Gong Jue staring fiercely at him. Suddenly, the young prince lifted his mouth up in a cold smile, causing the others to have their hair stand on end!

"Afraid of what?"

Gong Jue's voice was light, yet it caused the doctor to swallow, his lips trembling in fright. His face turned chalk white. How could he find the strength to speak? Zhen Xi w.a.n.g hurriedly waved his hand to tell him to retreat. The doctor hurriedly ran away. As he went out the door, he actually fell down because his legs went soft.

Zhen Xi w.a.n.g sighed, "Don't worry, Your Highness. I have already requested for the most famous doctors. Nothing will happen to the Princess!"

Gong Jue acted as if he didn't hear Zhen Xi w.a.n.g's comforting words and instead, turned once again towards Gong Yi Mo. His expression was full of grief

They had only reunited for a few days, yet he once again let her down… This kind of hate and self-blame caused his heart to almost tear open! And the reason? It was because he wasn't strong enough.

Gong Yi Mo was poisoned and lost too much blood so she wouldn't wake up. Gong Jue persevered in giving her supplements and medicine until some color finally returned to her face.

The reward of gold was directly raised from 5,000 gold to 100,000 gold! There was only one clause: those that couldn't cure her would be decapitated at the waist!

So quite a few doctors backed down. They could only look from afar.

No one came, so Gong Jue secretly sent some men to capture those famous doctors. However, most of these were just posing as such. They were killed off by Gong Jue in a fit of anger.

Just like this, seven days had pa.s.sed. These seven days were very long. Gong Yi Mo became weaker day by day, causing Gong Jue to want to go on a crazed ma.s.sacre! There was a dark atmosphere over Zhen Xi w.a.n.g's residence. Everyone dared not to speak loudly.

Who knew who that little girl was, to be able to cause His Highness to become like a death G.o.d.

They didn't know that he was originally already a death G.o.d, except he hid his nature for Gong Yi Mo's sake. Now that she was in trouble, Gong Jue was like a beast that wanted to break out of its cage and tear apart the world!

And all of this, due to a certain person's arrival, was sudden changed!

"You say that you can save her?"

Gong Jue's cold eyes looked at the new arrival. This person was around 20, but you could see that it wasn't some good person at first glance. Even though he was a man, he was wearing large red clothes!

Although his face was beautiful, it was tinged with evil! Every time he looked at someone, it was like he was scheming something against them, causing others to feel disgusted.

Hearing Gong Jue's question, the other person drank a cup of water before raising the corner of his mouth into a smile. He also gave Gong Jue a calculating glance.

"Yes, I can save her."

"Report your name!"

The man smiled again. There was an indescribable evil in his aura.

"Si Wuyan."

Gong Jue immediately recalled who this person was: Ghost Nemesis Si Wuyan! Rumors say that he was a medical genius and his temperament was spicy. Even though his medical skills are superb, he doesn't easily help people. Or even if he saves them, he'll only kill them later as if life and death was merely a game.

(T/N: Ghost Nemesis/guǐ jiàn chóu– a common name for soapberry; old Chinese custom has a boy wear it, or hangs it on a door to ward off ghosts and disease)

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