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Chapter 2311 , Mother In Law

Translator: Silavin & frozenfire

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

At this moment, Yang Kai finally arrived before the new bride, extending his hand to tug away the red veil covering her face.

Luo Jin’s expression changed slightly, though he remained still and didn’t take any action, giving no indication of what he was planning at all.

The surrounding guests opened their eyes wide as they focused their attention on the new bride, quietly waiting for the impending heart-stirring moment.

With a whoosh, the red veil flew up, revealing an absolutely enchanting and beautiful face, lighting up the eyes of many guests while envy and admiration surged in their hearts.

The instant the new bride’s face was revealed, her beautiful eyes immediately pointed towards Yang Kai, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with excitement and rebuke, as though she was blaming Yang Kai for taking so long to remove the veil from her head.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai felt as though a large stone had been removed from his heart. Sending a smile towards the new bride, he said with relief, “It really is you, Senior!”

“Fifth Sister!” Chai Hu shouted from the back.

The new bride turned her pupils and shot a look at Chai Hu, her eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with grateful emotions. Although she could not move right now, she had witnessed everything Chai Hu had done today. Under the middle-aged man’s control, she had launched a sneak attack against Chai Hu, causing her to be filled with guilt, as well as anger for not being able to prevent it from happening.

“You can’t speak, Senior?” Yang Kai asked as he smiled towards the new bride.

The new bride shot a fierce glare at Yang Kai, as though she was asking him why he was asking this even though he already knew the answer.

Despite feeling embarra.s.sed, Yang Kai continued, “So, you can’t move?”

The new bride blinked her eyes.

After hearing Yang Kai’s questions, looks of doubt and suspicion appeared on the faces of many guests. This was about the way Yang Kai had addressed the new bride. Although Yang Kai’s was a Second-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator, he had actually addressed the new bride, who only was at the First-Order Dao Source Realm, as Senior.

What kind of situation was this?

A blank look appeared on Chai Hu’s face as he looked towards Yang Kai, “Does Little Brother know my Fifth Sister?” Despite already having his guesses earlier, Chai Hu was still somewhat astonished to personally see Yang Kai and his Fifth Sister looking as though they were exceedingly familiar with each other. That was because from what he knew, his Fifth Sister, Big Brother and the others did not have any friends in the Star Boundary.

Yang Kai smiled in response, while an odd expression appeared on his face, “Of course I know her! Senior Chi Yue… is my mother-in-law!”

Shocked cries immediately rang out.

Countless guests went slack-jawed as they stared dumbly at Yang Kai, a.s.suming that they had just misheard something. There were even quite a few people with odd expressions on their faces as they alternated their gazes between Chi Yue and Luo Jin, their emotions wavering.

If Yang Kai addressed the new bride as mother-in-law, didn’t that mean that this would-be bride was already a mother? Had the prestigious and famous Sky Crane City City Lord actually not known about this fact, and had even wanted to take her as his concubine?

Thinking about that, quite a few of the cultivators that had issues against the City Lord’s Mansion quietly revealed satisfied looks on their faces as they observed the ashen-faced Luo Jin. At this moment, they seem to be able to see a huge green hat sitting on his head, radiating with a bright l.u.s.tre.

After saying those words, Yang Kai finally managed to calm his surging emotions. The new bride right before his eyes was impressively Monster Emperor Star’s Monster King, Chi Yue, whom he had met after finally journeying beyond Shadowed Star back in the Star Field! She was also the adoptive mother of Shan Qing Luo.

In the beginning, he didn’t care too much after seeing the new bride for the first time, with the exception of feeling that something wasn’t quite right. However, after the new bride had used her strength to ambush Chai Hu, he discovered that he was somewhat familiar with the Monster Qi fluctuations that she radiated. This made him start to speculate that he was familiar with this new bride.

