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Chapter 659

Qing Luan was about to rush over, but she suddenly stopped .

A purple vine extended from Hexi’s wrist like an arrow, entangling Nalan Feixue’s whip .

Then, with only a few metal cracking sounds, the fourth-grade dark gold whip was devoured completely under the eyes of everyone .

After Purple Abyss Vine was upgraded, in addition to lurking underground, it also had one more skill .

That was the vines, that could only absorb liquids previously, now could directly devour various crystal stones, magic weapons and bones .

It was just that the process of creating this skill was really hard to describe easily .

For the cultivation of the several brats, Hexi was not stingy .

She even provided the third grade and fourth grade crystal stones into the void like she didn’t want money at all, letting them use the crystal stones at will .

Little Egg, Little Golden Dragon and Little Cow could all directly absorb the spiritual power in the spar, then they would cultivate with the help of the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring .

But Purple Abyss Vine couldn’t . It could only absorb spiritual power and flesh from living creatures, but it couldn’t do anything to the inorganic matter like crystal stones .

In a hurry, it came up with a way to turn the little holes on the vine, that was initially used for sucking blood, into sharp small mouths, then it chunked and swallowed the crystal stones one by one .

When Hexi saw the scene for the first time, listening to the crunching sound, she only felt her back teeth were aching .

Nalan Feixue was stunned by the scene before her, then she looked at Purple Abyss Vine’s eyes full of heat and greed, “What magic weapons are you using, such expensive magic weapon is really a waste for you who don’t have any spiritual power . If you hand it over, I might let you go . Otherwise, I will let you suffer later on . ”

When Hexi used Purple Abyss Vine, she didn’t need spiritual power at all, so Nalan Feixue thought she was still a mortal who didn’t have any cultivation and was just relying on magic weapon .

Hexi sneered, “Really, how are you going to make me suffer?”

With that said, the purple whip in her hand was raised high as if it had intelligent, then it struck down heavily .

With a snapping sound, Nalan Hexi uttered a sharp scream . She fell to the ground abruptly, rolling and crying in pain .

Hexi chuckled, “Is this not suffering enough?” Or is it?”

The second and third struck hit heavily on Nalan Feixue .

It made her rolling on the ground and making a pig-like howl .

Her heart was full of disbelief . Is this the same cowardly and timid Nalan Hexi who only knew how to cry and beg me?

She dares to beat me? Is she tired of living!

“Nalan Hexi, you dare to hit me; you actually dare to hit me! b.i.t.c.h, I want you to die miserably! Ah ah—!!!”

“Anyone! Help!”

Hexi’s hand didn’t move . She was standing straight with a cold smile on her face .

But the purple whip was whipping on Nalan Feixue . It was so painful like she was going through h.e.l.l .

Hexi’s eyes were dark, and she said coldly, “Nalan Feixue, last time, did you lash Nalan Hexi like this too?”

“She begged you and cried for you to spare her, but you were getting happier as you whipped harder . ”

“Since you like whipping so much, I will let you taste this feeling now . Why, shouldn’t you thank me?”

As the purple whip whipped hard on Nalan Feixue, her aching body twitched . Finally, she didn’t have the stamina to roll on the ground .

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