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Chapter 194: Making Medicine Out Of Blood (1)

Gong Jue saw her waking up and revealed a pale but gentle smile, "I'm fine… It's good as long as you woke up."

Gong Yi Mo frowned, 'This was considered fine?'

She wanted to speak, but there was suddenly pain in her stomach! Yes, she was poisoned, but they were running for their lives then, and she didn't dare to let Gong Jue know so she took an antidote herself. However, looking at her current condition, it didn't seem to be cured. What kind of powerful poison was this?

Seeing her frown, Gong Jue began growing nervous once again!

"Are you okay? I'll go call for the doctor now!"

Gong Yi Mo grabbed him and wanted to say that she was fine, but when she touched Gong Jue's wrist, he reflexively dodged. Gong Yi Mo found it strange and ripped away his sleeve. To think his arm was covered in knife marks!

"What is this?!"

Gong Yi Mo's face immediately turned stern! She clearly remembered that when they broke out of the encirclement before, Gong Jue was not harmed! Then where did these scars come from? Why did they look like he carved them himself? There were seven marks in total!

Gong Jue took his hand back and smiled, "I'm fine, Sister Gong. Wait here, I'll call the one who healed you over."


Gong Yi Mo coughed harshly for a moment and glared coldly at him.

"I'm asking you, where did these cuts come from?"

"Of course it's because of you…"

A rather evil voice sounded from the distance. Gong Yi Mo looked up and was momentarily blinded by the red robes Si Wuyan wore. Her pupils shrank, it was him!

Gong Yi Mo lowered her eyelids and pressed down her inner doubts. She asked in a quiet voice.

"What do you mean?"

Si Wuyan laughed loudly, "I say, you lost too much blood and only your kin's blood could be used to create medicine that could wake you… All of it was created when he was bloodletting for you!"


Gong Yi Mo was furious! Others may not know, but how could she not? She and Gong Jue had no blood relations.h.i.+p at all! Moreover, the fact that she could wake up meant that this "blood-related kin created medicine" was just pure bull!

However, Si Wuyan didn't know. He saw Gong Yi Mo enraged and thought that the stimulus wasn't enough and added, "You not only lost too much blood, but also poisoned. My recipe is fine, so the fact that your poison is still not cured could only mean that your good brother's blood isn't good enough… Dragging on like this, I'm afraid even I would not be able to help…"

Saying that, he frowned and pretended to be concerned, "However, this young lad also lost much blood recently. If he continues to bloodlet, he will die, but if he doesn't… you will die. What do you think should be done?"

"There's no problem, I can continue."

After coldly stating so to Si Wuyan, Gong Jue turned around and smiled at Gong Yi Mo. Through his weariness, there was satisfaction, "That's great… you're finally awake…"

Gong Yi Mo felt greatly saddened by this smile. She coldly grunted, "Call a servant over!"

A servant immediately walked in. Gong Yi Mo continued, "Give me another bowl of the medicine I usually drink. I threw up the other one."

That servant heard these words and glanced at Gong Jue. He understood that this young lady's medicine needed his Royal Highness' blood to make.

Gong Jue was used to it and lifted his sleeve. He seemed about to cut another mark into himself. Gong Yi Mo hurriedly stopped him, "Use chicken blood or pig blood. Anything's fine! Hurry and go!"

Si Wuyan smiled, "That's no good. The slightest change in my medical prescription will affect it."

Gong Jue patted Gong Yi Mo's hand. He obediently coaxed, "It's alright, I'm fine."

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