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Chapter 2053, Refining the Dao Source Pills

Translator: Silavin & As.h.i.+sh

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

In a flash, half a year had gone by…

The stone cavern remained calm and uneventful over this half-year, and not a single sound was made.

Today, cracking noises started coming from the blood coc.o.o.n around Yang Kai all of a sudden. It sounded much like the popping of bones. They were extremely crisp and numerous. Followed by these sounds, a crack suddenly appeared in the blood coc.o.o.n.

Immediately afterwards, more and more cracks started to appear on the blood coc.o.o.n, giving it a shattered-mirror-kind of look.

Finally, the blood coc.o.o.n burst apart into countless pieces with a loud bang as Yang Kai’s stalwart figure emerged in the centre. His upper body was naked and his black hair was flying along with the wind. His white skin was so white and tender that it was better than a newborn’s.

Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes. The gleam in his eyes might be withdrawn but there was a radiant look on his face.

He tilted his head as a weird expression appeared on his face.

At this moment, he was having a very different and strange feeling. He felt that he had gained a new life.

He lowered his head to take a look at his body and was immediately shocked.

He had been running about over the years, going through winds and rains. He went through all kinds of hards.h.i.+ps that not only created his staunch character, but also forged him into an outstanding figure. But now, just a pot of Ten Thousand Treasure Soup had made his skin whiter and more tender than a woman’s. He was rather surprised by this.

He got up and exercised a bit, feeling lighter and stronger than before. When he slightly clenched his fist, endless strength continuously gushed out from his body.

He made a simple jab but it immediately resulted in a sonic boom, causing ripples in the air that were visible to the naked eyes.

Yang Kai beamed with joy at the sight of this. He immediately knew that his physical body had gained a significant upgrade. As he scanned himself with Divine Sense, he suddenly realized that his five viscera and six organs had actually changed. They looked like they had been carved from jade and gold while giving an unbreakable feeling.

[It wasn’t like this before.]

Obviously, all of this was because of the Ten Thousand Treasures Soup! The Ten Thousand Treasures Soup seemed to be able to develop the physical potential of the cultivator and temper the cultivator’s physical quality, supplementing his already powerful body. His strength had grown to a whole new level and had become even more outstanding.

But things didn’t just stop there. Yang Kai could clearly feel a large amount of Ten Thousand Medicinal Treasures Soup’s efficacy still remaining in his bones and physique. It was stored inside his body to silently transform his body over time.

Yang Kai was very satisfied with this. [So this is the effect of a medicine soup that had been brewed for over one or two millennia. It is far more effective than taking any pill.]

[With my current physique, it’s definitely possible to refine the Dragon Artifact.]

Yang Kai thought as he checked his own strength again.

This check immediately gave him a big surprise.

He found that all the Saint Qi in his body had been transformed into Source Qi. He couldn’t find even the slightest bit of Saint Qi!

Source Qi was a higher-grade energy than Saint Qi. It was the very foundation of Dao Source Realm cultivators to communicate with the World Principles and mobilize the power of Heaven and Earth. It was basically impossible for a cultivator to advance to the Dao Source Realm without the Source Qi.

Yang Kai’s perception of Principles was already good enough. The reason why he couldn’t advance to the Dao Source Realm was that the Saint Qi in his body had not been completely transformed.

According to his previous calculations, it would have taken him one or two years to convert all his Saint Qi into Source Qi, even if he continued taking Source Condensing Pills. But now, these conditions have been fulfilled in advance.

Naturally, all the credit went to the Ten Thousand Medicinal Treasures Soup.

Yang Kai was inevitably a little ecstatic by this discovery. He was now ready to advance to the Dao Source Realm anytime.

However, advancing to the Dao Source Realm was a very important thing, and this place wasn’t suitable for World Energy baptism. So, Yang Kai had no plans to advance here. He still needed to find a suitable location.

Having thought of this, Yang Kai decided to leave.

He looked around a bit but there was nothing worthy of his attention in the stone cavern. However, Liu Yan had still not returned after she charged into the magma pool. He had no idea about the advantages she might have gained underneath.

As he came to the side of the magma pool and checked, he surprisingly discovered that the temperature of the magma pool seemed to have significantly dropped. It seemed as if someone had sucked away all the internal heat.

Yang Kai tried to communicate with Liu Yan but he didn’t get any response.

However, this only made Yang Kai relieved and joyful. He knew that the reason why Liu Yan couldn’t sense his summon was definitely because she had found her own opportunity.

Considering all this, he simply stopped paying attention to Liu Yan and started looking for an exit.

The stone cavern wasn’t that big, and there was only one pa.s.sage connected to it. He quickly found a Transmission Array at the other end of the pa.s.sage. After activating the Spirit Array, he instantly disappeared from the stone cavern.

In a barren ridge somewhere around a hundred miles away from the Yuan Furnace Mountain, Yang Kai’s figure emerged out of thin air.

He promptly spread his Divine Sense, and after making sure that the surroundings were safe, he looked around to get his bearing before his figure shot toward the horizon, leaving a streak of light.

Yang Kai wasn’t planning on returning to Maplewood City. Currently, the most important thing for him was to advance to the Dao Source Realm. Thus, he needed to find a quiet and solitary place.

A few days later, he landed on a barren mountain. After looking around at the surroundings, he lightly nodded, extremely satisfied.

Although it was barren, and the World Energy was also scarce here, it was s.p.a.cious and deserted; very few people would visit this place.

