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Published at 10th of September 2019 05:41:56 AM Chapter 47
The Spring’s Appearance (16)

“Son… I’m so glad that you’re all right . ”

When we arrived at the door to Mom’s room, I sincerely apologised, “Sorry, Mom . ”

Mom rubbed my head and pursed her curved lips: “It wasn’t your fault . What are you apologising for, Son? It wasn’t your fault, so you don’t need to apologise . It should be Mommy who apologises . Had it not been for Mommy, you wouldn’t have suffered so much . Also, Mommy is completely different to how you imagined, no?”

Mom pushed the door open . In a somewhat mischievous manner, she sat down on her bed and looked at me: “Mommy is completely unlike what you expect, right? Truthfully, Mommy will kill the innocent and have times when Mommy is angry . Mommy does kill . Mommy isn’t always the same doting Mother that Mommy is toward you . I guess you could say that Mommy has always been lying to you . Had it not been for Mommy’s fault, you wouldn’t have had to suffer this and wouldn’t have been hurt…”

I shook my head . I walked up to the edge of the bed and sat down . I lightly hugged Mom and, in a gentle voice, told her, “Mom, you do it for me . I understand, Mom . If it wasn’t for you, I probably wouldn’t have been able to return . While I was in that other world… I recalled you and how you’ve always loved me . That’s why I came back . So, Mom, I love you, I really do . ”


“Do you…? Even though I’m that sort of woman? So, Mommy has always been lying to you… creating a false image . However, as long as Mommy has you, Mommy doesn’t care how Mommy is . ”

“I feel the same way, Mom . No matter what, I’m fine as long as you’re by my side . I’ve always wanted to be a fair and just King, but, frankly, I can understand everything that you do . I love you because you’re my Mom; it’s that simple . ”

Mommy giggled under her breath then kissed my forehead: “Me, too, Son . Everything is fine as long as Mommy has you . Mommy knows that Mommy killed and got lots of people killed . As long as it’s for you, nevertheless, Mommy doesn’t regret doing anything . ”

Mom pressed her hand onto my forehead: “Now then, Mommy shall help you break free of the cursed soul . She’s dead, so she should quietly stay dead . How dare she torture my son! I can’t stand it!”

Mom aggressively waved her hand . Something seemed to be sucked out of my body, causing me to judder . Mom grabbed the woman by her throat and then pressed her onto the ground . I blankly looked at the woman on the ground . I tried to touch her, but I only touched thin air .

“You can’t touch her, Son . She’s just a conscious, after all . Her body is no more . ”

Vyvyan coldly questioned, “What are you planning? Why do you cling to my son? You’re just a soul that should disappear . What do you want?”

The conscious sat up and looked at Vyvyan . She coldly fumed, “You don’t know what I am? Vyvyan, you killed me, yet claim you don’t know? I know that I’ll be killed… a second time, won’t I? It doesn’t matter anymore . I gave up after the first time . You killed me without sparing me a single thought . Did you ask me for my opinion? I want to live even if I’m just a subst.i.tute or n.o.body is around with me!!”

Vyvyan gathered mana on her left hand: “For my son’s sake, I can consider everything in the world to be guilty . I’ll give you a swift one . You’re just a conscious, so I guess there’s no such thing as death for you . ”

“I don’t care . You’ve killed me once already, so whatever . Nevertheless, I’ll continue to hate you forever! I hate you . I hate your Galadriel Tribe! You created me without any explanation then killed me without any explanation! I’m a life! Why can’t I control my own life?!”

“Shut up! You’re a mere subst.i.tute . You’re just my shadow!”

“Wait, Mom . Don’t be so hasty this time . At least, I want her to live for longer . ”

Mom looked at me in puzzlement: “Son, what are you saying?”

“Mom, if she exists in me, will she be able to continue living?”

“A conscious will be able to continue to exist as long as it has a body of flesh . In saying that, you need to bear in mind that, while she looks stupid, she’s very competent and masterful with mana . Should she want to replace you, it would be a simple matter . Son, don’t tell me you want to keep her inside your body . What will you do if this happens again?”

“It’ll be fine, Mom . Although I don’t know where this confidence of mine comes from, I’m sure that she won’t do anything to me . ”

I gave the woman a smile: “I’m sure you don’t want to just vanish, right? You want to see the beautiful scenery this world has to offer, don’t you? You can stay in me . I’ll take you around to see different scenery, but you’re not to replace me or try anything funny while I’m not paying attention and most definitely not invade my privacy, understood?”

The white woman sat up . She was befuddled . She responded with an indescribable smile: “What do you mean by this? Is this some sort of kindness? Where did you get this nice guy personality from? I don’t think Vyvyan is such nice person . What are you planning?”

“I told you: it’s a trade . You’re my mom’s clone and shadow . I don’t want to see someone resembling my mom vanish . Moreover, you’re more competent than I am at utilising magic . Therefore, if I’m in danger or need to deploy magic in the future, I’ll be relying on you to protect me . ”

Mommy Vyvyan, dumbstruck, expounded, “Are you sure you want this? She might not be trustworthy . Plus, I think that it’s better to destroy her . Else, she might try something again . ”

“No, Mom . She’s so similar to you, which is why… I instinctively trust her . ”

I then faced the woman and asked, “So, what do you think? I’ll allow you to reside in my body, and provide you with the right to see things, but you must protect me . That’s a good deal for you, isn’t it? You want to live, don’t you? You can be considered to be living despite it not being your original body, right?”

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