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Chapter 209: Everything that's Mine is Yours (2)

Since Xi Zhou would frequently had enemy spies, those who were caught would be executed right away. That's why quite a few people have died in these past ten years or so. Heavy bloodstains couldn't be wiped off the execution platform, and yet these two people were out of their minds to stroll around this ghostlike place, drinking wine instead of going to bed. As they watched the wind and snow, Gong Yi Mo secretly thought, 'Can I leave first?'

Si Wuyan pa.s.sed her a jar of wine and kept one to himself. Who knows where he got it from, but it tasted quite alright.

He didn't speak and just silently drank the wine as if he had some matters of the heart.

Gong Yi Mo inadvertently recalled a report from someone that some carrier 'pigeons' from an unknown source were flying around earlier that afternoon…the messenger asked if she wanted those birds shot down. Gong Yi Mo guessed that they were searching for this devil incarnate sitting in front of her, so she turned down the offer. As expected, Si Wuyan came to find her for a drink tonight.

"How… do you know my ident.i.ty?"

He suddenly spoke just when Gong Yi Mo was searching for an excuse to leave. He smiled palely.

"Whatever… it's not like it's a glorious ident.i.ty anyways."

Gong Yi Mo wasn't sure how to continue the conversation.

In her last life, only when her army marched into Yu Country did she realize that this country that pretended to be strong was very divided on the inside. There was only one reason: this was a country where women ruled.

Before she reached there, there had already been many rebellions and uprisings. That's why when she reached the door, there wasn't any decent resistance.

In the end, the greatest leader of the rebellion– the former Yu Country's old general– directly handed their letter of surrender to her. That's why her entire route was easy and relaxed, cutting like a hot knife through b.u.t.ter straight to the Yu capital. Along the way, she also heard quite a few surprising rumors regarding the Empress Dowager of the Yu Country.

This Empress Dowager not only poisoned the Emperor to death, but also killed quite a few of his sons too. Later, she raised her own son onto the throne. Except, her son was annoyed with her interference and insisted on rebelling. He even gained quite a few supporters. However, some people exposed him and was suppressed by b.l.o.o.d.y means.

After killing her son, she hoisted another son onto the throne. This son was even more miserable. He wasn't borne by the Empress Dowager, and was a prince raised under the Empress Dowager's name. Even though he did his best to satisfy his foster mother, the saying went 'cut trouble in its roots'. In order to prevent him from rebelling, the Empress Dowager destroyed his meridians and made his body weak his entire life without the strength to even truss a chicken. Furthermore, the son was strangely handsome and… became her male pet.

It could be imagined how tragic the Emperor was later on. He was the person whom the Empress Dowager raised and was even her male pet! The court defended him but the commoners were very dissatisfied.

He didn't want to be manipulated by the Empress Dowager, but not a single person would help him because they were scared of what she would do to them…

Gong Yi Mo admired this Empress Dowager and sympathized with this Emperor at the same time.

When the army broke through the Yu capital, the Empress Dowager had already fled with her trusted aide. The palace was emptied by the fleeing personnel. Some people even deliberately set a fire and there was smoke everywhere. However, there was only one palace in the middle that no one dared to get near. Even though it was the palace they wanted to burn down the most, even though there were the most amount of treasures in there. They only dared to go far around it. This palace was the former residence of the Empress Dowager: Qianlong Palace.

Haha, an Empress Dowager dared to live in the Qianlong Palace.

When Gong Yi Mo walked in, the palace was completely intact. There were pearls everywhere and ancient antiques. It was two completely different worlds compared to the ravished by wolves palaces outside. This was also the first and last time she met Si Wuyan.

Si Wuyan wore a crimson red color, sitting on the steps without any care for his image. He leaned over and his peerless visage was seen as he chugged cup after cup of wine.

He didn't make a move against her. For example, he didn't poison her.

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