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Chapter 3904 – Search

Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

Wei Que easily obtained a Sun’s True Fire, which could be traded for over 100,000 Open Heaven Pills. That was the reason he was grinning from ear to ear.

More importantly, for a great force like Great Moon Province, having a Fourth-Order material didn’t only mean a lot of pills, but also a chance for a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master to be born, which would increase their overall power.

Therefore, the value of materials that were Fourth-Order and above couldn’t be calculated simply according to Dié You’s previous method.

While Wei Que was still laughing, the sounds of something breaking through the air could be heard coming from a distance. In the blink of an eye, two figures abruptly appeared in front of them. Both of these men exuded Open Heaven Realm auras and were clad in matching light blue robes, indicating they were from the same force.

Following that, a large group of cultivators appeared behind them. Apparently, they came from the same great force as the two men. However, these people were obviously not Open Heaven Realm Masters. Just like Yang Kai and the others, they had only condensed their Dao Seals.

Right after the two men appeared, they stared fixedly at the Sun’s True Fire in Wei Que’s hand. Wei Que immediately stored the container and shot them a stern look, “So it is Still Winds Province’s Ge Brothers? What’s wrong?”

“Great Moon Province’s Wei Que.” One of the brothers with a pair of grim-looking eyes apparently recognised Wei Que.

The other brother grinned and continued, “Brother Wei, that’s not very honourable of you.”

Wei Que frowned, “What do you mean by that? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The person said, “You should know. We were the ones who discovered that Sun’s True Fire in your hand first; however, something went wrong when we were capturing it, which is why it escaped. We didn’t expect that you would catch it without our permission.”

Tao Rong Fang scoffed, “Ridiculous. Ge Yan, you said that you were the first to discover the Sun’s True Fire. How do you prove that?”

The person called Ge Yan said, “The fact that we were chasing after it is the best evidence. What else do you need? Otherwise, why would we have come all the way here?”

Tao Rong Fang snorted, “Could that even be considered evidence?”

Wei Que raised his hand to stop her, then he grinned at the Ge Brothers, “Fellow brothers, even if you really discovered the Sun’s True Fire first, it’s now in my hands, so it belongs to me. Things without owners belong to those who are capable of claiming them, so do you want to s.n.a.t.c.h it from me? In that case, this Wei doesn’t mind, we’ll fight for it here and the Sun’s True Fire will go to the winner. What do you think?”

Upon hearing this blatant provocation, the Ge Brothers furrowed their brows and traded glances before one of them spoke, “Brother Wei, many great forces have come to this place and we’ve only started exploring this Star where many more rewards undoubtedly await us. I don’t believe we should get into a conflict at this point.”

“What nonsense are you spouting here, then?” Wei Que arrogantly patted his s.p.a.ce Ring, “The Sun’s True Fire is right here. Why don’t you call out to it and see whether it responds to you? If it choses you, this Wei will give it to you freely. If it refuses, then it belongs to me.”

“Brother Wei, stop being so haughty. We’re not afraid of you, we just don’t want to fight pointlessly and let others take advantage of us. That thing is indeed in your hands now, but we expended great effort and energy chasing after it. How about this, you give us some benefits and we’ll allow you to keep the Sun’s True Fire.”

“You want to obtain some benefits from us?” Wei Que snickered in amus.e.m.e.nt, “This Wei will say it one more time, what’s in my hands belongs to me, if you want it, try taking it!” Then, he raised his arm and shouted, “Brats, these people are trying to s.n.a.t.c.h our things, what should we do?”

In an instant, the disciples from Great Moon Province became incensed and roared, “Kill! Kill! Kill!”

At the same time, they all a.s.sumed some kind of Formation as their auras surged, staring ferociously at the enemy.

Yang Kai and his group were all dumbfounded as they thought that these disciples had been affected by their Elder. Wei Que was a fierce and straightforward man, so even his disciples had turned out to be just like him.

The expressions of the Ge Brothers darkened, but after pondering for a moment, Ge Yan snorted, “Wei Que, just you wait. I’ll make you pay for what you’ve taken from me today!” Then, he waved his hand and shouted, “Let’s go.”

It really wasn’t that he was afraid of those from Great Moon Province, but rather just as he had said, the powers of both parties were equally matched as there were two Open Heaven Realm Masters on either side. Therefore, no one could tell which party would turn out to be the winner, only that injuries and possibly deaths would result from a conflict, forcing them to withdraw from this exploration prematurely. If that happened, they wouldn’t even be able to dream of getting any benefits from this place. Wei Que seemed brainless and overbearing, so the Ge Brothers didn’t want to get dragged down with him.

As the people from Still Winds Province left, Wei Que remained silent, and only after they were out of sight did he quietly signal to Tao Rong Fang in a meaningful way.

A puzzled Tao Rong Fang asked in a hushed voice, “What happened?”

Wei Que pointed at the ground, “There’s one more down below.”

“Really?” Tao Rong Fang was shocked at first, then she became surprised, “Another Sun’s True Fire?”

Wei Que nodded, “I saw it when I was in the magma pool, but I hadn’t managed to capture it. I’ll dive down once more. Junior Sister, get ready with these brats to prevent it from fleeing.”

“Good. Senior Brother, please be careful,” Tao Rong Fang uttered.

