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Chapter 298

Tondemo Skill - 297 - Rich & Tasty Soy-Mayo Grill

Hmm, what should we have for dinner?

I still have some of the travel food I made before but it’s not enough to feed Fer & Co…

Let’s just make something new. [1] Especially since there’s just us in this safe area so I can just take out my Magic Stove and go wild.

“I’m going to make dinner now, so please drink this and wait for a bit,” I said as I bought Cola from [Net Super] and filled up some deep wooden dishes for Fer & Co. [1] There, this should buy me some time.

Now, what should I make?

Something quick and easy would be good.

I explored my [Item Box] and decided to make something with the Rock Bird meat that I had just butchered yesterday. Chicken is always a good choice for something quick, easy and delicious.

As for the recipe… let’s go with the super easy, super delicious Rich & Tasty Soy-Mayo Grill.

All I have to do is mix the marinade, rub it onto the Rock Bird and then grill it on the stove. [1] An excellent dish that’s simple to make and requires very little was.h.i.+ng up.

It’s also very delicious and I have all the ingredients for it.

Wait, I should get some green onions too to sprinkle on top after baking. [1] Spring onions are not strictly required, but I do feel that it makes the dish a lot more aesthetically pleasing.

After purchasing the green onions from the [Net Super], I began cooking. First, I put mayonnaise, das.h.i.+ soy sauce and grated garlic into a Ziploc bag and mixed everything up. Then, I cut the meat into a suitable size and poked it all over with a fork so that it’s easier for the marinade to soak in

This time, I’d used das.h.i.+ soy sauce [9] for the ‘soy’ part of the Soy-Mayo Grill, but mentsuyu is also a good option for this marinade.

After that, the meat’s added into the plastic Ziploc bag and the marinade kneaded in. It should be left to sit for at least 10 minutes.

[6] While the chicken is sitting in the marinade, I got on with the other parts of the cooking process, like slicing the green onions.

[6] Once I have a nice pile of green onions, it’s time to grill the meat.

I heated up my largest frying pan and placed the meat skin side down. There’s no need to add oil since mayonnaise is mostly oil anyway. [6] I supposed it’s kind of like covering something with b.u.t.ter and then frying it, although b.u.t.ter burns far quicker than mayonnaise.

Once the meat has brown on one side, lower the heat and fry the other side. When the meat’s done cooking, all I have to do next was plate it and sprinkle the chopped spring onion over it and it’s done!

Since it’s so easy to make, I have all four burners going at once and was frying and flipping Rich & Tasty Soy-Mayo Rock Bird meat as quickly as I could. Naturally, in-between cooking, I popped one piece into my mouth and-

“Huff, huff, this rich-tasting seasoning is really delicious!”

[8] Mayo is king! I love mayo! However, it’s probably not a good idea to eat too much mayonnaise…

[6] Still, it’s alright to have mayonnaise once in a while.

“Alright, it’s done!”

I portioned out large quant.i.ties of the Soy-Mayo Grilled Rock Bird for Fer, Sui and Dora-chan, all of whom were waiting to dive into their respective wooden bowls of food.

“”Umu, it’s delicious. There’s a certain rich flavour here that’s different,”

Ah, looks like gourmet Fer immediately recognise the superiority of mayo.

““Delis.h.!.+”” [5]

““Delicious~~”” [5]

[6] Looks like the smaller familiars liked them too.

[6] The only thing that could probably fight the greatness of Soy-Mayo is probably Soy-b.u.t.ter or Teriyaki-b.u.t.ter…

Haahh… I’m full~

This Rich & Tasty Soy-Mayo Grill is just too delicious and I ended up overeating. Even Fer & Co. kept asking for seconds and more seconds until I think we just about ate the whole Rock Bird.

[6] While I was resting, a cool jelly thing bounced over and nudged my elbow.

“”Aruji~ I want cake~~””

“… you can still eat?”

“”Dessert? Good idea!””

“Umu, I don’t mind it,” [5]

Well, I did promise them two cakes a day, so…

I opened up [Net Super] and clicked the tab for Fujiya, [5] “Oh? Looks like there’s a Strawberry Fair going on.”

“Hm? Strawberries? Those red fruits?”

“Yes, the one that’s always in the cakes you like,” I confirmed.

“”Sui likes it too~~ It’s plump and sweet and sour at the same time~~ Sui wants to eat lots and lots~~””

I’m glad that Sui seems to like strawberries too, but just how much is ‘lots and lots’? Well, I guess since we’re expanding a bit more energy today…

“Just for today, all of you can have three cakes each. What do you think?” and showed them the Limited Edition Strawberry Fair Menu.

“I’ll have the same as usual,” said Fer imperiously.

Fer’s usual is the Strawberry Shortcake. However, “Why don’t you try this one instead?” I pointed out the special Premium Limited Edition Strawberry Shortcake to Fer.

”What’s the difference?”

[4] “Well, it looks the same but the cake is made with wheat from Hokkaido and the white part is made from high-end pure cream. Also, the extra-large strawberries are carefully selected from the very best batch…”

[8] “Umu, I supposed I’ll have three of that Premium Limited Edition thing,”

Three Premium Limited Edition Strawberry Shortcake for Fer.


“”I want pudding but those other things look good too,”” [5]

[6] Fufufu, I have just the thing, customer-san.

“How about trying a Limited Edition Strawberry Pudding Shortcake?”

Pic from actual online Fujiya menu

“”Oh, there’s such a thing?! Three! I’ll have three of those!”” Dora-chan’s eyes were practically s.h.i.+ning as he stared at the wonderful combination of pudding, cake, cream and strawberries. [5]

“What about you, Sui?”

“”Hmm, uhmm…”

It looked like Sui was having a hard time choosing as she squirmed and wriggled on my lap, staring up at the Strawberry Fair Menu.

“”Master, Sui wants these~!””

Sui extended a tentacle at a Pink Strawberry Roll Cake with strawberry cream and topped with a large strawberry. [6] It’s certainly very attractive looking and probably designed to make women go ‘kyaaa’ over it.

I clicked on it, “Alright, anything else?”

“”Um, um, the same one as Uncle Fer’s~!””

The number of Premium Limited Edition Strawberry Shortcakes went up to four. [5]

“Alright, one last cake,”

“”Last cake… I want… this!””

‘This’ being a Strawberry Custard Tart topped with a generous amount of strawberries glazed to look very s.h.i.+ny over a crispy pie sh.e.l.l.

“Oh, that’s a very good choice,” I praised as I checked the item into the cart.

A short while later, a cardboard box appeared and I distributed the cakes to Fer, Sui and Dora-chan.

For myself, I leaned back to enjoy a drip bag coffee as my familiars ate their cake.

“We’re inside a dungeon… but things are still nice and peaceful~”

[Gumihou: Lol, I wonder if he’ll pick up any experience points here.]

[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change pa.s.sive sentence to dialogue

[5] Delete Repet.i.tive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken

[9] Das.h.i.+ Soy Sauce – Das.h.i.+ Soup Stock + Soy Sauce

[10] Mentsuyu – Is kind of like an all purpose j.a.panese noodle soup base

It also contains both soy sauce and das.h.i.+ soup stock, although it comes in more variety according to region.

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