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Chapter 1481, Wearing Out Iron Shoes While Seeking One’s Feet

This was actually a precious Dragon Flame Purple Marrow Pill! Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling excited once more.

This Dragon Flame Purple Marrow Pill was an Origin King Grade Low-Rank Spirit Pill, and the materials needed to refine it were numerous, reaching as many as sixty in total. However, its role was very straightforward and simple for cultivators.

Improving one’s strength!

Once a cultivator broke through to the Origin King Realm, it became very difficult to cultivate. The World Energy produced in an ordinary Earth Vein or High-Rank Saint Crystals couldn’t meet the requirements of Origin King Realm cultivators, so in previous ages, Dragon Flame Purple Marrow Pills were a means that Origin King Realm masters relied upon to enhance their cultivations.

Refining and absorbing medicinal efficacies from pills were helpful to the growth of a cultivator’s cultivation, but this method had its advantages and disadvantages compared to ordinary meditative cultivation.

The positive effects were that as long as one had enough pills, the speed they could increase their strength would be fast, far more so than meditative cultivation at least.

The negatives were that strength gained in this way was somewhat unstable, and if one took too many pills, it would cause a certain unhealthy load on the cultivator’s body.

As such, no cultivator’s growth depended entirely on using such pills. Even if they used pills to cultivate, they would only do so occasionally and not as their primary method.

Yang Kai had barely ever taken pills to cultivate, so his foundation was extremely solid and his Saint Qi was incredibly dense and pure.

Understanding the purpose of this Origin King Grade Spirit Pill, Yang Kai suddenly felt somewhat emotional!

This was a Spirit Pill designed specifically to increase the strength of an Origin King Realm master. On top of that, the mountain valley master had managed to refine such a pill with Pill Clouds, after which it had experienced at least ten thousand years of acc.u.mulation, so Yang Kai couldn’t even begin to estimate how amazing the medicinal energies inside of it were.

Yang Kai could only vaguely guess that if he had the ability to take this pill and refine it safely, his strength would very likely reach the Origin King Realm in a single bound!

This was an extremely terrifying growth rate that saved him countless years of hard work.

However, this was just a guess and Yang Kai had enough self-awareness to understand that he could not withstand refining this Spirit Pill right now.

With some reluctance, Yang Kai put away the Dragon Flame Purple Marrow Pill again before dispelling the gloom in his heart, quieting his mood, and taking out two different items from his s.p.a.ce Ring.

One was a blood-red stone the size of a heart while the other was a pitch-black round stone.

Two strange stones.

One was the Blood Essence Stone he had accidentally obtained in the Emperor Garden while the other was the second Stone Puppet embryo that Yang Kai had held onto for many years.

Yang Kai had two Stone Puppet embryos, both of which he acquired in Tong Xuan Realm. When he first came to Shadowed Star, one of the stone embryos merged with the Blood Essence Stone and hatched the Stone Puppet that Yang Yan named Xiao Xiao.

Although the other stone embryo had also reached maturity, it had not been able to hatch because Yang Kai could not find another Blood Essence Stone to serve as its heart.

Only after this trip to the Emperor Garden did Yang Kai accomplish this.

Yang Yan had been very envious of Yang Kai’s Stone Puppet, so Yang Kai had always wanted to hatch this second Stone Puppet and give it to her.

Unfortunately, Yang Kai didn’t know if Yang Yan needed it anymore given her current situation, so he couldn’t help smiling somewhat bitterly. Nevertheless, whether Yang Yan wanted it or not in the end, it was more important to let the Blood Essence Stone and the stone embryo merge right now.

Thinking about it this way, Yang Kai put the two strange stones together.

Strangely enough, the stone embryo which had been completely unresponsive inside the Black Book s.p.a.ce immediately sent out countless black threads the moment it came into contact with the Blood Essence Stone, wrapping up the latter tightly.

In the blink of an eye, the two stones became closely linked together; however, it appeared it would take quite some time before they fully merged.

