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Fierce lightning lit up half of the palace!

The thunderous noise immediately alerted Gong Yi Mo. She peered out the window and couldn't help thinking….That kid was beaten so badly that I'm not sure if he could still walk. If the injury was serious, then he would have remained collapsed on the yard after she left. Hasn't it been raining for half the night already?

As for Gong Jue's malnourished state, she didn't have to guess at all. Ever since her rebirth at the cold palace three days ago, the servant who delivered meals only came back three times. It was no wonder the boy would be so thin!

Thoughts of Gong Jue's plight bothered Yi Mo. The more she wanted to fall asleep, the more she worried if that scourge could survive. He obviously can pull through! But what if the boy gets drenched and suffers a fever, wouldn't his wounded throat get infected? If so wouldn't her treatment go to waste?

No, she can't let Su Miaolan have a chance of influencing him. Gong Yi quickly jumps out of bed and dashes into the storm!

The cold palace appeared terrible at night under the heavy rain and lightning.

Gong Yi wiped the water off her eyes and looked towards the yard where Gong Jue had collapsed earlier. I didn't expect to come here twice today. Her mood was very complicated…..

Why did she not have an umbrella in her s.p.a.ce?

Depressed, she pushed the gate open and looked into his yard. However she found it empty so she walked towards the house. 

Unexpectedly, she stood paralyzed as soon as she reached the doorstep. There was a villain collapsed on the ground. Who else could it be?

The astonished Gong Yi Mo quickly reached out to the boy; his body was drenched and his temperature was very hot. He must have been unable to move from his spot and fainted, only to wake up during the rain which forced him to laboriosly crawl to house himself.

Considering that such a small child was drugged, drenched, and finally struggled to the house in his pitiful state, Gong Yi Mo couldn't bear the thought. She touched his forehead and found he had a fever.

Without further thought, Yi Mo used all the strength she could muster as a small girl and she barely managed to drag Gong Jue to his bed. Even with all the skills she acquired in her last life, she has very little strength presently.

There was no light in the room and a cold fog filled the house. Gong Yi s.h.i.+vered and reached for the lotus mark on her arm. Fortunately there was a flashlight in her s.p.a.ce, otherwise she would have difficulty in the dark.

The boy's body burned intensely. Even knowing that he won't die, Gong Yi Mo couldn't stand looking at him suffer like this. She pinched Jue's red face and sighed, "You owe me for this!"

Gong Jue sensed a very bright light in the middle of the dark. It was obviously nighttime, yet such an unusually bright light was coming from the bottom of his bed. It was as bright as daylight. Then he felt someone's presence!

Gong Jue couldn't restrain his tension. He had a splitting headache. His hand slowly reached under the pillow and grasped a stone that was sharpened by him! At this time, he heard the other person's annoyed voice.

"I really hate this! You're lucky to get such precious medicine. This was supposed to be for me!"

Upon hearing his sister's voice, his body relaxed. He didn't understand why he easily believed someone he's only met once.

Shortly after, he felt a bitter liquid being poured into his mouth. He didn't want to swallow, but when he thought of how difficult it was to obtain cold medicine, he forced himself to gulp down the liquid. The awful taste caused him furrow his brow and make an extremely pained expression. 

Gong Yi looked pleased. She dissolved a tablet in the water and gave it to him. She also knew how bitter this was, but when she saw his struggle, she was gratified. 

Soon after, Gong Yan felt the other person taking off his clothes. Even if he was a bean sprout, he still felt embarra.s.sed. His mother taught him that men and women are different from each other and that they need to observe etiquette by the age of seven**. But the reality was that he's burning profusely, and he needed her help. "Strength, I can only regain it by resting. That way I won't have to trouble her."

(**translator's note: Gong Jue is currently six years old while Gong Yi Mo is seven)

After removing his clothes, Yi Mo gasped.

In addition to the boy's exposed hands and feet, the rest of his body was covered with scars and bruises. Putting aside his older lesions, most of his injuries were internal scars and bruising which appeared as dark patches of skin. Although those injuries didn't look too bad on the surface, Gong Yi knew that those were the most painful.

…There are plenty of schemes in the palace that can be used to kill. But she never thought that such vicious means would be used on a mere child. 

She bit her lip in annoyance.

On one hand, she feels that the child in front of her is very miserable. On the other hand, she can't forget the torture she suffered and how he could repeat the same thing again in the future. She just finds him so hateful!!

However, people who are hateful are also miserable. Gong Yi Mo once again sighed and touched the s.p.a.ce.

She collected a lot of medicine for her travels. This was a necessity. Currently her supply is limited. These rare drugs were difficult to obtain in her previous life, and merely having them in her possession caused her a lot of misfortunes. Thus she was always cautious in their use.

Gong Jue felt cold and uncomfortable. Suddenly he feels a cool sensation on his body's wounds. He was once a respectable prince, so how can he not know how expensive this medicine is?

In his heart, he didn't understand why his imperial elder sister whom he had never met was being kind to him. "Did she wish to win my affection so she could leave the cold palace?" Little Jue was astonished.  "If so, she'll be disappointed."

It took ten minutes to spread the medicine all over his body. Gong Yi pulled out a bathrobe from her s.p.a.ce and wrapped him up. There were only a few bathrobes left in her s.p.a.ce.

Little Jue felt himself being wrapped with a warm robe by the other party; the cloth seemed to give off a delicate perfume. He felt dizzy and didn't have enough energy to think of where these items came from.

But on such a stormy night, the bright lights and her warmth were enough for him to remember for the rest of his life…..In the past two years, no one had been so good to him. Never. It reminded him of his mother. Things he had forgotten a long time ago. Memories.

Sensing that the other party was packing, he quickly pretends to awaken from sleep and slowly opens his eyes. But once he sees the other person's appearance, he couldn't help it any longer.

Gong Yi Mo was so absorbed in helping him, that she failed to notice that she herself was dripping like a soaked chick. She was thin, her face was pale, and her wet clothes clung to her skin. She looked like a drenched ugly duckling.

"Are you..…." are you okay?

Gong Jue smiled at her and spoke, but because of his painful throat he couldn't finish his words. He noticed her silently stare at him with wide, surprised eyes. An uneasy feeling crept in. Jue never expected that someone in such a plight would be so good to him, and he was afraid that such kindness was also false.

When Gong Yi saw him wake up, she wondered what else she should do to accommodate him. But when she remembered his ident.i.ty, her anger flared. Actually the word anger isn't strong enough to describe how she felt. 

"You're awake, I'm out!"

"Wait.." Gong Jue hurriedly got up and his body nearly fell out of bed! Fortunately Gong Yi caught him just in time. She glared at him in annoyance.


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