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Chapter 978: Shameful Means

At this time, purple vines continued to appear on his hand. As the purple vines soared into the sky, the sun was s.h.i.+elded from the purple vines, casting a big shadow on the city wall.

It was like a giant purple umbrella, shrouding Zhuge Xiaotian in the shadows.

As the sun’s rays disappeared, Zhuge Xiaotian’s red eyes slowly recovered their clarity, revealing a look of confusion.

Lu Zhixi also recovered at this time. She looked back at the man in black with a complicated gaze. It took her a long time to recover and say, “Zhixi used the Divine Mechanic Crossbow just now in a panic. Thanks to… the help of Mr. Nangong that Zhixi didn’t murder the innocent. Zhixi is really grateful!”

It was Nangong Yu who caught the Divine Mechanic Crossbow, and only Nangong Yu could do it.

He smiled coldly when he heard Lu Zhixi’s words. He didn’t even look at her, but he turned and walked to the side of the young man who was checking Zhuge Xiaotian’s pulse. He whispered a few words in his ear.

The Xi Yue’s clear and beautiful eyes slightly bend; her face was full of helpless and disgusted smile. She gently pushed him.

Nangong Yu who was pushed aside wasn’t annoyed at all, but he was looking at Xi Yue with tenderness and pampering that could drown people.

Lu Zhixi clenched her fists, walked up, squatted down and said coldly, “Mr. Xi, my treatment has not been completed yet, are you going to go over me and treat the young city lord directly?”

Hexi glanced at her with a half-smile; the contempt in her eyes was obvious, making Lu Zhixi’s anger surged into her mind.

However, after all, she held it back. She cast spiritual power into Zhuge Xiaotian’s body as usual.

When her spiritual power circulated Xiaotian’s body for 1 round, her eyes widened in shock. She murmured, “This… how is this possible? He is still fine yesterday, how could he suddenly become like this?!”

“Senior Sister, what’s the matter?!” Ren Xueling was shocked by these incidents just now. After she recovered, she rushed to Lu Zhixi’s side immediately with Li Zhenyu.

Li Zhenyu gave Hexi a cold look and said in a deep voice, “Is someone doing tricks behind the scenes? I said earlier that some people will use shameful tricks in the dark if they can’t win openly.”

Li Zhenyu said this very loudly, and the people in Yongan City below heard it.

Lu Zhixi shook her head slowly and frowned. She raised her voice slightly, “I don’t know what’s going on. When I checked yesterday, the blood of the young city lord was already normal, but his blood has returned normal today. I don’t know who did this!”

“Isn’t it obvious!?” Ren Xueling immediately glared at Hexi and said loudly, “Apart from those who are afraid of losing, who else would do this!”

Even Lu Zhixi said that someone did some petty means, the people below of course believe in it a little more.

Many people cast doubtful eyes on Hexi.

Hexi was questioned by everyone and did not say much. Instead, she looked at Zhuge Xiaotian who was sober and smiled slowly, “Young city lord, have you eaten after being inspected by Fairy Zhixi yesterday? Have you met anyone??”

Zhuge Xiaotian shook his head without hesitation, “I was meditating all the time yesterday, but I felt upset and unable to concentrate. Since yesterday afternoon, I have no appet.i.te, so I have never been eating anything.”

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