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Chapter 1819: Right And Wrong (3)

Ye Qingtang stared at Little White Tiger wordlessly.

Wasn’t it rather obvious what would happen?

Why did it have to blow so hard on that dust…

But Ye Qingtang soon realized that there was something strange about that jade platform.

Everything in this secret room had been destroyed. Yet the jade platform was the only thing that had been preserved in perfect condition. Apart from the layer of dust, there was absolutely no damage on it.

“There’s some kind of notch over there.” Little White Tiger gestured one dusty paw towards the center of the platform.

Indeed, there was a rather insignificant-looking notch.

It looked like a keyhole, and there was a broken key still inserted in it.

Ye Qingtang felt that the key looked rather familiar. Had she seen it in the illusion? Perhaps that was why it looked familiar.

After the s.h.i.+ning G.o.d died, the leader of the primordial humans had dug out the key from the s.h.i.+ning G.o.d’s body and pa.s.sed it over to the Heavenly Demons.

“Could this be the key that broke the seal…” Ye Qingtang frowned slightly. She instinctively reached out to retrieve the broken key.

But the moment Ye Qingtang touched the key, a strong wind started swirling around the entire secret room.

The scene before Ye Qingtang’s eyes suddenly started spinning, before the secret room was taken over by an illusion.

At this point, Ye Qingtang finally saw what happened after the female True G.o.d went beyond those doors.

Two tall, towering Heavenly Demons stood inside the secret room. This time, Ye Qingtang could clearly hear their voices.

“Tu Fu, this is all thanks to you.” One of the Heavenly Demons patted the shoulder of the other demon.

The Heavenly Demon named Tu Fu didn’t speak but just gave a slight frown. Ye Qingtang found his back view very familiar.

Wasn’t this the Heavenly Demon whom the female True G.o.d had been in love with?

Finally Ye Qingtang was able to see Tu Fu’s face.

Heavenly Demons could change their appearance however they pleased. They could be beautiful and handsome beyond bounds. But most of them chose to look hideous and ferocious.

Nevertheless, Tu Fu’s face was very good-looking. That pa.s.sive face held a sliver of gravity. He didn’t answer his companion.

But doubt rose in Ye Qingtang’s mind.

Could it be…

Did Tu Fu really make use of that woman? Was the love and affection he exhibited purely just a show to take advantage of her?

With what she was seeing now, Ye Qingtang couldn’t help suspecting what had happened. And whatever she was witnessing now, was naturally also being witnessed by the woman’s divine consciousness.

In the end, she had been betrayed by the primordial humans whom the True G.o.ds had created. Thereafter, she had personally witnessed the death of so many True G.o.ds. And now, she was watching her beloved revealing his true side…

Ye Qingtang suddenly felt the room darken. She immediately turned to look behind her.

As expected, the woman’s divine consciousness was standing beside the jade platform. She had seen and heard everything.

At this point, a malevolent and hateful expression marred the woman’s beautiful face. Those lovely eyes had turned bloodshot, and loud cracking sounds were echoing throughout the entire secret room.

One of the Heavenly Demons saw that something was wrong, and he instinctively reached out to retrieve the key from the jade platform.

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