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Chapter 1784, Ruthlessly Provoked

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys

His father was the Sect Master of Purple Star, one of the most powerful people in the entire Star Field, a man who could stomp his foot and cause the Star Field to shake, yet he had actually apologized to a Junior who had repeatedly insulted and provoked him? Zi Dong could hardly believe his ears and secretly began to wonder if everything he was seeing now was some kind of elaborate illusion.

“You shut up!” Zi Long glanced at him faintly while releasing a thick majesty. Seeing the sharp light in his father’s eyes, Zi Dong did not dare to say anything again.

“You’re apologizing?” Yang Kai grinned.

Zi Long frowned, and said lightly, “If that’s how you want to take it, so be it.”

“En… since it is an apology, then I’ll reluctantly accept.”


Zi Dong was so mad he nearly coughed up blood!

After the Sect Master of Purple Star took the initiative to apologize, this little brat did not even show the slightest grat.i.tude and instead pretended like it was some kind of burden for him to accept? Didn’t he know how much of an honour this was? This b.a.s.t.a.r.d… was simply unforgivable!

“However… what are you really trying to say?” Yang Kai ignored Zi Dong’s glares and focused on Zi Long, a meaningful grin filling his face.

This kind of apology was nothing more than a few bits of spit that could be casually thrown out, so Yang Kai naturally did not take Zi Long’s words to heart; however, the other party’s att.i.tude had raised his suspicions.

He did not believe that Zi Long couldn’t see the heart demon he had planted for Zi Dong just now, nor did he believe that Zi Long was really so magnanimous that he would forgive all the provocations and insults he had made a moment ago.

The Sect Master of Purple Star was not to be underestimated!

“This King doesn’t have any hidden intentions. This King simply wants to ask if you are interested in joining my Purple Star?” Zi Long looked at Yang Kai solemnly and asked while sending out an invitation.

“Join Purple Star?” Yang Kai chuckled.

“En, although your cultivation hasn’t reached the Origin King Realm, this King can offer you the position of Honoured Guest Elder based on your performance just now!”

“Honoured Guest Elder!” Zi Dong could not hold his silence anymore when he heard this.

Being an Honoured Guest Elder of Purple Star was far different from being one of some other random Sect or family. This was not just an immense status, it also represented incredible strength!

Currently, there were only seven Honored Guest Elders of Purple Star, each one of them an Origin King. What’s more, Honored Guest Elders of Purple Star had always been Origin Kings, none had ever been an Origin Realm cultivator.

But now, the Sect Master of Purple Star was personally inviting a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm youth to join Purple Star while offering him such an ident.i.ty.

If words of this spread, it would likely rock the entire Star Field.

“Honoured Guest Elder…” Yang Kai snickered, showing the slightest interest as he shook his head, “No thanks, I’ve always been a lone wanderer and don’t like being restricted, so I’ll have to decline your generous offer of an Honoured Guest Elder post.”

[Is this kid an idiot?] Zi Dong looked at Yang Kai like he was some kind of fool. Didn’t he know how much weight the words Honoured Guest Elder represented? How could he refuse without the slightest hesitation?

Zi Dong’s mind was in chaos.

“Honoured Guest Elders are not restricted by my Purple Star in any way, they maintain complete independence. Little friend seems to have misunderstood my proposal…” Zi Long explained patiently.

Before he could finish what he was saying though, Yang Kai interrupted him, “No need to explain, I know what an Honoured Guest Elder is, it’s just… I don’t plan on joining any great force.”

Zi Long narrowed his eyes and said with a faint smile on his face, “Little friend, are you sure you won’t reconsider?”

“You talk too much,” Yang Kai looked at him contemptuously, without giving him any face.

Zi Long’s face immediately sank.

“Haha, kid, you were right to refuse!” Xu Wei called out, clearly taking pleasure in Zi Long’s misfortune, “Don’t believe his rhetoric, if you really agree to his proposal, your future will definitely be miserable. However, this old master very much appreciates your att.i.tude, so why not consider joining my Abandoned Lair? You’ve offended this guy now, so it will be difficult for you to mix into the Star Field in the future, but my Abandoned Lair does not fear his Purple Star. This master guarantees that there won’t be any problems with you joining, and with your abilities, you will quickly become one of Abandoned Lair’s leading characters!”

“You’re also too long-winded!” Yang Kai turned to look at Xu Wei and sneered, “Old dogs, do you think I don’t know what you’re trying to do? You think you can stall me with these cheap antics?”

As soon as this remark came out, both Xu Wei and Zi Long’s expressions changed slightly; obviously, Yang Kai had exposed their true intentions.

Although Xu Wei and Zi Long were by no means friends, and could even be considered enemies, seeing Yang Kai’s performance just now and watching him approach the treasures they coveted, they naturally felt a sense of crisis. With their sharp wits, without even needing to discuss the matter, these two old masters knew that their best option in this situation was to try to stall Yang Kai until the Seven Coloured Radiant Light retreated.

After being exposed by Yang Kai, Zi Long’s face suddenly became ugly and he declared coldly, “Boy, being too smart is not a good thing. Don’t think your paltry mastery of s.p.a.ce Force is enough for you to escape this King’s palm! You are just an Origin Realm junior who does not understand the horrors of the Origin King Realm, and this King is a master even amongst the Origin Kings. If you think you can rely on your s.p.a.ce Force to escape, you could not be more wrong. This King will give you one last chance: Pick those Enlightenment Flowers and deliver them to this King and this King will spare your life!”

