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Chapter 1588 White Magician 2

Just as Ye Qingtang was considering if she should just fly away, the revered Bishop of York suddenly squeezed out of the crowd with a look of excitement. He rushed to those Vatican knights who were about to attack Ye Qingtang and frantically put down their bows by force.“Stop! No one is allowed to attack without my orders!” The Bishop of York berated loudly.

The Vatican knights stopped immediately as they looked at him in confusion. On the other hand, the surrounding people had a look of understanding.

“The Bishop of York is going to attack her personally!”

“Bishop of York, quickly send this abominable black witch to h.e.l.l!”

The Bishop of York’s forehead was sweating profusely as he looked at the cold-looking girl in the sky. He took a step back and said sincerely, “Respectable white magician, please forgive us for offending you. We were blinded by stupidity and did not recognize your ident.i.ty.”

The clamoring crowd was utterly dumbfounded.

“White… white magician?”

“Bishop of York, are you joking… Isn’t… she a black witch?”

The Bishop of York frowned and said, “Black hair and black eyes are not characteristics unique to a black witch. Our G.o.d was the one who first selected such a hair and eye color… Afterward, the devil despicably stole all of this away and intentionally searched for servants with the same characteristics to confuse our perception.”

What the Bishop of York said was true as these were clearly recorded in the doc.u.ments in the Vatican.

However, everything related to the G.o.d was recorded by the Vatican, and every time a girl with black hair and eyes appeared later on, most of their appearances were accompanied by disasters and epidemics. Hence, over time, there were only traces of black witches in the people’s memory.

“Uh…” Everyone panicked in a flash.

It should be known that white magicians existed in the epoch of magic and was the closest to the darling of G.o.d. They learned to master the power of magic from G.o.d and fought against the black magicians to protect this mainland.

Ye Qingtang originally intended to leave once and for all, but who would have thought that there would be such an intriguing change of events.

Before this, everyone had a different att.i.tude towards her, and Ye Qingtang could sense that they seemed to have mistaken the spirit energy around her as some other force and thus mistook her ident.i.ty.

“Do you want to know what your mission in this world is?” The G.o.d of Nature asked with a laugh.

Ye Qingtang faintly had an ominous feeling.

The G.o.d of Nature looked at the devout-looking Bishop of York and told Ye Qingtang. “Help the Supreme League Kingdom unify this mainland, and you personally have to gain everyone’s faith.”

This time, the G.o.d of Nature did not split the missions and instead gave Ye Qingtang the only mission all at once.

To gain everyone’s faith.

After hearing this extremely familiar mission, Ye Qingtang felt that the missions that the G.o.d of Nature a.s.signed her to complete in the various constellation worlds were related in a certain way.

Nonetheless, since the mission was already given, Ye Qingtang knew what she had to do next.

Looking at the Bishop of York who mistook her for a white magician, Ye Qingtang slowly descended from the sky.

Her leisurely and casual movement caused a stir in the surroundings as everyone looked in astonishment at the girl who was floating in the air and surrounded by light.

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