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Chapter 980: Copying Treatment Method

Ren Xueling was furious, “What are you talking about? You dare to slander my senior sister! Do you think this Xi Yue can cure a patient whom my senior sister can’t even cure? Stop dreaming!”

Li Zhenyu was so angry that his body was trembling, “Shut your d.a.m.n mouth! If you dare to insult Zhixi again, I will let you die horribly!”

Bai Hu sneered, “It’s really funny. You can do shameless things, but the others can’t judge you? At first, Fairy Zhixi used the reason of first come first serve to treat the patient first. This is unfair already, but my young master is magnanimous, so he didn’t say anything.”

“Now that she can’t cure the patient, then it’s my young master’s turn to treat, am I wrong? Or, what Fairy Zhixi said at the beginning for the sake of the patient was a lie? For the sake of her own face, she doesn’t even care about the life and death of the patient?”

Although Li Zhenyu and Ren Xueling kept saying that Lu Zhixi was humiliated before, Hexi did not say too much.

But now Bai Hu didn’t hold back and criticized Lu Zhixi as a worthless person.

Let alone Li Zhenyu coudln’t bear it, even Lu Zhixi’s pretty face turned pale in anger. She stepped forward and said coldly, “When did I say that Mr. Xi is not allowed to cure the young city lord, I just …”

Bai Hu laughed 3 times when he heard the words. He did not give her a chance to continue speaking, “Well, since Fairy Zhixi said so, it means that Fairy Zhixi admits that she can’t cure the young city lord. Now it’s my young master’s turn to show his medical skills.”

Lu Zhixi was out of words. Her face flushed suddenly, and she felt embarra.s.sed and humiliated.

Li Zhenyu, as compared to being humiliated himself, felt even more pain and resentful when he saw that Lu Zhixi was humiliated. He originally wanted to say, but he suddenly looked up and met Master Yuehua’s cold gaze.

Then, Master Yuehua nodded unwillingly.

Li Zhenyu was overjoyed. He slowly revealed a sneer, “Zhixi, since they insist on treating the young city lord, then let them try. However, if something goes wrong and the young city lord suffers irreparable damage, then it has nothing to do with us.”

He looked at Zhuge Feng and said, “I also hope that City Lord Zhuge will not regret his decision later on!”

Zhuge Feng was taken aback for a moment. He had a hint of an unknown premonition in his heart.

However, when he saw Zhuge Xiaotian’s miserable appearance now, he gritted his teeth, bowed to Hexi, and said with a sob, “Miracle Healer Xi, if you really have a way, please save my son.”

Hexi nodded, then she smiled faintly, “Now I can start the treatment. City Lord Zhuge, please bring me enough blood sucking golden silkworms.”

“What?! Blood sucking golden silkworm?” The onlookers on the city wall couldn’t help but exclaim, “Isn’t this the treatment method Fairy Zhixi has used? Are you going to copy Fairy Zhixi’s method?”

Another person also said, “What’s a joke? Everyone just saw that this method can’t cure the young city lord’s disease at all.”

Ren Xueling even laughed and said, “Xi Yue, I thought you are so capable! In the end, you are just copying my senior sister’s treatment method!”

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