Unlike other cultivators, who had friends, relatives, and Sects to back them up, he didn’t have anyone to guard him during his advancement. Thus, he had no choice but to use such a place.

The lack of World Energy was nothing. One only needed to place some Source Crystals around himself to get the World Energy needed for advancement.

However, just in case, he still spent two days carefully scouting the area of two thousand kilometres. He beheaded some Monster Beasts that had settled here before finally returning.

Advancing by a Great Realm was very important to any cultivator. It was different from when one broke through by a small realm. Once one failed to advance, they could very likely damage their Martial Dao foundation; the cultivator might never recover from it. In severe cases, he or she might get killed under the World Energy baptism.

Naturally, Yang Kai would be careful.

Afterwards, he let the two Blood Beasts, the Queen Monster Insect and Blue Flame Thunder Wolf, out, ordering them to keep a close watch in two opposite directions. [I think with two Blood Beasts keeping guard, there should not be any major problems.]

After doing all this, he finally started to calm himself.

He didn’t try to immediately attack the bottleneck of the Dao Source Realm. Rather, he took out the Black Jade Furnace and the jade slip left behind by Gong Sun Mu. On one side, he was refining the Black Jade Furnace, leaving his Soul and life Brand in it, and on the other, he was going through the Alchemy knowledge in the jade slip.

A long time ago, Yang Kai had tried to stabilize his mind and prepare to break through using Alchemy. This method had been tried and tested time and time again. So, it would still come true this time as well.

Time slowly pa.s.sed and Yang Kai seemed to have completely forgotten his original intention of coming here. He was completely absorbed in the world of Alchemy knowledge.

The Alchemy information left in the jade slip might be incomprehensible to others, but as someone who once triggered the Grand Alchemic Dao Tone and had seen a glimpse of Alchemic Dao ultimate knowledge, it was very easy for Yang Kai to understand.

He had memorized various pill recipes and the names of herbs in one month.

In addition, the Black Jade Furnace was successfully refined, succeeding the Purple Origin Furnace as Yang Kai’s Alchemy Furnace.

Today, Yang Kai suddenly placed the Black Jade Furnace before him and poured the Conflagrated Knowledge Sea into the furnace.

Suddenly, a scorching heatwave spread from the furnace.

The next moment, a bunch of high-quality herbs flew out from his s.p.a.ce Ring with a flick of his finger, flying into the Black Jade Furnace in an orderly manner. Under the scorching heat of his pure Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, they were slowly reduced into medicinal liquid before congealing into a ball.

After a while, he put in new herbs.

The temperature inside the Black Jade Furnace kept on changing. From time to time, a bit of medicinal fragrance would leak out of it.

Yang Kai looked as calm as an old dried-up well; he wasn’t the slightest bit nervous or impatient. Even his actions when dropping the herbs were slow and steady, but the change in temperature of the furnace was instant. One by one, the Spirit Arrays required for refining the pills rose and fell inside the Black Jade Furnace as he engraved them with his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, producing a magical effect on the medicinal liquid.

Three hours later, a wooden box appeared in Yang Kai’s palm with a flip of his wrist.

Under the push from his Source Qi, the wooden box opened by itself, revealing a longan sized spirit fruit.

Amazingly, it was the Dao Source Fruit that the Zhang Family patriarch had given him back then!

In this world, only one kind of pill could be refined from the Dao Source Fruit: The Dao Source Pill that could make all the Third-Order Origin King cultivator l.u.s.t over it!

If the Origin King Realm masters knew that Yang Kai was rashly trying to refine the Dao Source Fruit as an Origin King Grade Alchemist, perhaps all of them would want to kill him. The Dao Source Pill wasn’t an ordinary pill. Its main ingredient was extremely rare. Out of the entire Southern Territory and Heavenly Martial Holy Land, there were only a handful of trees that could bear the Dao Source Fruit. Furthermore, the Heavenly Martial Holy Land used it for themselves. They would not sell them outside. So, one could imagine the rarity of this pill.

And all the Alchemists who dared to refine the Dao Source Fruit into Dao Source Pills were all Dao Source Grade Alchemists! No Origin King Grade Alchemist would ever dare to play with this kind of spirit fruit.

But Yang Kai did.

If he succeeded, he would definitely be able to break through his Alchemy bottleneck and advance to the Dao Source Grade in one fell swoop. If he failed, the priceless Dao Source Fruit would be reduced to ashes.

As he took out the Dao Source Fruit, Yang Kai’s face that had been maintaining an indifferent expression finally turned a little solemn. But he still threw the Dao Source Fruit into the Black Jade Furnace without a moment of hesitation.

Immediately afterwards, he shut the furnace lid tightly and started making hand seals with a solemn look on his face.

As he kept changing the hand seals, the medicinal liquid in the Black Jade Furnace kept tossing and turning amidst gurgling sounds.

Meanwhile, invisible Spirit Arrays rose and shattered in the Black Jade Furnace, one after another, continuously.

Beads of sweat started to appear on Yang Kai’s forehead as if refining the pill this time was extremely hard for him.

This situation lasted for a whole five hours. Having been concentrating for this long, Yang Kai had expended a lot of his mental energy. He looked slightly haggard and pale.

After five hours, he finally made the last hand seal and took a long, deep breath. He then quickly took out a few recovery-type pills and threw them into his mouth.

The pill furnace was still humming as several different types of medicinal liquids merged inside and incredible changes were taking place.

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