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Chapter 196: Those with a Strong Heart (1)

Gong Yi Mo laid Gong Jue gently on the bed. Although it was difficult, she went forward step by step towards Si Wuyan.

She knew that despite Si Wuyan's arrogance, he was only capable of his ingenious use of medicine, and had no strength to even bind a chicken!

Noticing that Gong Yi Mo approached him, the man's expressionless face suddenly changed. Si Wuyan sat upright, his eyes narrowing with a dangerous light.

"You dare! If you dare touch a hair of mine, you'll die of poisoning!"

Gong Yi Mo's face was pale, but thanks to the ginseng soup that Gong Jue fed her, she gradually recovered her strength as she went forward.

"One matter concerns its own. It's one matter for you to save me, but if you hurt him, you're courting death!"

Gong Yi Mo glared at him coldly! Her small hand shot out and grasped his throat!

She didn't exert herself, but her eyes bore into him with a venomous look.

"You can try. You should know that I've poisoned Gong Jue recently. No one else can save him but me! Aren't you afraid of death? Aren't you afraid that he might die?"

Gong Yi Mo smiled, her fingers tightening around his throat gradually as her face paled.

"Even if my child was distracted by my condition, he would never fall for your schemes!"

Si Wuyan couldn't refute her words. Indeed, during this period of time, no matter how he schemed against him, Gong Jue managed to avoid it all. He was obviously just a young teenager, yet his eyes seemed to carry a trace of death. Sometimes, he felt that if it weren't for this girl, Gong Jue would've killed him long ago.

The more he thought about it, the more feelings of unreasonable resentment and grievances burst forth in his heart!

Why? They were obviously not siblings from the same mother, yet they could understand each other so well, trust each other so much. They would also help the other with no reservations. Why?!

That's why he wanted to do bad things. There was no such thing as 'good feelings' in this world! They didn't change merely because the temptation wasn't big enough!

The more Si Wuyan thought about it, the more he hated! Gong Yi Mo's hand clenched tightly and slowly lifted his body up.

Was he going to die? Was he going to die just like this?

Death was alright too. He can't stand this dirty world anymore.

Si Wuyan's face became redder and redder. He sat and Gong Yi Mo stood, her pale white hands containing great powers of destruction!

Her eyes became placid like she wasn't killing someone but rather doing some normal thing.

When Si Wuyan's mouth hung open and veins began to pop on his forehead, Gong Yi Mo finally loosened her hand around his throat. Air suddenly rushed into his lungs as he bent down and coughed violently. The young man fell to the ground, no longer able to maintain his usual prideful appearance. Instead, he huddled on the ground while coughing awkwardly.

Gong Yi Mo's body also trembled slightly. She stabilized herself with one hand on the table as she closed her eyes. She had almost killed him.

As a doctor, Si Wuyan was more aware than anyone that Gong Yi Mo wasn't simply trying to frighten him, neither was she joking about her threat earlier. She really had the intent to kill him!

Knowing this truth frightened Si Wuyan. The reason why he was able to play with people's lives with such ease was because he was able to grasp the weaknesses of their hearts, and they sought after him despite that. And yet, he met Gong Yi Mo.

This girl, knowing that she might die, actually dared to change his prescription and drink the bowl of medicine, because she didn't want her own brother to be hurt.

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