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Translator: Kitty G.

Editor: Loreli

The Empress' last words caused Gong Yi Mo discomfort.

As she looked into the mother's hopeful eyes, the princess bit her lip. In her last life, what she sacrificed for Gong Che was no less than her present efforts to raise Gong Jue. And how did he repay her?

But then, she recalled how Gong Che spared her life a few days ago, even when she had discovered his deepest secret.

At this thought, a smile broke out on Gong Yi Mo's face.

"As I promised, I will help you."

The Empress brightened up upon hearing her words.

Gong Yi Mo continued, "I promise to do everything I can to save the Crown Prince and the Liu family, but as for your father… there's nothing I can do for him." The princess was very straightforward in this matter. After all, plotting such a scheme was their mistake; they could not extricate themselves from this pit without a scapegoat. With her understanding of the Emperor's temperament, this was the limit of Gong Yi Mo's capabilities.

The Empress' heart trembled as she thought of her aged, white-haired father. However, in the end, she gritted her teeth and strengthened her resolve. This wasn't the time for hesitation. "Okay."

"And another thing…" Gong Yi Mo looked at her straight in the eye. “I will help you this time, but it's probable that my status will also be affected, so whether I succeed or not, as long as you are alive, you must agree to one of my conditions.”

She continued, "I won't mention what condition, but I will tell you in the future what I require. Of course it will not harm yours or Gong Che's interests. Will you accept?"

"Yes, I promise!"


Although the Chaoyang Princess was aware that getting involved would be dangerous, once she made her choice, she felt a sense of heroicness in her heart.

Challenging imperial power? Gong Yi Mo had not done such a thing in a long time.


Meanwhile, the controversy in the Main Palace had heated up to a climax. Gong Che's letters were effectively useless and he was soon overwhelmed by everyone's accusations.

"Your Majesty, since the prince believes he should take all responsibility, we ask for Your Highness to remove the Crown Prince from his position and send someone else to preside over the Eastern Palace."

As soon as the official finished speaking, he along with the group of ministers praised the Emperor, saying he was a wise ruler of the dynasty. The Emperor's headache only grew bigger. These people were forcing him to abandon the Empress and the Crown Prince!

Gong Che knelt beside the Right Minister while the minister continued to kowtow before the Emperor, begging for mercy. The old man lamented, "Your Majesty, please examine this matter closely. This matter is not related to the Crown Prince or the Empress. This minister is guilty of the crime–I was confused and did not exercise clear judgment. This guilty minister takes responsibility!"

Gong Che's face was ashen. The Left Minister and his accomplices had been prepared for this moment to take advantage of the prince. It was he who had thought too simply. The enemy's objective was clearly him… But he could not bring himself to abandon his grandfather and Queen Mother for his position!

"Even the heavens are bent on destroying my Liu family…" The Right Minister whispered in sorrow.

Gong Che looked at the white-haired man who seemed as if he had aged ten more years. This was his grandfather, who had taught him to read from an early age… As Gong Che gazed at the sad figure, he seemed to reach a certain determination. The prince looked to the Emperor and slowly said, "This matter is caused by Er Chen**. This son is willing to bear all punishment and asks father to be merciful to the rest of the Liu family in return!"

(**ed: how a prince formally addresses himself… basically p.r.o.noun "I" or "This prince")

After he spoke, he heavily knocked his head on the ground.

Gong Che was determined to sacrifice his life. Once he lost his position as the Crown Prince, there was no other path awaiting him but death. But if his life could guarantee the survival of the Liu family, it would all be worth it. It's just… it's just that…

In his darkest hour, he recalled those pair of clever eyes. If she were here, would she worry about him?

Just when the heated arguments in the Main Palace began to turn unbearable, a mocking laughter echoed throughout the hall.

"Why is it so noisy in here? I was far away, yet I could still hear it!"

Hearing Gong Yi Mo's confident voice, Gong Che's expression changed! He didn't want the princess to get involved because, now, he had reached a place of no return where only death awaited him!

Gong Yi Mo did not turn to look at him. Instead, she directly approached the Emperor. Seeing his favored daughter, the Emperor subconsciously relaxed his brow and asked in a lighter tone, "What brings you here?"

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