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Chapter 210: Next time, I'll Kill You (1)

Gong Yi Mo moved a seat over and sat in front of him. Fighting up to here, she was also tired. Seeing another drinking, she also took out a wine bag and began drinking.

During this time, Si Wuyan cried and smiled, at times angry, at times cold. Gong Yi Mo observed him with cold eyes. The first line he said to her was…

"Do you look down on me?" He mockingly laughed, "Because I am a puppet! Because I am a male pet abandoned by an old woman!"

Gong Yi Mo simply smiled lightly before shaking her head.

He continued, "You think that you're very amazing, right?! Just a woman, but commanding the dragon's army, trampling over the four nations! You must feel great about yourself, don't you?!"

Gong Yi Mo drank a cup of wine, narrowed her eyes and slowly replied, "If I told you that I'd rather stay at home and give birth to kids, what would you think?"

Her words stunned Si Wuyan before he broke out in laughter!

He seemed to be drunk. After laughing, the dark clouds hanging over him seemed to disperse and he even started chatting with her.

He seemed to have never spoke of matters of the heart with others before, and the only time he did so was right before he died to Gong Yi Mo that was here to kill him. He spoke of a lot of his secrets, sorrows, defeast, grievances, revenge, and also his dreams and wild ambitions.

They talked from the mountains to the seas, from Great Yu to Lou Ye, and Gong Yi Mo also found out that the infamous Ghost Vengeance was him. After chatting, they actually had quite a few points in common!

They didn't seem to be the Emperor and executioner, and rather friends that hadn't met for a long time.

When talking about his dreams, this man's eyes would s.h.i.+ne with endless lights.

After chatting for a certain amount of time, the sounds outside gradually came to a stop. Gong Yi Mo knew that that meant her subordinates had completely taken over this palace. At this time, the smile on Si Wuyan's face also faded.

He said, "You sure are a funny person."

Then, that pair of wicked eyes actually turned clean and clear at the end. His suffering and regret could be clearly seen.

He laughed, "If… I could've met you earlier, that would've been great."

After saying that, he bit a poison bag and killed himself.

Gong Yi Mo thought this and couldn't help but stare at Si Wuyan drinking in the cold. The youth's face was gloomy and fierce. It could be seen that his heart was already quite twisted, but you could see that he was still resisting! His heart was still fighting!

When she met him in her previous life, he was 33 years old. Even though it was the prime of his life, he was defeated from inside to outside. However, now, even though his person was very evil and his temper was even more unstable, he wasn't as depressed as in the future. Furthermore…

In this life, he really met her earlier.

So Gong Yi Mo let him go several times and even said those kinds of words to him. That was what she wanted to say back then, but couldn't. This time around, she might as well say it all.

"Actually, I don't think that you're a bad Emperor."

Her words caused Si Wuyan's drinking motion to stop, a cold smile following after.

Gong Yi Mo didn't mind his disbelief and continued.

"If I didn't guess wrong, you wanted to kill Gong Jue and me. Probably because you felt threatened and was afraid that we would endanger your country later. That's why you wanted to be the first one to act… Am I right?"

Si Wuyan drank a cup of wine, his eyes staring into the night. He heavily said, "You think too highly of me."

Gong Yi Mo was stunned and suddenly laughed, "If you are alone and without help in Yu Country, I have someone you could go find."

Si Wuyan didn't speak, drinking wine as if he didn't care. However, his ears were perked up waiting for her next words.

Gong Yi Mo smiled and didn't keep him in suspense, "That person is the current general of the Yu Country: Shang Mingxi."

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