After careful consideration, he felt that there was a possibility that she was Chi Yue, which prompted him to absolutely insist on taking a look at the new bride’s face. He had purposefully mentioned High Heaven Sect in order to observe the new bride’s reactions. With her reacting as he had expected, it confirmed his guess, only for him to be obstructed by Luo Jin, resulting in some trouble.

It was only upon seeing Chi Yue’s face that Yang Kai finally breathed a sigh of relief, with elation surging up from the depths of his heart.

Back in the Starlight Corridor, he and the other five Third-Order Origin King Masters were separated due to some circ.u.mstances. In fact, even Liu Yan and the Stone Puppet Xiao Xiao’s whereabouts became unknown.

After such a long time, he had only managed to find Liu Yan by chance. However, the whereabouts of Xiao Xiao and the others were still a mystery.

Yang Kai had always been very concerned about them and how their lives were in this foreign Star Boundary. However, due to the vastness of the Star Boundary, with no power or force to rely on, it was utterly impossible for him to conduct any kind of large scale investigation to find them.

This time, it was a minor miracle to be able to encounter Chi Yue in Sky Crane City.

If not for him agreeing to Ye Jing Han’s request to come to Thousand Leaves Sect, he would absolutely not have known about Sky Crane City. If not for Ye Jing Han receiving Ye Hen’s message halfway during the trip to partic.i.p.ate in this marriage ceremony, Yang Kai would also have missed this chance to reconnect with Chi Yue.

Various coincidences had led to today’s meeting. Life truly was unpredictable, just like the Heavenly Ways. For a moment, Yang Kai could not help but sigh in admiration.

“What nonsense are you talking about, Boy!?” As expected, Luo Jin was unable to endure this kind of embarra.s.sment, leading to him suddenly exploding out with a roar after a moment of silence.

Chai Hu was also shocked by Yang Kai’s words and shot a stunned look at Chi Yue. Gulping down mouthfuls of saliva as he asked awkwardly, “Fifth Sister… already has children?”

Although she stood quietly and not making a sound, Chi Yue’s face had already turned red as she stared at Yang Kai in anger, as though she was blaming him for damaging her reputation.

Yang Kai smiled sheepishly and replied, “You’re misunderstanding, Brother Chai. Senior Chi Yue has an adopted daughter, an adopted daughter!”

Hearing Yang Kai’s reply, Chai Hu gave a carefree smile, “Regardless of whether it is an adopted daughter or a biological one, we’re still one big family!”

Yang Kai said, “This Yang has seen everything Brother Chai has done. This one represents my mother-in-law to thank Brother Chai for your help!” Cupping his fists, he bowed in respect towards Chai Hu.

Chai Hu waved his hands, “When Fifth Sister is facing trouble, it ought to be my duty to help her. Little Brother, you must dispel the technique that’s restricting Fifth Sister’s freedom!”

Yang Kai nodded, taking a look at Chi Yue, he quickly apologised, “Forgive my disrespect, Senior!”

After saying those words, he grabbed Chi Yue’s delicate hand, before sending the Source Qi from his body into her meridians.

Chi Yue’s tender body shook slightly as she looked at Yang Kai in shock. Due to the red veil that she wore earlier, which prevented her from seeing clearly what happened around her, she was only able to sense that Yang Kai had fought against quite a few people just now; however, it was only at this moment that she discovered the purity and density of his Source Qi, causing shock to run through her face, as well as admiration to well up within her heart.

Currently, she also had a Dao Source Realm cultivation, so she naturally knew the disparity in strength between Minor Realms of this Great Realm. She could clearly sense that all of the Source Qi in Yang Kai’s body was extremely pure and rich compared to her own.

She thought about the time they had just arrived in the Star Boundary, where her cultivation was still higher than his. Now, after their reunion, Yang Kai’s cultivation had already far surpa.s.sed hers.

But it had only been a short span of two or three years!

Chi Yue felt extremely curious about what Yang Kai had experienced during their short period of separation, to be able to achieve such growth.

