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Chapter 2185, Must Not Touch

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

“Hahaha, idiot, you should just follow behind Father’s b.u.t.t and eat his dust forever! With your rubbish ability, you won’t catch Father here even if you chase me for the rest of your life!” Another voice sounded, one that was extremely arrogant, not only calling himself ‘Father’ in front of Wu Chang, but even going so far as to mock the latter as well.

The group gathered atop the mountain were all shocked and turned their heads to stare in the direction the two were approaching from, watching as this pair rapidly drew closer.

“Gong Wen Shan!” Yang Kai saw at a glance who the escaping party was; it turned out to be the Array Master Gong Wen Shan.

In an instant, Yang Kai understood what the situation was.

In front of the Flowing Time Temple, Gong Wen Shan and Wu Chang had formed a slight grudge…

Because after Gong Wen Shan cracked the barrier around the Flowing Time Temple’s entrance, he had actually rigged it to prevent Wu Chang’s entry, denying him this opportunity.

Wu Chang had also acted extremely decisively at the time, immediately deciding to depart after he realized he could not enter the Flowing Time Temple.

Afterwards… Whether he had been waiting in the Two Seasons Mountain Range for Gong Wen Shan to come out, or had coincidentally come across him at some point, Wu Chang naturally was not planning to let Gong Wen Shan off and had obviously chased after him to settle their grievances.

However, it seemed that even with his great strength, Wu Chang was unable to take down Gong Wen Shan easily and had instead been chasing him all this time.

Just as Yang Kai’s thoughts churned, Gong Wen Shan pa.s.sed over everyone’s heads and with a solemn expression took out a few slips of jade from his s.p.a.ce Ring, muttered something, and poured out his Source Qi, causing the pieces of jade to fly out and swiftly disappear.

At the same time, where Gong Wen Shan stood, a strange and threatening aura suddenly appeared, one that was invisible but could still clearly be felt.

“Array Plates!” Someone from the crowd shouted.

Although no one knew what kind of Array Plates Gong Wen Shan had set up just now, just seeing him deploy four of them at once without even batting an eye showed how rich his background was. This was only to be expected from the disciples of a family famed for its Spirit Arrays though; Gong Wen Shan clearly had access to treasures like Array Plates which ordinary cultivators could never get their hands on.

After arranging the Array Plates, Gong Wen Shan stood in place and gasped, taking out a few pills from his s.p.a.ce Ring and swallowing them.

Seeing him like this, it was clear that he had been pursued by Wu Chang for quite a few days and had consumed a lot of his strength. After arriving here though, he had taken out his Array Plates for protection and began restoring himself…


Wu Chang followed close behind and landed a couple dozen metres in front of Gong Wen Shan, his eyes nearly spitting fire as his Source Qi pulsed madly from his body along with unparalleled violence and murderous intent, ensuring no one got close.

When the cultivators with lower cultivation felt this violent aura, they couldn’t help turning somewhat pale with fright.

“Come out!” Wu Chang was furious, but he was not a fool. With Gong Wen Shan summoning so many Array Plates in front of him and then just standing in place, it was obvious the latter had full confidence in his safety so Wu Chang didn’t dare to rush over and could only shout from close by.

“You come in!” Gong Wen Shan taunted mockingly as he gestured lightly towards Wu Chang, like someone inviting an old friend into their home.

“If you have any guts, come out and face me!” Wu Chang yelled.

“If you have any, come in!” Gong Wen Shan responded.

“You come out!”

“You come in!”


“Waaarh!” Wu Chang let out a mad roar.

His enemy was right in front of him, but despite his great strength, he had no way to take him. What’s worse, this scene was actually taking place in front of so many people, so how could Wu Chang not feel humiliated?

As he roared, two beams of light, one red, one white, suddenly rose into the sky from his body and like two Flood Dragons, they entwined with one another as they broke through the clouds before spinning rapidly and falling down like a meteor towards where Gong Wen Shan stood.

He had obviously lost the patience to verbally spar with Gong Wen Shan and attacked in anger.

Seeing this, Gong Wen Shan’s expression remained unchanged as a light grin appeared on his face. With the wave of his hand, a thick and solid looking light curtain appeared ten metres in front of him.

*Hong long long…*

The red and white energy blast impacted the centre of the light curtain, causing it to bend slightly, but it quickly bounced back. Not only that, when it restored itself, the light curtain randomly scattered Wu Chang’s violent attack in all directions.

“Gong Wen Shan, you waste!”

“Bite me then!”

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

The group of onlookers who had been watching this strange confrontation saw the fierce energy attack fly towards them and cursed under their breaths as they scattered and dodged. None of them dared to scold Wu Chang, but Gong Wen Shan received plenty of hatred.

At the same time, Yang Kai also wore a cold expression as he could no longer afford to focus on healing himself, stood up, and stretched out his hand.

In that instant, in the s.p.a.ce in front of him, a dark black hole appeared, one filled with chaotic nothingness, like the mouth of a great beast, swallowing up all the wandering energy blasts.

“Brother Gong, please have some discretion!” Yang Kai glared at Gong Wen Shan coldly.

