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Chapter 85: She Is Your Sister (2)

The emperor couldn't figure why his son wanted to take on a long term project like building a ca.n.a.l.

When Gong Che saw the emperor's frown, he couldn't help but wonder, What did the emperor see? The prince's attention was deeply focused on his father's reaction.

"This is a good appeal!"

The emperor suddenly roared in laughter and said once again, "This idea is wonderful. Although the project is immense, building this will be a great blessing to the country and the people."

He seems to be agreeing?

Gong Che relaxed and relieved a bit of his tension.

Gong Sheng continued to bear his gaze onto him; realizing that the emperor's measuring gaze was upon him, Gong Che was once again raised in vigilance and he listened intently to his father's words.

"I will give my full support on this matter. No matter how many years it will take to build, I will take all responsibility for funding. Gong Che, do you really want to take on this task?"

Gong Che took a deep breath. At this time, his gentle face showed a trace of calmness that reflected his former princely aura.

He replied, "This official is willing to follow the emperor's command. As long as the ca.n.a.l is not completed, this official will not return to the capital!"

His determination caused the ministers to inhale a breathe of cold air. The prince must have gone mad!

Gong Shen was also very surprised. He leaned forward from his Dragon Chair and spoke,

"This is a difficult and heavy responsibility. What are your requirements?

Gong Che slowly exhaled to compose himself before raising the draft of his plan.

"Emperor…there are three requirements!"

"Oh?" This was the first time he heard a gentle child like him actually speak with great force.

Gong Sheng waved his hand and said, "Go ahead and speak."

Gong Che smiled slightly. "First of all, since this son will be away for many years, this official hopes that Father Emperor could look after the Empress and return the Phoenix Seal to her once she has atoned for her sins."

"Showing filial piety is good. I agree."

Gong Che's eyes brightened and he smiled once again. "Second, this son hopes that no matter how long the project takes to complete, that Father Emperor would no longer send another official to oversee the project. This project can only be managed by this Prince!"

This request was a bit unusual in Gong Sheng's opinion. Will anyone else argue with him for such a project?

He laughed and said, "This project is quite heavy. Aren't you afraid that your energy is too limited to manage this whole work?"

Gong Che simply smiled and replied, "That is in line with my third request. Because it is an immense project, this prince asks that all the ministers send talented children from their families to aid with this work. One purpose is to train talented people under my supervision and the other purpose is to employ them for my uses. This prince pleads that the Emperor accept these three requests."

Gong Sheng's eyes flashed upon hearing those words! He pondered for a moment, then leaned forward on the dragon chair and looked down upon the ministers.

"Do the ministers have any objections?"

All the ministers glanced at each other. Partic.i.p.ating in a meritorious project like this can only bring benefits.

If there was something that none of them lacked, it would be the numerous sons that they had. If they sent an unfavored child who didn't have a government position, who knows, maybe that son could return with a meritorious achievement and grasp a good chance for promotion! As for sending a 'son with talent', ahem, this was not something the Crown Prince could decide.

Thus, all the ministers nodded in agreement and praised the Crown Prince for his justice, humanity, and thoroughness in his planning.

Gong Shen looked down at the hall; it has been a really long time since he had seen them all agree happily to something. A short while ago, their heads hung low like a defeated when the Crown Prince remained within his station. Now that Gong Che was planning to leave the capital, how could they all be so complacent?

Gong Che simply looked at them without responding to their compliments.

A month ago, these same people forced his grandfather to sacrifice his life in this very room, but now they were all praising him for his filial piety. This…this is the court. He tried to make himself laugh gently so that he could get accustomed to such a court.

His thoughts wandered off to Gong Yi Mo, only her. When he remembered her sincerity and how she sacrificed everything for his sake, Gong Che suddenly felt his heart fill with warmth. He wanted to hurry home to her side.

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