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Chapter 2270 He Is Crawling Out of His Coffin…

The high-resolution pictures that were taken from multiple perspectives, and even the panoramic videos from one of the shoulders of the enormous statue of Blackstar the Great, displayed the astounding gathering of a million people. Even if there was no sound, it was already possible for anyone to imagine the roaring tides on the spot.

Such professional ways of shooting could have only been done by the specialists who had worked in the trade for decades.

Or rather, the perspectives of those pictures had been decided even before the crying event took place. For example, the angle from the shoulder of Blackstar the Great’s gigantic statue couldn’t have been found in a haste.

Therefore, they were not the videos that the people on the spot recorded casually but had been long-planned!

Even more unbelievably, the media that belonged to the Li family managed to interview an elder of the Li family in only a few minutes!

“… I feel very sorry that such an event has taken place, but we cannot blame the generals and veterans who are caught in desperation now. Instead, it should be the highest authority that needs to reflect carefully. Why do the generals and soldiers who made remarkable achievements in the frontline and sacrificed everything for the Imperium have to express their voices in such a way?”

Faced with the crystal camera, the Li-surnamed elder said solemnly, “Mankind is the strongest fighting species in the entire universe—such a declaration has been pa.s.sed on to this day from the age of the Star Ocean Imperium and has become our belief. The army is the cornerstone of the Imperium. If the cornerstone collapses, the Imperium of True Human Beings and the entire civilization of mankind will be no more!

“In the past ten years, we secured glorious triumphs in the frontline, and all the people are happy about our success. But the unprecedented victories were earned by the sweat and blood of those generals and soldiers. Right now, we have only reclaimed our lost territory. One day, we will have to march to the Covenant Alliance’s nest and completely destroy it to unite the universe again. When that day comes, won’t we still count on those generals and soldiers to make greater contributions to mankind?

“If the generals and soldiers are chilled because of their unjust treatments, who will devote themselves to the country in the future? I think that this is what the Council of Elders, and especially Dongfang w.a.n.g’s cabinet, should consider and take care of properly!”

The reporter asked the Li-surnamed elder whether it was his personal att.i.tude or it was the stance of the Li family. The Li-surnamed elder simply smiled and said, “This is an unexpected event. I only received the news just now. So, it is naturally only my own att.i.tude. However, I do believe that everyone who is considering for the Imperium and the civilization of mankind sincerely, be they from the Li family, the Yun family, or the Dongfang family, will have the deepest sympathy for the wailing, heartbroken generals and disabled soldiers that have gathered in the Emperor’s Mausoleum, and the most indignity for the culprit that let all this happen!

“Seriously speaking, this is shaking the foundation of our country. Shouldn’t somebody be responsible for the event? Let’s just wait and watch how the highest authorities and Prime Minister Dongfang w.a.n.g are going to settle and completely investigate the issue! I can only solemnly promise all the citizens and fellow Cultivators that I will fulfill my sacred duty as an elder of the Imperium and supervise the cabinet to settle it properly!”

Even though Dongfang w.a.n.g had been the leader of the Dongfang family for forty years and the prime minister of the Imperium for twenty years, and he was certainly not a person to be p.i.s.sed off easily, he still almost burst into fury this time.

That was because he remembered clearly that the Li-surnamed elder was the first one to jump out to complain, unwilling to offer a single coin, when the Department of National Defense raised a proposal that the four Kurfürst families should provide a sum of money and give it away as “special subsidies” to the retired generals and the disabled veterans so that they would not cause any further trouble before the incident of the Blood Oath Alliance was completely settled.

When the Li-surnamed elder boycotted the proposal, the elders of the other families naturally supported him. Even the elders of the Dongfang family did not show any approval. Dongfang w.a.n.g was greatly embarra.s.sed, and the proposal was postponed indefinitely.

It never occurred to him that the Li-surnamed elder would be shameless enough to declare to the citizens that he would “fulfill his sacred duty”, or that he would be blatantly insinuating Dongfang w.a.n.g’s cabinet. The prime minister was so angry that he almost couldn’t hold back the urge of killing him.

However, after the momentary fury, he felt coldness to the bones. The Li-surnamed elder was obviously not saying it without thinking. His words represented the att.i.tude of the Li family. What was going on exactly?

Like a fat Buddha that was meditating, Dongfang w.a.n.g pondered emotionlessly, until two pieces of news came over.

Firstly, the source of the million disabled veterans was found out. It was impossible to cover the traces of such an overwhelming crowd at all. The Dongfang family’s intelligence organizations soon discovered that they came with the Li family’s fleet, landed on the defense area that the Li family was responsible for, and marched all the way into the Emperor’s Mausoleum under the protection of the Li family!

Secondly, “Silver Fox” Li Jiande, leader of the Li family, had “yet another” attack of diseases. It was said that he was unconscious right now. Li Mingxuan, his seventh son, was now the temporary leader of the family.

Slightly dazed, Dongfang w.a.n.g sighed.