If he hadn’t made a move just now, the scattered red and white energy blasts would definitely have struck the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus, causing this precious treasure to instantly be destroyed.

He didn’t know whether Gong Wen Shan had done this intentionally or unintentionally, but his approach obviously made Yang Kai very unhappy.

“You dare interfere?!” Suddenly, Wu Chang shouted, turning his head coldly towards Yang Kai, a thick murderous intent flas.h.i.+ng from his eyes.

Yang Kai frowned and snapped back, “Has Brother Wu Chang lost his mind? Did you not just see what happened?”

He didn’t know what Wu Chang was on about now. Perhaps because he had no way to take Gong Wen Shan he was planning to attack someone else to gain back some face, or perhaps he was just looking for someone to vent his frustration on…

Whatever the case, after everyone resisted the reflected energy attacks, they could tell there was something wrong with Wu Chang.

“I don’t care, whoever dares to interfere, I want them dead!” Wu Chang replied domineeringly, “If you don’t want to die, scram!”

As soon as this remark came out, some people actually began to distance themselves.

“Ha… Wu Chang!” Xia Sheng grinned suddenly as he shot him a sarcastic look, “If you want this spirit flower, just say it directly, why put on such an act? Do you think by making such threats you can scare off everyone else and give yourself an easier time when you try to s.n.a.t.c.h it later?”

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s face darkened, and when he looked at Wu Chang carefully, he suddenly found that although this guy’s face seemed full of rage, his eyes were actually extremely calm…

Perhaps, as Xia Sheng said, the reason why he was acting so unreasonable all of a sudden was because he had his eyes on the ​​Extraordinary Treasure Lotus from the start!

This guy was quite the schemer!

Most likely, he had already turned his attention to the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus after arriving here; after all, revenge could be obtained at any point, but such a precious spirit flower was not something that could be missed.

Wu Chang’s angry expression became calm in an instant and he glanced at Xia Sheng lightly, “Do you think you’re so smart?”

Xia Sheng sneered, “Smarter than someone pretending to be crazy at least!”

“Hmph, since I was exposed by you, I don’t need to waste any more effort. I can just seize this spirit flower!” Saying so, Wu Chang’s body flickered as he tried to rush towards the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus.

But at that moment, a clear and sweet voice suddenly sounded, “Brother Wu Chang, please wait, you must not touch that spirit flower!”

After hearing this voice, Wu Chang stopped in place, and Yang Kai, who had been pus.h.i.+ng his Source Qi, also relaxed slightly. He was prepared to fight Wu Chang, but if there was someone who could stop him from acting instead, Yang Kai wouldn’t have any objections.

Wu Chang was unruly and rebellious, so basically no one could make him obey their words. In fact, in the entire Four Seasons Realm, there was only one person he needed to give face to: the jewel of the Bright Moon Great Emperor, Princess Lan Xun!

So as soon as Lan Xun spoke, Wu Chang halted, turned his head, and stared in the direction her voice came from before he asked, “Your Highness, you’d best have a reasonable explanation!”

His implication was obviously that if her explanation couldn’t satisfy him, he wouldn’t give her any face.

“Hmph, you dare use that kind of tone with the Princess? You must court death!”

Where Lan Xun appeared, Xiao Chen would naturally follow, so this time was naturally no exception.

Along with this low shout, a man and a woman descended from the sky. The woman had bright eyes and a dazzling smile that adorned her enchanting face. The man had a majestic and n.o.ble appearance. Who else could they be besides the pair from Star Soul Palace?

Lan Xun was as beautiful as a bright moon, so even without mentioning her status, her appearance alone was enough to drive men to madness. Wherever she went, she would become the sole focus of the crowd.

It was the same even now, as the countless cultivators gathered all cast their eyes towards her in awe and wonder.

Lan Xun seemed to have become accustomed to such scenes and did not pay it any mind. On the other hand, Xiao Chen glared around at everyone while unleas.h.i.+ng an oppressive aura to make the surrounding men withdraw their gazes…

“Brother Wu Chang wanting an explanation is only natural,” Lan Xun first glanced at the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus before turning to address Wu Chang.

“Speak!” Wu Chang said with a cold face.

Lan Xun didn’t mind his rudeness and simply smiled as she explained, “Is there an expert present who recognizes this spirit flower?”

Xia Sheng shrugged and said, “I don’t recognize it.”

Most people also shook their heads, giving complete deference to Lan Xun.

Zhuang Bu Fan, who was still adjusting his breathing, spoke lightly, “This Zhuang has a guess, but he is not certain. However, since the Princess has spoken so, she must know something about this spirit flower, so this Zhuang will not show off meagre skills before an expert and hopes her Highness can dispel our doubts!”

“Yes, yes, if your Highness knows something, please inform us.”

“That vastness of her Highness’ knowledge is truly admirable!”

“Her Highness is not only as beautiful as a flower, but is also extremely intelligent, possesses a gentle heart, and is not the slightest bit arrogant, it is truly a blessing for my Southern Territory!”

Lan Xun hadn’t even revealed the answer yet, but the flattery poured out from all around…

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