This scene surprised Yang Kai, but after thinking about it for a moment, he sent out a Divine Sense Message silently.

Shortly after, the Stone Puppet Xiao Xiao appeared in front of him mysteriously, staring up at Yang Kai with a pair of clear and innocent eyes.

“Can I leave this in your care?” Yang Kai pointed to the partially fused black and red stones in front of him and asked.

Although the Stone Puppet’s intelligence wasn’t very high, he could still understand Yang Kai’s commands to a certain extent, so after looking in the direction Yang Kai pointed, his eyes suddenly widened and filled with joy and excitement.

Obviously, it could feel that a companion of its own was being bred in the partially fused black and red stones.

Nodding repeatedly, the stone puppet wore a look of clear desire.

“Good, take it with you, remember to report if any changes happen,” Yang Kai gave a light command, after which the Stone Puppet immediately picked up the fusing stones and disappeared in a flash.

Yang Kai estimated that it wouldn’t be long before a second Stone Puppet would be born, something he was looking forward to.

The next item to check was Demon Blood Temple’s glamorous Temple Master’s s.p.a.ce Ring.

That woman and Jin s.h.i.+ both fell inside the Emperor Garden on the ice road. Jin s.h.i.+’s s.p.a.ce Ring had been banished to The Void as a result of Yang Kai’s s.p.a.ce-Force-infused s.h.i.+ and could no longer be retrieved, so only Demon Blood Temple’s Temple Master’s ring remained.

However, as the leader of a great force, this woman’s wealth was naturally astonis.h.i.+ng.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and wiped it over her s.p.a.ce Ring before pouring out everything which was inside.

There were at least tens of millions of Saint Crystals, artifacts of various grades, hundreds of jade bottles containing pills, and some materials used for Alchemy and Artifact Refining.

The wide variety of treasures was simply dazzling and somewhat dizzying to see.

Yang Kai’s brow couldn’t help furrowing slightly; although most of the things here couldn’t even enter his eyes, it was still a vast amount of wealth, so he began to patiently organize it into what was useful to him and what wasn’t. He would keep what he needed while using the rest to fill High Heaven Sect’s storehouses.

Although the number of people in the Sect was still small, because High Heaven Sect’s headquarters was almost completely isolated from the outside world, they had to be self-sufficient in terms of cultivation resources. Even if most of these things couldn’t cause Yang Kai to give them a second glance, they were still incredibly precious to the Sect’s disciples.

This kind of sorting didn’t take Yang Kai too long to complete.

“Hm? This is…” Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly flashed as he picked up a certain animal skin book with a curious expression.

This animal skin book had also been placed inside the s.p.a.ce Ring of Demon Blood Temple’s gorgeous Temple Master. Yang Kai hadn’t taken notice of it at the beginning and only came across it as he was finis.h.i.+ng up taking inventory.

The animal skin book wasn’t very big, but the pages were all dyed red, as if they had been soaked in blood, and a scent of iron was still wafted from it.

[This couldn’t be…]

Suddenly, Yang Kai’s heart jumped as he quickly opened this book. When he saw the words written at the top of the first page, he gawked for a moment before bursting into laughter.

It really was a case of wearing out iron shoes while seeking one’s feet.

What was recorded in this animal skin book was the complete Demon Blood Thread Secret Technique!

Since Yang Kai obtained the Demon Blood Thread Secret Technique from Deng Ning, he had been diligently cultivating it and it had provided him with a huge boost in strength, becoming one of the methods he relied upon most heavily.

Although the Demon Blood Thread Secret Technique was very difficult for Demon Blood Temple cultivators to practice, this Secret Technique was almost tailor-made for Yang Kai.

Yang Kai was uniquely suited to cultivating this Secret Technique, far more so than anyone from Demon Blood Temple because he possessed his pure Golden Blood!

Unfortunately, what Yang Kai obtained from Deng Ning was only the first half of this Secret Technique!

