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My sudden stiffness obviously alarmed Aunt Li and Phoenix. After they looked around they stood in front of me directly without any hesitation, a posture of alerting.

To be honest, it touched me a little, especially after knowing that they were not the opponent of Enmity dragon vein.

For a moment the whole room was quiet. We were not against Enmity dragon vein, and certainly we dared not to move. And the Enmity dragon vein tilt its head looking at us without any movement. As the time pa.s.sed by,I had scared and my feet trembled with fear. Cold sweat came out, just as it was about to fall to the ground.

Suddenly mom carried Xue'er into the hall. As she took a look at the situation in the room, she froze immediately. Then she turned to look at the huge head unbelievably.

I didn't know why they could see it. Now Mom, and we were standing in a triangle, which was too dangerous for Mom and Xue'er. I couldn't help go over, but Aunt Li stopped me with her eyes.

I understood. Aunt Li was afraid that my sudden action would stir up Enmity dragon vein and I would be attacked. Just as I was burning with anxiety, Xue'er rubbed her eyes and woke up: "Wow, what a big dog." 

Her sudden movement startled me. I really didn't know what the connection between the dragon and the dog was, but it doesn't matter. The important thing was that Enmity dragon vein had slowly turned its eyes to Xue'er. Xue'er was also frightened by the giant blue eyes ofEnmity dragon vein. She drilled herself into mom's arms.

Fortunately, Enmity dragon vein didn't attack her. But it was very curious to look at Xue'er and its head incessantly up and down. Xue'er saw that and she was emboldened again. She spoke directly, "Big dog, why are you so big?" 

Mom was so scared that she covered Xue'er's mouth. The cold sweat on my face was dripping on the ground, and there was a sudden urge to spank Xue'er's a.s.s. However, I dared not move.

After Enmity dragon vein watching Xue'er for several minutes, its whole head slowly retreated back into the wall and disappeared. My body seemed to lose support at once.I sat on the ground and couldn't stop panting. Mom was all also s.h.i.+vering all over. She would like to ask what that was , but only said a word. And then she was hard to speak anymore but gasping.

Xue'er was a fool to go and studied how that big dog goes through the wall. She was slapped on her a.s.s by mom. Then she beeped her small mouth so aggrieved that she dared not move.

I rested for a while,then I spoke: "So, so, why can I see it? Isn't everyone else able to see it?" I didn't just ask. I could see it because Aunt. Li put a touch on my eyes when we were outside just now. And now it's not just me, but also mom and Xue'er could see it. Well, can anyone else see it? I could even think of a panic in the village.

Aunt Li became a little dazed and shook her head slowly. "I don't know. But no one else should have seen it, otherwise it would have been noisy outside. But... . "

Aunt Li glanced at Xue'er and hesitated to say so. Mom didn't care and asked, " it's just how.." She hold Xue'er tightly.

Aunt Li said: "The Enmity dragon vein seems to be interested in Xue'er, but it doesn't seem to hurt her."

Aunt Li said Enmity dragon vein wouldn't hurt Xue'er. I also had some sense about this. But beyond that, I felt a little confused. Xue'er was only a child, how can it drew attention of Enmity dragon vein.

But my mother felt that Xue'er had caught the attention of Enmity dragon vein. Even if Enmity dragon vein did not mean to hurt Xue'er, it was a potential danger. After she learned from Aunt Li what Enmity dragon vein was. The expression on her face gradually changed from fear to firmness.It seems that nothing in the world can hurt Xue'er under her protection

For a moment, no one spoke anymore. Mom stood up and backed to us. She seemed to wipe tears and then she turned to us said adamantly: "Since we couldn't run away, we might go there. I would like to see what's in the well."

I looked at my mother in surprised. Today's mom seemed not the mom as same as in my memory. But I vaguely agree with my mom. You couldn't run away or win. Nothing was better than figuring it out at least you could die in peace.

Mom's decision was agreed after a silence. But mom persuaded Aunt Li and Phoenix not to take part in. My heart trembled. I hesitated but I could not object to Mom's opinion. It was almost a mortal task. It was unnecessary to implicate them because they had done enough for us.

Aunt Li and Phoenix looked at each other, and then Aunt Li gave out a bright and clear laugh as usual, "Ha ha ha, I've been dead for so long, and it's a profit to live till now. Enmity dragon vein,which was just been heard in legend. How can we not to take a look at it."Both Aunt Li's and Phoenix's att.i.tude was rather tough. In the end, mom stopped persuading.

And it appeared that witch Yan told mom something about them. So mom was not surprised at Aunt Li and Phoenix's insistence, but nodded. But she decided not to tell witch Yan at last. First of all, witch Yan was her good friend. Secondly, witch Yan herself said that she had been eroded by strange breath which could pose an unknown danger to us.

witch Yan came to see mom every evening nearly. For the reason that there were too many people in daytime, we set the time for departure in the evening. Although the evening was an absolutely inappropriate time, Aunt Li and Phoenix could do their best fighting at night. Between a loss and a rise, that's all we can do.

Xue'er didn't quite understand us, but she knew we were going out. For a child who had been locked up for a few days was a happy news. Xue'er was so excited. Mom had to make Xue'er obey her with carrot and stick.

After having eaten the most wonderful dinner since I returned to my hometown, all of us were waiting for the night to come silently. Aunt Li and Phoenix were still talkiing about something. I did not eavesdrop again. Xue'er took my hand and asked several times when she would start off and what's the fun. I just skimmed it.

Mom kept looking at a small photo which was old and a bit yellow. It was a photograph of my whole family. At that time, my dad,my brother and sister-in-law were still there. Everyone in the photo was laughing.

The night darkened, and there was no sound in the village. We opened the door and took steps slowly but firmly towards the entrance of the village.

The huge crown of the old locust tree at the entrance of the village blocked all the moonlight. Even in the dark, it made the entrance of the village darker. It was a giant black hole, waiting to devour all those people trying to enter.

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