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Chapter 1451 Protecting One“s Child 5

The two demon fox servants and the Beidou Demon Lord immediately followed.

“Oh no, Mo Yi has gone to look for Ye You!” Jiang Liu was shocked and realized that things were going badly.

Elder Meng immediately gave chase.

Leaving behind the severely wounded Jiang Yiming and the terrified youths.

In the courtyard of the eastern garden, a pale-looking Ye You was strolling through the courtyard in the company of Jiang Qin. Jiang Qin looked tenderly at Ye You’s pale little face. She knew what Ye You was thinking, so Jiang Qin spoke.

“You’er, don’t worry about it anymore. I’ve already asked Yiming to teach that little b.i.t.c.h a lesson. Who is she that you should worry about her like that? I can’t bear to see you looking like this.”

Ye You giggled inwardly when she heard Jiang Qin’s words.

She knew that Jiang Qin was childless and so doted on Ye You. For the past two days, she had deliberately pretended to be depressed and listless in front of Jiang Qin.

“Aunt Qin, I don’t want my problems to give you trouble. In the matter involving Ye Qingtang… my grandfather was in the wrong. I understand why she hates me. I just don’t want to disrupt the peace in the Jiang Family…” Ye You pretended to be sensible.

“How was your grandfather in the wrong? How can that little b*tch compare to you? It is an honor for her to have her spirit root residing in your body. The two of you are as disparate as clouds and mud.” Jiang Qin despised Ye Qingtang. Also, Ye Qingtang’s appearance had caused Ye You so much grief that she hated Ye Qingtang even more.

“Aunt Qin, you’re so good to me.” Ye You gave Jiang Qin a grateful look.

Jiang Qin’s lips curved in a hint of a smile. She patted Ye You’s head and said, “Silly child, by the time this matter is resolved, your grandfather should have come out of seclusion. Then, he will certainly select a better set of cultivation techniques for you. You only need to focus and build a firm foundation. There is no need to waste your energy on such worthless people.”

Ye You smiled smugly.

So what if Ye Qingtang crawled into the Jiang Family? She was all alone with no one to back her up. How could she be a match for Ye You?

As the two of them were talking, Jiang Qin suddenly sensed a piercing aura floating through the air towards them.

The next moment, Mo Yi appeared before them with Ye Qingtang in tow.

A look of shock flashed across Ye You’s eyes when she saw Ye Qingtang.

Jiang Qin said she had ordered Jiang Yiming to bring some men to teach Ye Qingtang a lesson. Ye You knew of Jiang Qin’s ability and thought that Ye Qingtang would suffer terribly. But… she had not expected Ye Qingtang to appear before her eyes, completely unharmed.

Also, a frail-looking but exquisitely beautiful woman stood next to Ye Qingtang. Ye You had not seen this woman before.

Although Ye You had never seen her before, Jiang Qin recognized her at a glance.

“Mo Yi?” Jiang Qin frowned as she looked at Mo Yi, who had appeared with Ye Qingtang.

Ye You was shocked by Jiang Qin’s words.

Mo Yi?

Isn’t that the name of Jiang Lang’s wife?

Ye You subconsciously widened her eyes and stared at Mo Yi.

Why has Mo Yi suddenly returned?

Wasn’t it said that this couple was eccentric and vicious?

Ye You had a.s.sumed that Jiang Lang and his wife would not care about their relatives and had not expected Mo Yi to return.

“Is she Ye You?” Mo Yi did not even bother to look at Jiang Qin. At that moment, she was intent on disemboweling Ye You, who had s.n.a.t.c.hed her daughter’s spirit root.

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