Just as Chi Yue was dwelling in deep shock, Yang Kai had already sunk his Divine Sense deeply into her body to investigate. After a short moment, Yang Kai’s forehead wrinkled slightly before he mumbled, “Indeed, there’s no Secret Technique, and no traces of any seals or restrictions…”

Upon hearing his words, Chi Yue continued to shoot an irritated look at Yang Kai, as though she wanted to tell him something. However, with her Divine Sense unable to be propagated out, and her inability to talk or move, anxiety filled her heart.

Looking over from the distance, Luo Jin merely continued to sneer, yet did not show the slightest bit of wanting to disturb Yang Kai. It seemed as though he was filled with ample confidence towards the method the middle-aged man had used, and also felt that it was impossible for Yang Kai to dispel it.

“Exactly what is this…” Yang Kai’s forehead bunched up as he investigated in detail. Not daring to overlook any slight bit of suspicion or doubt he had. The surrounding guests continued to observe curiously, as well as feeling a deep sense of dread towards that middle-aged man.

All of them had personally witnessed how strong Yang Kai was. However, despite his strength, he was still unable to identify the method this man had used to control the new bride, showing how strange the man’s method was.

One would need to be careful and vigilant when interacting with such a person. If not, once he was allowed to unleash his strange technique to gain control, one would become a dead man walking.

“Exactly what method did you use to control the new bride?” Seeing Yang Kai toiling away but unable to find the root of the problem, Ye Jing Han could not help but to ask in curiosity.

The man shook his head continuously upon hearing her question, “Don’t ask me. I don’t know anything.”

How could he dare to reveal any details? His entire family lived in Sky Crane City; if he revealed his secrets, it would result in a disaster for his family, as Luo Jin would definitely not let him off lightly.

“Spineless coward!” Ye Jing Han snorted in disdain.

A look of defeat appeared on the middle-aged male’s face, though he was helpless to refute, leaving him with no other choice but to remain silent, his eyes filled with dread as he looked towards Yang Kai.

“Eh…” All of a sudden, Yang Kai seemed to have discovered something, as a shocked look appeared on his face while his Divine Sense proceeded to scan a portion of Chi Yuan’s dantian region in detail.

After a short while, his eyes lit up as he mumbled, “Puppet Bug? It’s actually a Puppet Bug?”

Right as his words rang out, the middle-aged man’s jaw dropped, his eyes filled with shock as he looked towards Yang Kai as he cried out, “How is that possible? How can you recognise it!? This is something that went extinct a long time ago! It’s impossible for anyone to recognise it.”

“So, it’s really a Puppet Bug, huh?” He noticed Yang Kai turning around to give him a grin, “I was originally unable to confirm anything; however, seeing your response, I’m sure that it’s the Puppet Bug without a doubt.”

The middle-aged man’s face turned blank, before subsequently bursting out in anger, “You swindled me!”

Du Xian chopped his palm against the middle-aged man’s head, beating him into a stumble before sneering, “Your brain is your shortcoming, tsk!”

Yang Kai chuckled, “Many thanks!”

The middle-aged man fell into a depressed daze as unease filled his entire being. He felt the malice coming from the world bearing down on him, causing him to turn his head in terror to look at Luo Jin, “Sir City Lord! I didn’t tell him! I didn’t reveal any information to him! He discovered it all by himself!”

“Waste!” Luo Jin snorted coldly.

The middle-aged man’s face turned stiff as he collapsed limply onto the ground, as though all of his strength had left his body. However, this did not last more than an instant as he suddenly remembered something. Attempting to put up a strong front, he shouted out loudly towards Yang Kai, “So what if you know about it? Without my Secret Technique, it’s impossible to remove it! If you want your mother-in-law to remain safe and sound, ask them to obediently let me go, and apologize to Sir City Lord!”

Even at this moment, he still continued to side with Luo Jin, in hope that Luo Jin would make allowances for his earlier actions.

“Shut him up!” Yang Kai growled with impatience.

Ye Jing Han simply proceeded with a chop, knocking the middle-aged man unconscious.

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