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Chapter 948: Come to WatChapter the Show

On the 2nd day, the entire Lanxiang Courtyard was the focus of everyone in Yongan City.

However, Lanxiang Courtyard was in the City Lord’s Mansion after all, so even if others wanted to come in and watch the treatment of Fairy Zhixi and Xi Yue, they couldn’t watch it.

However, when Hexi woke up in the morning, she still found that the entire yard was quite lively.

Not to mention that many of the manservants and maids of the City Lord’s Mansion were secretly watching outside the courtyard; there were more people in this courtyard now.

Hexi discovered that most of the people in the yard were old men with white beards and hair. Most of their cultivation bases were not high, but they all had gentle spiritual power.

She also saw Master Yuehua in the crowd. Master Yuehua looked up at her and immediately walked forward respectfully and said, “Mr. Xi, I have taken the medicinal pill you gave the day before. May I ask what kind of pill is that? How can… how can it…”

Hexi smiled slightly, flipped her wrist, and a bottle of medicinal pills appeared in her hand, “The third grade flame spirit pills, plus the total of 10 from yesterday, is 1 million crystal stones, thank you.”

Master Yuehua’s eyes widened. He said tremblingly, “This is a flame spirit pill? A third grade flame spirit pill can cure my disease? This… Is this the power of the best quality pill?”

Hexi said faintly, “These flame spirit pills can remove the cold and dampness in your dantian, allowing you to reconsolidate the spiritual fire, but if you want to completely eradicate the hidden illness from your body, I still have to give you some treatment afterward.”

“Thank you, Miracle Healer Xi!” Master Yuehua excitedly took the flame spirit pill. As he was about to take out his crystal stones from the storage device to pay Hexi. He suddenly said with shame, “Mr. Xi, Sorry, I… all of my crystal stones are bet in the Changle Gambling House, and I can’t get that much money for a while. You… wait for me. I will borrow crystal stones from the city lord and then pay you.”

Hexi raised her eyebrows and said, “Master Yuehua also bet?”

Master Yuehua blushed and nodded, “I bet Mr. Xi to win.”

Hexi couldn’t help but smile, “Oh, then you don’t need to borrow money from the city lord. When I win, you can repay me after getting your crystal stones!”

Listening to her confident words, Master Yuehua was stunned for a while, not knowing what to say.

Hexi couldn’t help but point to the elders and said, “Master Yuehua, who are these people?”

“Oh, these people were also doctors who came to treat the young city lord before, but they were helpless against young city lord’s illness, so after Fairy Zhixi came, they left one after another.”

“It’s just…” Master Yuehua’s voice paused slightly, and he glanced at Hexi’s face before continuing. “It’s just that they heard the news that mister and Fairy Zhixi are having a compet.i.tion in Yongan City, so they all come back. They want to see how the strange illness is cured.”

Hexi chuckled, “Oh, aren’t there too many people who get the news?”

Gu Liufeng, by the side, heard Hexi’s words and stepped forward and whispered, “Xi Yue, these people were actually found by the man surnamed Li. The man surnamed Li and Ren Xueling have been spreading news about you in Yongan City for the past few days. They said that you want to provoke Fairy Zhixi to get fame from the people. Most of the people in Yongan City hate you now, but they can’t enter the city lord’s Mansion, but these doctors who had treated the young city lord before can come in.”

TL: Oh? More people can see how Lu Zhixi fail now?

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