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Chapter 950: I’m Fine with I

The doctors couldn’t help but glance at Hexi with disgust and contempt on their faces.

“Some people just don’t know when to step down. Fairy Zhixi said that she has a cure, he was not reconciled and even proposed a compet.i.tion. I think he just wants to follow Fairy Zhixi to get the benefits. When Fairy Zhixi cures the illness, he will say that he is also using the same method. Isn’t that he won’t lose no matter how?”

Another doctor also said, “Hmph! Such a shameless person is also worthy of being called a doctor? I think he forced Fairy Zhixi to have a compet.i.tion with him because he wants to get fame by using Fairy Zhixi’s name. See, who doesn’t know about Xi Yue now?”

Lu Zhixi heard the discussion from the crowd and couldn’t help but sigh softly, “Please don’t say that to Mr. Xi, his medical skills are really good. Especially when it comes to using poison, Zhixi admits that I’m not as good as Mr. Xi.”

“Use poison?!” The doctors present showed shocked and angry expressions. “A doctor actually practices in using poison. No wonder he is so unscrupulous! Such a sc.u.m should not have the qualifications to practice medicine!”

“I heard that he doesn’t have a grade at all; he can’t even be called a doctor. I think he drags Fairy Zhixi in because he wants to enter the Doctors a.s.sociation through Fairy Zhixi right?”

“This kind of behavior is simply too outrageous! Why would the city lord let this kind of person to treat his son?!”

“I heard that it was Master Yuehua who invited him. Eh, Master Yuehua is getting old and confused nowadays…”

The doctors discussed on their own while looking at Hexi like she was a pile of garbage.

In ancient times, the people had the problem of looking down on other people, so did the doctors here.

Most of those who could become the fourth rank doctor or above only studied in medical knowledge and had simple minds, so their expressions of emotions were extremely intense.

Some people even wanted to call someone to drive Hexi and her party out.

Master Yuehua’s face was extremely ugly. Many of the fellow doctors not only glared at Hexi after whispering, they were also pointing at him.

Those people looked at him with sympathy and ridicule, which gave him a bad premonition.

At this time, Lu Zhixi spoke again, “As for the treatment of young city lord, Zhixi does not mean to hide it. If you all don’t mind, when Zhixi is treating young city lord, you all can watch it by the side. When the time comes, everyone will naturally see how Zhixi treats.”

“But…” She paused, looked to Hexi, and said gently, “But this is after all me and Mr. Xi doing treatment, if Mr. Xi doesn’t want outsiders to see, then Zhixi can only say sorry to all doctors.”

Those doctors were all taken aback, and Dr. Chen reacted first. He looked at Hexi with scorching eyes and said loudly, “Little boy, you… you will not disagree, will you?”

Hexi saw Dr. Chen’s anxious expression and couldn’t help but want to laugh.

Seeing Dr. Chen, she felt like she had seen her crazy master.

It was the kind of obsessed with one thing, and they would forget about everything else. It was just that her master was obsessed with wine, and Dr. Chen was obsessed with medical knowledge.

Hexi nodded and said, “I’m fine with it!”

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