With everything coming to this point, he knew clearly what was going on now.

“Family Leader.”

A tall, brawny guard walked into the office and declared aggressively, “Our troop has been gathered on the east side of the Emperor’s Mausoleum. We can march in and suppress the insubordinate rebellions at any moment!”

The guard was his trusted subordinate that he brought from the family. Therefore, he called Dongfang w.a.n.g family leader instead of prime minister.


There were not too many concerns in front of his personal bodyguard. Dongfang w.a.n.g glared at him and said, “Stand by and do not act rashly. Remember to be wary of the enemy’s intentional provocation. Absolutely do not attack!”

Known as the prime minister of iron and blood, Dongfang w.a.n.g was never a man hesitant to use violence.

If all the links between the Emperor’s Mausoleum and the outside world were cut off, and the Spiritual Nexus and the media were under his control, Dongfang w.a.n.g would have probably really settled the riot in the quickest way.

However, it was obvious that the Li family was behind the curtain. If he made a wrong decision, the four Kurfürst families would completely fall out. For the prime minister of the Imperium, it was definitely the last thing he wanted to see.

Besides, why was the Li family confident to challenge him at such a moment? This equaled a comprehensive attack on the Dongfang family. What was the Li family’s reliance? Did they have other backup moves? He had to figure out those things first.

The most important thing was that, since the media and the Spiritual Nexus of the other three families had been blocked, the Li family was the only source of information. If conflicts did break out, what would the outside world see and hear? And how would he be vilified as the prime minister of the Imperium?

While Dongfang w.a.n.g was hesitating if he should send the Dongfang family’s own media to follow, another piece of astounding news came over.

A small fleet was breaking into the Emperor’s Mausoleum by force!

“It’s not our guy!”

His personal bodyguard hurried to connect the live picture, which, naturally, came from the media of the Li family too. “Our troop is confronting the Imperial Guards on the east side of the mausoleum. We absolutely obeyed the family leader’s orders and did not have any conflict with them. Ah, this is—”

In the bodyguard’s exclamations of disbelief, Dongfang w.a.n.g narrowed his eyes and stared at the sky of the mausoleum in the picture.

Under the contrast of more than ten low-alt.i.tude stars.h.i.+ps, a gold giant grew bigger and bigger. Soon, it demonstrated the most majestic and awesome appearance in the cloudless, blue sky.

It was a pure gold and unbelievably eye-catching Colossus.

The violent flames of spiritual energy spurting out of the Colossus formed gold wings almost a hundred meters long on two sides. There were even words on the wings that said—

“Gold Vulture!”

“Vulture Li Yao!”

Before the gigantic statue of Blackstar the Great in the axis of the Emperor’s Mausoleum, before the Colossus that seemed to be entirely made of gold appeared, the fury of the generals, soldiers, and people reached the highest point, because they all saw the stars.h.i.+ps with the emblems of the Dongfang family flying over from the Council of Elders confronting the rusted, outdated stars.h.i.+ps of the Imperial Guards.

It seemed that the aggressive stars.h.i.+ps of the Dongfang family would’ve marched into the Emperor’s Mausoleum without the blockage of the Imperial Guards!

“Are the Dongfang family so arrogant that they dare to stomp on the Blackstar the Great’s place of rest?”

There was no telling from which corner the exclamation came, but it soon spread throughout the entire Emperor’s Mausoleum. The members of the royal family cried even harder, and the atmosphere was more poignant than ever. The surplus generals who led the crying ceremony in the beginning seemed to have envisioned their outcome.

Right when the two parties were at loggerheads, a small fleet was let in by the Imperial Guards from the west side of the Emperor’s Mausoleum, and it was not discovered by the crowd until it glided to the top of the crowd.

Then, a gold, glittering “seed” erupted from one of the stars.h.i.+ps and grew larger and larger in midair, turning into a Colossus that looked like the reincarnation of a G.o.d!

“This is—”

Zhao Zhenwu looked at the sky in astonishment. As a seasoned warrior, he had cooperated with Colossi in battles dozens of times, but he had never seen such a glamorous, dominating, and majestic Colossus before!

The Colossus was still standing at an alt.i.tude of hundreds of meters, but it was releasing the waves that stirred the soul of everybody. The waves were not filled with any killing intent at all but were full of vigor and determination to resist!

“It’s the Gold Vulture, one of the strongest Colossi of the Imperium!”

“I’m told that its user, ‘Vulture Li Yao’, is also one of the super experts of the Imperium. However, he has been working in the secret frontier, engaged in espionage and sabotage work against the Covenant Alliance. That is why he is known by only a few people. But Vulture Li Yao made great contributions to the glorious triumph of the Imperium’s counterattack too!”

“Yes, I’ve heard about the guy before too. He is a devoted patriot, a purest Immortal Cultivator, and a loyal believer of Blackstar the Great. He must be on our side!”

The rumors that Zhao Zhenwu had never heard before burst out from every corner of the Emperor’s Mausoleum the moment Li Yao showed up!

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