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Chapter 1284: Prey

“Even if you take him away, he won’t be able to wake up again. At most, he will die of old age dead not more than 10 years. As long as you hand over that little girl to me and sleep with me, I will promise to let you join us, how about that?”

As he said that, he looked at Hexi with unbridled eyes as if he wanted to peel off her clothes immediately.

Hexi’s eyes showed icy killing intent. This person’s cultivation level was at least as high as Nascent Soul, which was definitely not something she could resist now.

This enmity, I will remember it!

Just as the ugly man was laughing, Hexi suddenly smashed something on the ground.

In an instant, the empty underground second floor was filled with a large amount of dark red smoke.

The ugly man was taken aback. His eyes were instantly blurred. The little prey that he eyed on disappeared instantly.

The thick smoke was mixed with highly poisonous, which was nothing to an ugly man.

However, he was still annoyed.

He originally thought that there was no threat, but the prey escaped right under his nose, which made him very irritated.

Hehe, you think you can still get away from Mojing Pavilion? Stop dreaming! Little prey, just come to me obediently!”


Hexi was really in a bad mood right now.

If, when she came in, there wasn’t a single guard in this dark courtyard, then the guards now were 10 times more than the guards at the Bijing Pavilion.

Moreover, the guards patrolling around were all above the Gold Core Stage intermediate stage.

There were even a few Nascent Soul Stage old men leading the team.

She might not be afraid to encounter the teams of the Gold Core Stage guards alone, but she couldn’t get rid of them immediately.

As long as they made a little noise, they would inevitably attract a large number of guards, even the martial artists of Nascent Soul Stage.

And these guards were strange, it seemed that they were not just looking for her, but other people.

Could it be that someone broke into this courtyard like me tonight?

At this moment, a group of guards pa.s.sed by, and she heard their conversation.

“What the h.e.l.l is going on tonight? Elder Cen suddenly raged out. Even Protector Yin is looking for someone. Because he couldn’t find anyone, he killed several beastkins out of anger.”

“Haven’t you heard? The little wolf cub on the second bas.e.m.e.nt floor was rescued, and it was even in front of Protector Yin. Protector Yin has been looking for more than an hour in this courtyard and can’t find her. Can he be not mad?”

Tch… Someone actually came here to save the beastkin? Could he be a beastkin too? No, it’s impossible for beastkin to pa.s.s through the barrier… But that little wolf cub is precious, but it’s already dying. So what if we lose it!”

“Protector Yin has always had a bad temper, but why even Elder Cen?”

“It is said that something important was stolen from Elder Cen!”

“My G.o.d, Elder Cen’s cultivation level far exceeds Nascent Soul Stage. Who can steal from him?”

After the guards were far away, Hexi jumped off the beam and squinted slightly.

I am really not isn’t the only one who broke into the yard.

“Jie Jie Jie… little prey, I already feel it, you are here right? Hahaha, I told you. You can’t escape from me!”

Hexi was startled, and the ugly man’s voice came from a corner not far away.

He indeed has a way to trace me. It’s too late to jump onto the beam now, what should I do?

Hexi was hesitating, and suddenly she felt a chill on her neck.

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