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Chapter 60: Kneeling Ceremony (1)

"Hey, I've been wondering which important visitor Su Miaolan would welcome in personally. It turned out to be the famous Chaoyang Princess!"

A maiden named Zuo Xi came to the front and looked disdainfully upon Gong Yi Mo. She covered her mouth as she laughed mockingly, "Oops, my mistake. I almost forgot; there's no longer any Chaoyang Princess–only a mere commoner named Gong Yi Mo."

Upon her arrival, Gong Yi Mo already received the hostile gazes of many women within the flowery hillside.

Although Zuo Xi gave taunting remarks, she did not lose her temper. The unwelcome guest found a place to sit down, while waiting to see what these women could do.

Seeing that Gong Yi Mo continued to ignore the the crowd, Su Miaolan began to s.h.i.+ft anxiously. Her pair of apricot shaped eyes became watery as she put on a false appearance of concern while she persuaded, "Zuo Xi, she is our guest. How can you be rude to our younger sister?"

True, Gong Yi Mo should be the youngest girl in the room. This annoyed Zuo Xi. "What makes her my sister?"

The onlookers expected Gong Yi Mo to retaliate to her provocations, and even Su Miaolan was waiting for her to slip up. Contrary to their hopes, she did not care for their thoughts one bit. Her gaze swept the scene before looking at her host.

"Isn't this a tea party? Where the food? And the wine? Su Miaolan, aren't you going to invite me to come and be seated?"

The girl spoke rudely and without restraint. When Su Miaolan heard her own name being addressed so informally, the humiliation she felt in the past once again surfaced. Her doe eyes became wet with tears, but she still smiled and said,

"Yes…I did not accommodate you well. I won't keep younger sister waiting."

Su Miaolan's pitiful appearance provoked Zuo Xi's anger towards the rude guest.

"Who do you think you are?! You dare to give orders to your elder sister? Everyone in this gathering are a thousand times more n.o.ble than you! You haven't even kneeled down in ceremony to us, and yet you want to dine and drink among us? You clearly lack education!"

Zuo Xi's voice was very loud. Even the women who admired flowers from the distance could hear her words.

Qin Ke'er, who hugged Gong Han Yue's arm intimately, looked at the commotion in the distance. Her brows furrowed slightly as she commented, "Since they're bickering so loudly, she must have arrived."

"She?" Gong Han Yue pondered her companion's words when she suddenly raised her brow and an evil intention flashed in her eyes. "If that's the case, then let's go and take a look."

Qin Ke'er sighed helplessly and agreed.

When Gong Yi Mo noticed that Zuo Xi was rooted on the spot whilst holding back her anger. Gong Yi Mo tilted her head asked in amus.e.m.e.nt, "Did I say something wrong?"

She turned at looked at Su Miaolan's teary-eyed expression with disgust. "It was you who invited me to come and drink tea, but now you stand still without moving. Does that mean you only wanted to watch a show? If that wasn't your intention, you would have arranged a table for me right away. Then what are you doing here crying? Are you pretending to be pitiful?

Su Miaolan immediately paled at her words. Originally, she arranged all of this so other guests could criticize Gong Yi Mo while she stood aside, watching the drama.

But now someone had laid bare her intentions, saying she acted pitifully, hoping to incite a drama while watching the show on the sidelines. This was truly upsetting!

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Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 60 - Kneeling Ceremony (1) summary

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