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Chapter 168: The City Wept (1)

No… He noticed long ago. Even a person as smart as Gong Yi Mo couldn't possibly not know what he was afraid of.

After stating her three requests, Gong Yi Mo finally looked up into heaven and laughed. Her smile was so pure, so relaxed as if she had unloaded the heavy burden in her heart. Her entire person seemed as if it could take off into the air.

Suddenly, an explosion sounded from within the s.h.i.+p! In the midst of everyone's panic, Gong Yi Mo seemed as if she never heard the loud bang, her fingers playing with the carvings on the railing in front of her. After a long time, she suddenly lifted her head and smiled at Gong Sheng.

“Imperial Father, did you know? This s.h.i.+p… was originally going to be your birthday gift.

“It's just… now I don't want to give it to you anymore!”


Gong Sheng seemed to finally snap awake, but it was already too late for remorse! The entire s.h.i.+p continued to explode and break apart, fire and water shooting towards the sky!

Who knew how many bombs were installed on it? The explosions continued on incessantly, and the s.h.i.+p was eventually covered in flames, burning up! The fire almost illuminated the entire sky! After the final earth-shattering boom, the entire s.h.i.+p toppled over and gradually sunk!

“No… No!”

In the city were screams of panic; outside the city was a purgatory!

There were rocks and sand, fire and smoke flying everywhere. Both sides seemed to be affected, creating small dents here and there. It really confirmed Li Ke's words 'With the power of mountains and rivers, capable of covering the sun and moon!”

Gong Cheng's eyes were crimson and his entire person was shaking!”

“No… No, no…”

He didn't want Gong Yi Mo to die, he just didn't trust her is all. He still hadn't thought through what he should do, but he would never force to death in order to acquire that weapon! He never meant for this to happen!

“Changxi… Changxi! Hurry up and save her! Hurry up and save my daughter!”

In a panic, he even forgot to use 'this Emperor' to address himself! Changxi hurriedly knelt and sorrowfully said, “I'm sorry, Your Majesty! It was so powerful, the Princess is probably already…”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Gong Cheng suddenly picked him up by his collar and lifted him up!

“Who did you say died? Who did you say died?! I'll go, out of my way!!”

Shocked by such a tyrannical Emperor, Changxi didn't have any more time to lament. He quickly went down and ordered someone to open the city gates, hurriedly searching with some others in the huge flames.

Once the city gates opened, the originally panicked civilians all rushed out to instead see the once beautiful, large s.h.i.+p reduced to a pile of rubble! There was splintered wood and the light of fire, the smell of gunpowder and ashes everywhere. The entire sky turned an ash gray, and no one could spot that n.o.ble, upright figure anywhere!

Some unknown person shouted.

“The Princess… committed suicide!”

This line seemed to cause a chain reaction. Weeping sounded from both inside and outside the city!

Even men shed tears for this girl. The entire city was mournful, the sounds reaching the skies!

No wonder the Princess wanted them to all enter the city… since by that time, the Princess had already decided to die!

The crying seemed to be contagious. Many people in the city heard that Gong Yi Mo died and numerous civilians shed tears for her. For some unknown reason, others started tearing up too.

They couldn't help but recall the goodness of the Princess. She was so young, yet did so many things! Now, she was forced to end her life! A feeling of sympathy bubbled up in the hearts of the people. For an entire seven days, the city was in mourning.

Some scholars joined together to write a eulogy for her. There were others who believed that the Princess didn't die and searched day and night in the river for her.

That power was enough to destroy such a giant s.h.i.+p! As for such a small person, perhaps even the body did not remain…

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Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Rebirth Of The Tyrant's Pet: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 168 summary

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