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Chapter 239: The Fight Among Men (2)

Each of his reasonings stabbed Gong Jue at his sore spot. His complexion turned slightly pale and he finally showed a bitter smile.

How could he not know that Gong Yimo liked freedom? How could he not know how outstanding Gong Yimo was? But because she was just too outstanding, he can't let her go!

Because once he let her go, more and more people will realize how outstanding and good she was and s.n.a.t.c.h her away! So far…Royal sister had never fallen in love with anyone yet. However, the more people she meets, the chance that she will fall in love with them will be higher!

'Fall in love with someone else?'

…this thought, just the thought of it made the murderous intent in him explode.

His eyes suddenly turned scarlet as he slightly curved up the corners of his mouth.

“Then what should I do? Royal sister had said before that she is doing this for me. Since she had built all of this for me, then why can't she give it up for me?”

His words were like a fierce knife, stabbing Gong Che's heart until it bled. Gong Che never thought that Gong Yimo would help Gong Jue to this extent.

He glanced at Gong Yimo, unable to conceal the disbelief in his eyes.

They were only in the Cold Palace together for three years! How can he not compare to him? How can he not?


Gong Yimo suddenly opened her mouth. She looked rather tired as she glanced at Gong Che and Gong Jue.

“Tell me, as the most important people that I care for, why are you quarreling like this?”

She looked perplexed as she scratched her head and gave them a puzzled look.

“Shouldn't the two of you live together in harmony? Why are you fighting each other?”

Gong Yimo couldn't figure it out. It wasn't a big deal whether she left or not. Why does it seem as if they are fighting over her, making her feel at a loss as to what to do?

Her words surprised both Gong Che and Gong Jue. They looked at each other and saw the same emotion in each other's eyes.

Silent endurance and pain.

In Gong Yimo's heart, they are her most important relatives. They are just considered as her relatives…she might fall in love with many other people, but she will never fall in love with them…

They have to break through the window separating them right now, otherwise, they can only pretend that they're all living together in peace and harmony…

Ha, living together in harmony? It was already obvious that they can never live in harmony just from the fight on the boat.

Something fuzzy suddenly flashed through her heart. Gong Yimo looked at her two brothers with a complicated expression. The wind in the lake blew by, making people's heart go cold. Gong Yimo felt cold as she trembled from the sudden wind.

She was somewhat hesitant and cautious as she asked…

“You still haven't answered my question…why were you fighting each other?”

Her sharp eyes looked at the uneasy expression on Gong Che's face and the cold expression on Gong Jue's face. Suddenly, a very odd thought crossed her mind!

This world…had it gone crazy? How can she have such a thought?

Gong Che's eyes slightly flashed, then he finally reached out his hand and stroked Gong Yimo's hair. Under the moonlight, his expression softened again as he helplessly sighed.

“You probably don't know…Gong Jue is a vicious and merciless person. I'm afraid that he will negatively influence you…”

Gong Jue coldly smiled as he stared at his hands. However, he followed along with his explanation to conceal the truth.

“Recently, how many people have you killed by exploiting the Emperor's guilt towards you? What qualifications do you have to criticize me?”

Their words finally made Gong Yimo dispelled her strange thoughts. Perhaps, they just don't like the way the other party's style of work and personal conduct. So, it was because they were worried about her that they…she lowered her head and softly said, “So you guys can't get along with each other?”

In her past life, they clearly had a good and cooperative relations.h.i.+p with one another.

Gong Jue narrowed his eyes when he looked at Gong Che. On the other hand, Gong Che revealed a trace of a cold smile. Although there were only two meters of distance between them, it seemed like one of them was standing in purgatory and the other one was standing at the edge of a cliff.

“This matter…we will take care of it ourselves.”

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Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Rebirth Of The Tyrant's Pet: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Rebirth Of The Tyrant's Pet: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 239 summary

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