“Don’t worry.” Wei Que laughed and disappeared into the magma.

On the surface, Tao Rong Fang led the disciples to seal off a radius of several dozen metres around the area as they arranged an array while performing a set of complex hand seals.

Yang Kai and the others were newcomers and weren’t familiar with this Spirit Array, which was why they couldn’t partic.i.p.ate, so instead, Tao Rong Fang told them to stand guard in the four corners.

The magma roiled as bubbles burst from time to time, exuding a pungent smell. The disciples fell silent as they waited patiently, but even after a long silence, Wei Que hadn’t returned.

Tao Rong Fang frowned as she had a feeling that Wei Que must have come across some trouble. She wanted to look for him, but she was also worried about her disciples’ safety. Without an Open Heaven Realm Master around, they might fall prey to unexpected dangers.

While she was feeling anxious though, she saw the magma pool in front of her boiling as a strong energy fluctuation could be felt rising from it.

Tao Rong Fang turned solemn as she exclaimed, “Prepare yourselves!”

Right after she spoke, a beam of light suddenly shot out of the magma, surrounded by a scorching aura as it soared away. Wei Que’s figure emerged from the magma right behind it and yelled, “Don’t let it flee!”

In fact, as soon as the Sun’s True Fire appeared, the disciples already started making a move as they performed their hand seals, after which the area was engulfed in a Heaven sealing, Earth locking power.

Tao Rong Fang raised her slender hand and lightly pushed out her palm at the Sun’s True Fire.

The fire seemed to possess spirituality as it dodged the attack and whizzed past Tao Rong Fang. Following that, it attempted to crash into a disciple behind her.

The disciple’s expression changed drastically as he hurriedly summoned out a mirror artifact. A profound light shot out from the mirror and struck the fire, engulfing it in an instant and freezing it mid-air. It seemed that the mirror was a powerful binding artifact.

Seeing this, the other disciples heaved a sigh of relief; however, before they could even relax, the light that had engulfed the fire wisp melted and the flame which seemed able to burn down everything in existence reached the disciple who had summoned the mirror in a flash, causing his face to contort with fear and panic.

“Solidify!” At the critical moment, Yang Kai shouted and surged his s.p.a.ce Principles, binding the Sun’s True Fire in place for a second time.

However, Yang Kai didn’t relax in the slightest as he could feel the fire wisp quickly breaking free of his restriction, causing him to yell, “Senior Tao!”

Tao Rong Fang had already appeared in front of the disciple with a transparent container in her hand. The container looked just like the one Wei Que had used earlier and she swiftly captured the fire wisp with it.

The crimson glow dampened at that moment as Tao Rong Fang managed to seal the container with the fire wisp inside. After she completely secured it, she turned to look at the disciple and asked, “Are you alright?”

The disciple had turned pale as he was still reeling from the shock, but even though his vision was still blurred, he shook his head and declared, “I’m fine. Many thanks for your concern, Martial Aunt.”

Tao Rong Fang nodded gently.

Right then, Wei Que dashed towards them and bellowed, “d.a.m.n it! This thing almost fled. It obtained a very high level of spirituality, almost being a living creature of some sort.” If it wasn’t because the disciples had set up an array beforehand, the Sun’s True Fire would have escaped.

Then, he turned to look at Yang Kai and commended, “Kid, you did a great job.”

Even though that disciple wouldn’t have been killed even if he was struck by the fire wisp, he would’ve gotten seriously injured. Fortunately, Yang Kai managed to make a move at the last moment and prevented such a tragedy.

Yang Kai replied politely, “Senior is too polite.”

Wei Que pondered on an issue for a moment before asking, “Did you just use s.p.a.ce Principles?”

“En.” Yang Kai nodded as he couldn’t hide it anyway, and since he had decided to make a move, he wasn’t worried that his skills would be exposed.

“Incredible.” Wei Que’s gaze brightened, “The Dao of s.p.a.ce is abstruse and esoteric. This Wei has only ever heard of it but has never witnessed anyone wielding it. You’ve broadened my horizons today.”

Tao Rong Fang appeared joyful as well, “It seems that we’ve taken in a treasure.” She seemed to have already regarded Yang Kai as a Great Moon Province’s disciple and Yang Kai certainly couldn’t refute her at this point.

Wei Que patted Yang Kai’s shoulder, “Work hard and you’ll definitely become an Open Heaven Realm Master. When that time comes, you’ll be free to explore anywhere in this wide universe.”

“Yes,” Yang Kai replied respectfully.

Then, Wei Que gazed at the other disciple, “Little brat, why haven’t you thanked your Junior Brother Yang? Where are your manners? Is this what I’ve taught you?”

It was only then that the disciple came to his senses and walked up to Yang Kai before saluting him in a serious manner, “Junior Brother Yang, many thanks for saving me just now.”

“Senior Brother need not mention it. We’re all supposed to help each other. It was the least I could do.” Yang Kai returned the gesture.

After the incident, Yang Kai realised that the other disciples had become more amiable towards him, and it seemed that they had acknowledged him to be one of them.

They couldn’t be blamed however. Previously, these people were not familiar with Yang Kai and the others yet. They hadn’t grown up together or gone through life-or-death moments with one another, so they found it hard to acknowledge them; however, things were different now as they had become closer.

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