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63: Zhang Princess, Gong Han Yue (2)

In that case, Gong Han Yue wanted to tear her clothes off, throw her outside, and make her completely lose her reputation! Gong Yi Mo would never be able to climb back up!

Seeing the Zhang Princess' violent temper, no one dared to stand by her side. Even the four palace maids who accompanied her were hesitant to step forward. Instead, they stared at Gong Yi Mo with eyes full of pity.

Gong Yi Mo was not the least bit intimidated by the princess' threats. Instead, she scrutinized the ill-tempered girl in amus.e.m.e.nt. Gong Yi Mo narrowed her eyes and said with a smile,

"Your Highness, did your male concubine 1 not only use up your body but also your brain?"

Her blunt words shocked her listeners, causing many of the n.o.ble women to feel as if they were about to faint. Gong Yi Mo went on to say, "I am a master of martial arts. If you palace maids want to subdue me, don't you think you're too weak to even try?"

These arrogant words caused the crowd to hold their breaths. They wish they did not hear what she had said! The more they knew about the secrets of the imperial household, the quicker their deaths would come!


Gong Han Yue felt her blood rush to her head! Seeing the Zhang Princess's flushed appearance, the surrounding n.o.blewomen knelt down one after another. They began to feel enmity for Su Miaolan, who had gotten them into this mess.

Gong Han Yue's finger trembles as she pointed at Gong Yi Mo. She never imagined that someone would be so blatant in pointing out that she kept a concubine. How would she find a marriage partner in the future! This was simply incredulous!

"Hurry! Quickly call the guards! I'm going to kill this woman!"

The Zhang Princess always left the palace with a team of guards. They just never entered the gathering. Now that she called for them, they quickly rushed in, not caring for the occasion nor for the n.o.blewomen who were gathered there.

The rich maidens on Huashan Hills screamed in alarm and avoided the newly arrived guards. The commotion on this side caught the attention of the capital's prominent young masters who were gathered at the Lakeside Pavilion. This time, they rushed over to see what was going on.

Everyone scattered, leaving only Gong Yi Mo standing alone on the flowery hillside.

Soon, a team of palace guards surrounded Gong Yi Mo, ruthlessly trampling numerous precious flowers in the vicinity. The sharp blades in their hands were all pointed towards the young girl.

"What's the matter?" Li Ke, the son of the Minister of Revenue, frowned and asked. A frightened n.o.ble girl hid behind him as if she had found her savior.

"It's the Zhang Princess–she's going to kill the Chaoyang Princess!"

"Chaoyang Princess?"

Li Ke's eyes flashed with a subtle light. The Chaoyang Princess' reputation had long spread over the capital; she was a source of jealousy among women and was even more popular among men. Although the Chaoyang Princess stood before him, Li Ke couldn't see her clearly due to the surrounding guards in black armor.

Gong Yi Mo continued to look down on Gong Han Yue in amus.e.m.e.nt.

"Zhang Princess, if you do this, don't blame me if the emperor receives a report detailing your misconducts tomorrow. By that time, I'm afraid that not one of those male concubines of yours will remain."

"You, shut up! Shut up!" Gong Han Yue's face was distorted in rage and shame. "I don't have male concubines, and I won't have one!"


Her faint mockery stabbed Gong Han Yue at a sensitive spot. The girl stared at her as if looking at a fool.

"What are you guards waiting for? Kill her!"

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 male concubine 男宠的–marriage partner that is a servant to the lady, not to be confused with the official 'husband' t.i.tle… GYM is saying that since she can't attract a husband, she can only settle for raising a male concubine

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Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 63 - Zhang Princess, Gong Han Yue (2) summary

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