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Chapter 78: Paving the Path for You

Gong Yi Mo sat on the bedside. When she saw that he finished wiping his face, she took the cloth and then tossed in into the basin of water.

The girl stared at him with a burning gaze…

"What's wrong?" Gong Che's face couldn't get any redder. A boy his age would no longer be so pure-hearted; after all, a prince could marry at age fifteen. But because of his position as Crown Prince, choosing a wife was no simple matter; he must choose someone with a deserving social status, but it can't be a maiden with a low standing either. With these circ.u.mstances, the matter of his marriage was delayed until now.

Gong Yi Mo actually had the urge to pinch his cheeks, but she resisted her impulse and instead cleared her throat and said in a said in a serious voice.

"Well, after listening to your news the previous evening, I've been thinking about the issue for the entire night until I came up with an idea. Elder Brother, would you like to hear it?"

When she spoke like this, Gong Che naturally listened with his full attention. Moreover, he wanted to quickly escape their present awkward atmosphere.

Gong Yi Mo failed to notice his embarra.s.sment. She smiled and continued to speak,

"Since the Empress has made mistakes and the evidence against her is clear, then she truly deserves some kind of punishment. In this case, before the Emperor could send forth his penalty, Elder Brother should go to the Empress' palace and persuade her to relinquish her Phoenix Seal. Afterwards, ask her to go to the Holy Buddhist Temple to atone for her sins."

In just a few words, she decided the Empress' fate. Gong Che couldn't help but sigh; they have already come to this. Instead of waiting for his Father to force the Empress to give up her position, it was much better for her to voluntarily hand over the Phoenix Seal and give up her t.i.tle and power. At least she would be able to preserve the last of her dignity as empress.

"Only, will it be that simple?"

Gong Che suspected her for a moment, wondering if her goal was not only to pull down the Empress' position, but also his. He had to be cautious, because if he were to lose everything now, there would be no turning back.

"Naturally, it won't be so simple.

Gong Yi Mo squinted thoughtfully as she sat at his bedside. Her feet shook unconsciously, causing a bracelet of small bells on her ankle to jingle melodiously. The sound was pleasant to the ear. She touched her chin and slowly tossed out an earth-shattering idea.

"Elder Brother Crown Prince, after persuading the Empress, you must leave the capital."

Gong Che's eyes trembled subconsciously before he replied, "Queen Mother will not agree." Moreover, the Liu Family would certainly disapprove as well.

That was because as the Crown Prince, the greatest advantage he held was to stay within the palace and to study near the emperor. He was also able to delve into political affairs at a young age, and in the absence of the Emperor, the Crown Prince was able to preside over the court.

This honor was his only advantage at the moment, but if Gong Che were to leave the capital, it would be equivalent to forfeiting his final card. As such, his mother will surely refuse.

However, Gong Yi Mo solemnly answered, "Elder Brother, have you forgotten? Yesterday the Emperor was very clear with his intentions; only those who prove their strength with political achievements and through serving the people can succeed in securing the throne. If you're not even willing to leave the capital, how can you compete with your brothers?"

Her words made Gong Che ponder deeply, mostly because he had never thought of this possibility before. Because his mind was pervaded by his era's traditional thinking, his mind was not yet as far-reaching and creative. And so, the prince needed time to consider.

"Furthermore, if you decide to stay here, you will definitely have to deal with several schemes from enemies all around. How many more of their attacks can Elder Brother defend against? It is better to leave the capital and let them fight amongst themselves."

Her words deeply impressed Gong Che. Although he had been given an orthodox prince's training from youth, he still regarded himself as one of the common people. Gong Che hoped that one day, he could become a wise and successful emperor like his father.

"Will the Emperor agree?"

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