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Chapter 215: Can't Go Against Her Wishes (2)

"If I didn't have to care for you, how carefree I would be living!

"Why did she leave behind Si Wuyan? He was a puppet Emperor! I helped him today so that the four nations would have a good start in the future! He will be a good Emperor to his country! He will definitely help in the matter!

"Didn't you say that you want to travel the world? How is that possible with so much defense at the borders? Only when the four nations begin trading can we go anywhere. However, you not only don't trust me, but even question me!"

The more she spoke, the angrier she grew. She felt like she raised a white-eyed wolf. In her past life, he killed her but she didn't seek revenge, yet this was how he treated her! The more she thought, the more aggrieved she felt. Her tears suddenly fell like pearls off a broken string.

"…Just questioning me is fine, but you… even… treat me fiercely… wuwuwu…"

Those tears seemed to scald his heart as they rolled down. Gong Jue quickly reached out a hand to wipe them away, but they couldn't be stopped and came like a flood! Gong Yi Mo turned around and her back faced him as she lay on the bed crying.

Gong Jue was completely fl.u.s.tered now! The earlier coldness, arrogance, cruelness all vanished into thin air! He changed back to that gentle and obedient child, completely helpless to the one he loved.

"Don't cry… I'm sorry! Sister Gong, it's my fault!"

"Leave! I never want to see you again! Get out! Wuwuwu…"

When she said that she never wanted to see him again, Gong Jue knew it was out of anger but his heart couldn't help but tighten. He clenched his fists.

"I'll send someone to call them back right away…"

Gong Yi Mo ignored him and continued crying. Gong Jue couldn't do anything and made a gesture. A person immediately appeared and knelt on the floor.

He was specially trained by Zhen Xi w.a.n.g and eventually went into Gong Jue's hands. He had also followed him longest. Now that he saw the Princess crying, he didn't dare look up and waited to receive his orders.

Seeing that there were outsiders, Gong Yi Mo wasn't shy at all and continued to weep. Gong Jue sighed with great distress before coldly looking at him and ordering, "Call the troops back, quickly!"

At the end, his tone was actually somewhat annoyed. When the person heard it, he quickly left. Gong Jue turned around and saw Gong Yi Mo's shuddering shoulders. He frowned awkwardly and gently coaxed.

"Sister Gong… I've already done what you said. Please don't cry anymore?"

He said it pitifully, his cold voice carrying a tone of youth that had been wronged. Why was it that even though when he was angry at first, full of grievances and vinegar yet silently enduring, the moment Gong Yi Mo began crying, he could only unconditionally yield?

He thought like that, but Gong Jue was still more than willing to pamper her. There was not the slightest trace of impatience, and… while patting her back, he was saying some endearing words. There was even a taste of sweetness in his heart… Siblings wouldn't be like this. The way they were like was like when Grandmother and Grandfather were fighting: husband and wife.

After Gong Jue restrained his temper for a long time, Gong Yi Mo finally slowly lifted her head, her eyes red like a little rabbit, looking at him full of grief.

"Then are you going to be fierce to me in the future?"

"No! I swear it!" How could he? This was his treasured darling! He doesn't even have enough time to love her…

Gong Yi Mo blinked her eyes. There were still some tears in her eyes making them soft like water. She pouted and sobbed, "Then you have to trust me in the future. No matter what I do, you have to unconditionally believe and support me…"

Gong Jue really wanted to hug her and kiss those eyes red from crying.

"I promise you. I agree to everything. I'll listen to anything you say…" Gong Jue was sticking close to her, and in the end began to shamelessly sell himself.

"Sister Gong… don't be angry with me anymore, and don't ignore me please…"

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