After successfully cultivating his Golden Blood Thread, Yang Kai instinctually felt that there should be more flexibility to this Secret Technique, and his guess was confirmed after seeing Demon Blood Temple’s Temple Master in action.

Sadly, Yang Kai had no idea how to obtain the second half of the Demon Blood Thread Secret Technique.

But now, to his surprise and glee, he had found what he was looking for in the s.p.a.ce Ring of Demon Blood Temple’s Temple Master.

It wasn’t actually that surprising when Yang Kai thought about it. Demon Blood Temple was in a constant state of internal strife and even advocated murdering fellow Sect members. Since that beautiful woman had managed to become the Temple Master of Demon Blood Temple, she naturally would have carried all her treasures on her as that was the safest place for them; unfortunately for her, they ended up as Yang Kai’s spoils after she died.

Yang Kai was ecstatic and immediately began studying this book carefully, soon confirming that it not only included the first half of the Demon Blood Thread Secret Technique but also the second half, explaining the more advanced methods of manipulating the Demon Blood Thread.

There was also the method to refine Blood Fusion Pills!

The Blood Fusion Pill was a special type of pill created by Demon Blood Temple which could increase the vital essence of a cultivator. Everyone that cultivated the Demon Blood Thread Secret Technique was eager to obtain this kind of pill because stronger vitality meant they could condense a stronger Demon Blood Thread.

Deng Ning had been rewarded with the first half of the Demon Blood Thread Secret Technique and a single Blood Fusion Pill for the merits he brought back from the Flowing Flame Sand Field.

It was as if he had received a supreme treasure.

After all, the Blood Fusion Pill was normally for the exclusive use of Demon Blood Temple’s top Elders and its Temple Master; lower disciples essentially would never even see such a treasure.

Yang Kai carefully studied the refining method of the Blood Fusion Pill for a moment, but after understanding it in its entirety, he immediately lost interest.

This could not be helped as it was truly an evil refinement method, actually requiring the collection of large quant.i.ties of fresh blood, preferably human blood!

If Yang Kai wanted to increase his vitality, he had a far simpler option, taking drops of the Life Revitalizing Jade Cream. During this trip to the Emperor Garden, he obtained a large quant.i.ty of pure Life Revitalizing Jade Cream, so how could he even place this Blood Fusion Pill recipe in his eyes?

However, the advanced manipulation methods contained in the second half of the Demon Blood Thread Secret Technique manual were of great interest to Yang Kai; after all, his Golden Blood Thread’s current abilities were somewhat limited, so if he could learn to control them more delicately, the role they would play in the future would be greater.

After studying this manual for a time but not obtaining any significant gain, Yang Kai set it aside for the time being, not feeling a significant rush to cultivate.

Next, he took out the stone tablet which he had collected after the Stone Monument engraved with the profound Artifact Refining Method exploded during his battle with Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce.

When she saw the stone tablet at that time, Xue Yue’s expression had changed dramatically and she had even gone so far as to beg Yang Kai to give it to her. After a brief negotiation, Yang Kai had intended to comply; after all, he didn’t know what value this stone tablet held, but before he could complete his agreement with Xue Yue, the Emperor Garden suddenly closed and sent him to the Limitless Ocean.

Yang Kai imagined that Xue Yue was furiously stomping her foot in frustration even now.

In all honesty, Yang Kai was also quite curious about this stone tablet that Xue Yue attached so much importance to, so after taking it out, he planned to study it.

The stone tablet wasn’t very big, only about the size of a palm, and there had been no signs of it being hidden inside the Stone Monument. In fact, if it was not for the fierce fight that caused the Stone Monument to break, this stone tablet might never have been found.

All in all, it was just a huge coincidence.

What was more coincidental though was that it flew straight over towards Yang Kai, allowing him to obtain it with ease.

Regardless of what it was, Xue Yue had determined it was useless to any Origin Realm cultivator and was only of worth to Origin Kings at a glance, a fact that only further piqued Yang Kai’s curiosity.

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