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Chapter 417: Chapter 63 Gloria's Tarot Cards

Soran was not physically on the South Coast.

It was unknown when it had started, but the news was spread by the others.

The legendary fearsome Pirate King was not on the South Coast, which naturally attracted the others to become restless. There was no doubt about Soran's deterrent power. His existence on the South Coast was a legend. As long as he was on the South Coast, the other people naturally dared not make any movements. But now that it was reported that he was no longer on the South Coast, and was most likely in the Frost Kingdom on the other side of the mainland, the many people that were secretly spying and had hated spurred on to action.

Pirate King of Amazons.

The Pirate King, who was active in the Amazonian Islands, seemed to be threatened by the growth of Soran, but she did not launch any attacks. She expanded the scope of her activities a little bit.

Obviously, her territory was about to touch Soran's overseas routes.

But this was not the biggest threat to the South Coast; The Pirate King of Amazon has always been very cautious. At present, she should not have had any plans for a full-scale war with Soran.

So, her actions were only a kind of probing, a kind of implicit provocation.

The real threat was the Princ.i.p.ality of Rossad.

In the battle to defeat the Pirate King Ashrod, Soran severely damaged the navy of the Princ.i.p.ality of Rossard, and even tried to kill the Red Dragon d.u.c.h.ess once, which forced her to revive with the help of 'Hide Life.'

This sort of hatred was very strong!

To some extent, it was almost impossible to resolve. So, when the navy of the Princ.i.p.ality of Rossad received the news that Soran was not on the south coast, they immediately moved.

Their actions startled the half-elven first mate guarding the eastern routes.

He could deal with the pirates of the East, but he could not deal with the Red Dragon d.u.c.h.ess. The only thing he could do without contacting Soran was to ask for help from Modor City!

Raging Sand Island.

It used to be the base of the Pirate King Ashrod. Now, it was the eastern sea route hub with the half-elven chief mate in charge.

At this moment, the port was solemn, as if something big was going to happen.

The navy of the Princ.i.p.ality of Rossad was abnormally mobilized, and they did not know what means they had used to secretly equip even more wars.h.i.+ps. It was said that the Amazon pirates had secretly supported them, but there were no sources with more concrete evidence. The only thing for sure was that the navy of the Princ.i.p.ality of Rossad has been supplemented by a large number of wars.h.i.+ps and has been reorganized into a strong navy. On the entire South Coast, the people that could support them with so many things, other than the Kingdoms nearby, were only the Amazon women who could do it.

It was impossible for a Kingdom to support the other countries' navies with its own wars.h.i.+ps. So, the Amazon Women were the most likely.

The Amazon Islands were originally overseas.

They used wars.h.i.+ps, so it was not difficult for them to support the Princ.i.p.ality of Rossad.

A wars.h.i.+p gradually approached Raging Sand island.

At this moment, a lot of people have gathered in the port, including the half-elven chief mate and the other pirate leaders, who have all come to the port to wait.

Other than Soran, there seemed to be only one person who could make them wait so respectfully.

Gloria's figure appeared on the deck.

She was dressed in a black wizard robe, and her face was covered with a veil. Even at this moment, she still looked beautiful and moving, as if carrying a mysterious color. Next to her was the little Vivian. Today, Vivian was wearing a pure white princess skirt, holding onto the leash of an expressionless Lulu behind her. Finally, in the dark corner of the cabin, there seemed to be another figure in a wizard's robe. She did not directly reveal herself but stood quietly behind.

“Your Excellency!”

The half-elven chief mate knelt down on one knee, and the pirate leaders behind him all knelt down subsequently on one knee, and said: “Your Excellency! Young Lady!”

Soran's intentions had become increasingly apparent.

His ambition has made the enemy restless. His men and his enemies understood his intent. Especially after taking over the territory of the West and North coasts, the former enemies of Soran became more and more uneasy. At the same time, some rules were quietly changing. The pirate leaders who used to be lawless were now learning the laws and rules. They needed to learn how to become a manager because they were not pirates who would run away after a robbery in the pas. Each of them had their own territory and needed to manage and build the ruling cla.s.s.

“You may rise.”

Gloria walked gently like a n.o.ble king's daughter. She reached and held onto little Vivian's hands, then glanced at other pirate leaders, and said slowly: “Have the others gather in the Council Hall.”

“Yes.” The half-elven chief mate said respectfully.

It could be said that in the whole area of the South Coast, other than Soran, only Gloria could handle these rebellious pirate leaders.

Not only because of her status in the Northern Witch Council but also because of the strength she possessed.

Since she followed Soran to the Outer Islands, Golia's ident.i.ty and status were destined to be different. In Soran's absence, although she seldom interfered in the Outer Islands' affairs, there was no ambiguity about her right to speak or power!

Night descended.

Gloria rubbed her forehead wearily and put down the scroll in her hand.

The situation on the eastern sea route was not very good. The navy of the Princ.i.p.ality of Rossad was growing, and the possibility of fighting with them was too high!

A deep-seated grudge.

Gloria was also a powerful Spellcaster, and it was clear how much the Red Dragon d.u.c.h.ess hated Soran!

The discussion in the Council Hall lasted throughout the afternoon.

All sorts of intelligence reports showed that the Princ.i.p.ality of Rossad might threaten the eastern sea route, and the female pirates of the Amazon seemed restless as well.

These Amazon Women were not that easy!

They were not simply pirates. Behind them, there was an Amazonian community and a G.o.dly Temple that believed in the Storm Lord.

Soran was expanding too fast.

Everyone in the surroundings felt threatened, and the number of enemies was also growing.

“Sister Gloria?”

Vivian's clear kiddish voice sounded, and the little girl walked up with a plate of snacks and adorably went: “Look! I've brought you some delicious food.”

Lulu followed behind like a little tail, looking longingly at the delicate snacks.

It looked so delicious at first sight!


Gloria's beautiful face revealed a smile. She had just opened her mouth to say something. Suddenly, her face changed slightly and disappeared, leaving only an image: “Vivian! You stay here! ”

Short distance teleportation.

In a moment, Gloria's figure appeared on the roof, along with another figure.


She looked at the empty sky, her expression heavy as she went: “We've forced her out!”

A magic aura emerged.

Gloria's figure soared, and the Fallen Witch, who was covered in black robes, rose as well.

In front of them, a

“You're Gloria?”

The shadow of the other party was very dim under the moonlight, but it was not difficult to identify her.

Gloria looked very calm.

She turned to look at the Fallen Witch behind her and said slowly: “Mother. Let me meet her!… I've just finished making a small gadget recently!… ”


Gloria raised her hand and snapped her fingers, a movement that seemed to have been learned from Soran.

A pale golden glow emerged.

A deck of tarot cards appeared in Gloria's palm. With a flick of her white fingers, all the tarot cards in her palm were flying. Fifty six cards revolved around her body. The strange Arcane light was s.h.i.+ning. These tarot cards were like mysterious runes revolving around her body.

“Even though I've only finished fifty-six cards, it should be enough to deal with you.”

With a smile on her face, Gloria flicked her fingers on a tarot card. In the next moment, a surprising flash of lightning flashed across the sky, and the galloping lightning directly hit the enemy in front of her.

——”Call Lightning!”

A dark gold card emerged.

This was a card that Soran had seen once. It was pinned in-between Gloria's fingers at the moment, and it seemed like she had no intention to use it either.

Tarot cards.

There were 78 cards. They were further cla.s.sified into 22 main cards and 56 sub cards.

Gloria's dark gold card at the moment was the 'Queen' in the 22 main cards. This dark gold main card seemed to have a different and stronger Arcane power from the other 56 sub cards!

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