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Chapter 1240: Magical

Zhang Yi and Zhang Chong came in a hurry.

But faster than them were the little ones.

Little Egg jumped into Hexi’s arms, rubbed her neck, and said proudly, “Mother, we have found a lot of rare spiritual herbs and spiritual beast eggs!”

Hexi touched the little one’s head to show encouragement, and Zhang Yi and Zhang Chong, who came in a hurry, also discovered the miserable situation of Jin Zeyu and the other 3.

They were covered in bruises, and Qian Dazhuang seemed to be dying with blood still coming out of his mouth.

Zhang Yi asked nervously, “What happened? Brother Xi Yue, are you all right?”

Jin Zeyu took the lead and said, “We accidentally entered the rank five magical beast area, and we managed to escape with all our might, so we were injured a little bit. We happened to meet Xi Yue here…”

Zhang Yi was relieved when he heard that Brother Xi Yue, whom he admired, was neither injured nor in danger.

Zhang Chong frowned suspiciously. He looked at the wounds on Jin Zeyu and others.

This doesn’t seem like… the wounds caused by a magical beast right?

Such a thought was just fleeting. In any case, it was good that several of them were not injured.

Just as they were talking, Fang Yuan and the others also hurried back. They were shocked to see the miserable state of Qian Dazhuang and the others.

“Senior Xi Yue, what’s going on?”

Hexi didn’t answer Fang Yuan’s words, but she threw out a bottle of elixir, “Heal them first. We don’t have much time. After the rest tonight, we will enter the rank five magical beast area.”

Jin Zeyu looked at Qian Dazhuang’s near-death wound with a worried and pleading look on his face.

In his opinion, it was impossible to heal such a serious injury overnight.

However, what greeted him was the cold and cruel smile of Xi Yue. This young man would not stop for strangers. If they couldn’t keep up with her pace, they could only be left behind.

Seeing Fang Yuan hurriedly taking out medicinal pills to treat Qian Dazhuang, Jin Zeyu sighed softly.


“Boss, boss!”

Jin Zeyu was still sleepy, but Qian Dazhuang’s excited voice could be heard faintly in his ears.

He slowly opened his eyes, and what caught his eye was Qian Dazhuang’s dark and healthy face with some red spots.

He grinned, showing his white teeth, stretched out his hands and made a Popeye pose. He said loudly, “Boss, did you see, I have recovered, fully recovered! Hahaha, I told you Xi Yue’s elixir is amazing right?”

Qian Dazhuang was notoriously loud, and everyone was woken up by this shout.

Chen Xiaofeng and Hong An were excited when they saw Qian Dazhuang who had recovered. Later, they found that their injuries had completely healed. Even better, they were refreshed and in better condition than before the injury.

Chen Xiaofeng looked at the empty bottle, and he muttered in amazement, “Is this the efficacy of the best quality pills? The upper grade medicinal pills of the Doctors a.s.sociation can’t compare with this at all!”

Zhang Yi nodded without hesitation. His eyes were full of admiration and trust for Xi Yue, “How can the Doctors a.s.sociation be compared with Brother Xi Yue? Brother Xi Yue can cure the diseases that the Doctors a.s.sociation cannot cure; Brother Xi Yue can refine the medicine that the Doctors a.s.sociation can’t; Brother Xi Yue is much more powerful than the sanctimonious old guys in the Doctors a.s.sociation!”

Zhang Chong covered his brother’s mouth and whispered, “You can’t talk nonsense like this! Especially in the academy, you hear me?”

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The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 1240: Magical summary

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