With everything else having failed, he finally tore all face with Yang Kai.

“Hahaha!” Yang Kai laughed, “How terrifying are those in Origin King Realm? I’ve killed more than one of you ‘terrifying’ Origin Kings.”

“Madman!” Zi Dong muttered to the side.

Even a genius like him, who could fight opponents above his realm, could not pose any threat to an Origin King despite his peak Origin Realm cultivation. On the contrary, such a master would easily be able to kill him.

Between the Origin Returning Realm and the Origin King Realm, there was an uncrossable gap!

As such, he subconsciously thought Yang Kai was talking nonsense.

But what Zi Dong did not know was that Yang Kai had really killed more than one Origin King. One of them had even been a Second-Order Origin King, and although Yang Kai achieved that with the help of a Star Emperor Token, it was still his experience.

If Zi Dong came to know the truth, he would definitely feel crushed.

“Forget it, I don’t have time to care about you,” Yang Kai said dully and turned around. Although he had been verbally sparring with Xu Wei and Zi Long, Yang Kai had not lost track of time either.

There was about a stick of incense worth of time before the Seven Coloured Radiant Light retreated, which was more than enough!

“Wow, such rich medicinal fragrance!” Yang Kai exclaimed exaggeratedly as he breathed in the scent of the five Enlightenment Flowers in front of him, putting on an intoxicated expression as he commented out loud, “Good, as expected of Enlightenment Flowers, the efficacy is really extraordinary. I can even feel my bottleneck loosening somewhat, could this be my chance?”

While saying so, he scratched his head and wore an awkward appearance.

It was obvious he was bluffing, like a seller bragging about the quality of his wares, but that did not stop Zi Dong’s eyes from going red.

A single breath of this medicinal fragrance was all it took to loosen a bottleneck?

Yang Kai had the same cultivation as him, peak Third-Order Origin Returning Realm, only one step away from breaking through to the Origin King Realm, and now… Yang Kai had seemingly seized this opportunity.

But now, Zi Dong could only stare blankly at him from a mere thousand metres away, powerless to do anything.

This situation caused Zi Dong to suffer both physically and mentally and he could not wait to rush forward and take Yang Kai’s place, his fists clenched so tightly they began to crack.

“Not good, not good, breaking through in this d.a.m.ned place is tantamount to seeking death, I need to quickly suppress this feeling and only breakthrough when it is safe!” Yang Kai shouted again.

Zi Dong really wanted to cough up blood.

A chance he sought for more than anything else was placed in front of Yang Kai but the latter actually abruptly suppressed it, was there anything more frustrating to see in this world?

Zi Dong began to believe that encountering Yang Kai in this Severed World was his life’s biggest nightmare! He had to make sure Yang Kai died without a complete corpse…

“Little brat, enough!” Zi Long saw what was happening to his son and could not help shouting at Yang Kai.

“Heh heh…” Yang Kai glanced at him lightly before turning back and rubbing his hands like a pervert standing before a naked beauty, saliva almost leaking from his lips, his image completely unsightly as he stretched out his claws towards an Enlightenment Flower.

With just a light pull, the Enlightenment Flower was plucked by Yang Kai directly, roots and all.

Generally, when one picked extremely precious herbs, they would only harvest the usable parts while trying to leave the plant itself undamaged, this way they could obtain the maximum benefits without destroying this opportunity for future generations. As long as the roots of the Enlightenment Flowers were left here, they may bloom again after enough time had pa.s.sed.

Alchemists would be especially careful to adhere to this principle when collecting herbs.

However, Yang Kai felt that leaving behind any trace of these Enlightenment Flowers would only benefit Zi Long and Xu Wei, so he decided to literally pull out the problem at its roots so these two old foxes didn’t gain anything.

“En, so this is the legendary Enlightenment Flower, not bad! Not bad at all. Nine petals and a lavender colour, it seems to be at least three thousand years old! With such a rich medicinal age, once I break through to the Origin King, using this it will certainly provide a great boost when cultivating. Even if I do not use it myself, I’ll definitely be able to exchange it for many good things!” Yang Kai said as he took out a jade box from his s.p.a.ce Ring and stored the Enlightenment Flower carefully inside.

His movements were slow and exaggerated, making the whole process visible to Zi Long and Xu Wei.

Watching this display, the two Origin Kings felt like their hearts were leaking blood.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d was definitely doing this on purpose!

Xu Wei and Zi Long had such a thought in their hearts at the same time, and their hatred for Yang Kai only grew more intense as a result.

This was like two starving men who had not had food or drink for days suddenly coming across a table filled with delicacies, but not only could they not eat, they had to sit there and endure watching another stuff their face. It was nothing short of torture.

Yang Kai was undoubtedly the one sitting at the table, eating his fill, blabbering on and on about just how delicious the food was…

“Now for the second, hahaha…” Yang Kai picked another Enlightenment Flower and continued talking to himself as he placed it in another jade box.

His actions were the same as before, painfully slow and deliberate!

Zi Long took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

He no longer wanted to watch, simply thinking that ‘what the eyes do not see, the heart does not grieve.’

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