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Chapter 182: Her Secrets (1)

“Why are you so close?” Gong Yi Mo seriously asked him.

Gong Jue gently laid his head on her neck and whispered,

“Sister, because I'm cold.”

Gong Yi Mo was speechless. She looked sideways and saw the snow and harsh cold winds outside! She couldn't say anything in reply, but her body was still tense.

She didn't know why, but she always felt as if he was acting a little strange when they met once again. But perhaps they've been apart so long, so he was more clingy and intimate?

At the moment, Gong Jue was conflicted between sweetness and pain!

Sweet because he could be so unscrupulously close to Gong Yi Mo, hold her to sleep while smelling her sweet sugary fragrance.

Unfortunately, he can only have these as a child.

But he's no longer a kid. For more than a year, he has often mingled among his soldiers, listening to them as they spoke of the wives they missed, along with their dirty jokes. Of course, he would have his own uncontrollable fantasies.

Besides, wasn't the very person he missed within his arms?

Gong Jue's hand tightened a bit more as his whole person leaned against her. He didn't know what exactly it was he craved, but being this close to her strangely made him feel comfortable.

But he was always alert, trying to act like a spoiled child. He knew that Gong Yi Mo liked him most when he acted this way, or if he showed a kind of cute expression. Not only will her doubts disappear, but she will also feel very satisfied.

But…why wasn't this enough for him? Why does he want more?

Gong Jue restrained himself tightly and tried to ask in a calm voice,

“Will sister still leave?”

He simply asked this question casually since he was planning to leave with her either way. However, he didn't expect Gong Yi Mo to touch his hair and smile.

“No, no! I don't have to return and excavate the ca.n.a.l. Let's fix the waterway here!”

Gong Jue looked up gladly! “Are you serious?!”

The young prince couldn't help but smile. Now that his face was more delicate, his smile was simply breathtaking. Gong Yi Mo felt as if her heart had stopped.

“Dear, you'd better smile less in the future. If you smile, a certain someone might have her soul taken away by you!”

'That's exactly what I want to happen!'

Although he knew that his sister was joking, Gong Jue was still pleasantly surprised. As he smiled lightly, the white skin on his face looked as precious as jade. Such beauty up close could cause anyone to lose their soul in infatuation.

Gong Yi Mo was stunned for a moment.

“This time, I really won't be leaving you! The capital's no fun at all. There's even more infighting and scheming there. Since we're here, we can always go back later ~ perhaps when you've grown up, you can find yourself a wife. I want you to marry the best girl in Great Yu!

'Great Yu's best girl…isn't that you?'

Gong Jue looked at her upclose, then grinned. No, his sister was certainly the best in the entire world!

She's not leaving him. That's great! They can stay here and no one will try rob her from him again! He had plenty of time to impress his sister, and one day, Sister Gong will accept him. Then they will never go back!

As long as she's here! Gong Jue didn't care whether he ended up as a prince or a civilian. As long as he has her, they can go out to visit the mountains and rivers from morning until night, together. This was his life's greatest wis.h.!.+

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