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Chapter 220: First Encounter With Su Miaolan (1)

The convoy went on, this time, without Gong Yi Mo delaying their progress. They traveled very quickly, and within ten days, arrived at the Imperial Capital.

Gong Yi Mo hasn't been away for that long, but by the time she returned, everything seems to have changed.

Moreover, she didn't know whether it was her illusion or not, but she always felt a sense of danger everywhere. Rather than joy for the New Year, there was a feeling of crisis and tension.

After staring outside for some time, she pulled down the curtain, closed her eyes, and thought deeply.

The convoy didn't attract much attention upon entering the city in such a low-key fas.h.i.+on. They traveled all the way to the palace gate while Gong Yi Mo stayed outside and waited.

As soon as Gong Yi Mo left, Gong Jue seemed to have changed as a person. He looked at everyone with calmness and indifference, causing all others to bow their heads whenever he glanced at them.

Everyone complained in their hearts, cursing those connections of theirs who sent them false information. This prince was the real deal!

As if indifferent to their fears, Gong Jue smiled and said: "All of you are meritorious officers for taking part of this journey to Xi Zhou. I will share this news to Father when I meet with him later."

All who accompanied him said with pleasant smiles: "These proceedings were well governed by Your Highness. We dare not take credit, and we are willing to follow Your Highness to the death!"

Gong Jue smiled in satisfaction, which somehow released an indescribable pressure on everyone. Those ink-black eyes seemed to be filled with endless warnings.

"Don't worry, when it's your turn…you'll only be rewarded more."

Clearly kind words, but each person in the room couldn't help but tremble. They all recalled a certain man's ill fate after he betrayed the Prince.

Gong Jue had his limbs tied to a horse while a rider would have the horse gallop speedily through the desert. After being dragged alive for more than a dozen miles, the traitor's body was covered in scars and his bones were exposed, leaving him at his final breath!

And that wasn't all. Gong Jue had the traitor buried alive in front of his officers! The scenes were so b.l.o.o.d.y and cruel that it became a lingering nightmare to all of them!

Many of these people were spies sent by other people in the palace, but they have now been trained under Gong Jue for more than a year.

Those schemers in the palace offered money and many other unexpected benefits, but this prince's means were much crueler. Anyone who thinks of offending or betraying him trembled at the consequences.

Thus, these young people were a.s.sured that they will be rewarded well serving under Prince Gong Jue, but they also had no doubt that if they betrayed him, their fate will be worse than staying alive.

They eagerly voiced out their loyalty, expecting the money to soon follow. Gong Jue waved in annoyance and the group immediately quieted down. Afterwards, the team continued to move forward.

On the palace road, they came across another group of sedan chairs, seemingly owned by women of a prominent family.

Su Miaolan had a heavy heart. When she heard her maidservant's reply, she pulled her curtain open, only to see a dark and simple, yet dignified carriage. Such an ordinary carriage, but the four horses pulling it were definitely rare breeds. After pondering for a moment, she could almost guess who it was coming her way!

When she recalled the Ninth Prince, His Royal Highness who made exceptional achievements in Xi Zhou, her beautiful eyes moved. She ordered her servants to step aside the palace road, and to help her out of her sedan chair.

At the moment, Gong Jue had his eyes closed, until he heard a certain female voice, which was low and soft, but very attractive.

He frowned slightly, feeling impatient to deal with these unimportant people. But when he heard the woman's self-introduction, he moved a finger. Wasn't this the woman who bullied Sister Gong at the tea party?

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Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 220 - First Encounter With Su Miaolan (1) summary

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